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Quotes about friendship collect a large amount of quotes about boy and girl friendship, brother and sister friendship, various relationship friendship. Take a look at these thoughtful friendship quotes.

bad friends quotes - anquotes

40 Bad Friends Quotes To Separate Bad Friends From Real Ones

It hurt when I discovered one of my best friends was bad-mouthing me behind my back. This incidence broke my heart in two pieces....
Short friendship quotes - anquotes

100 Short Friendship Quotes That Will Strengthen Your Friendship With Others

Who doesn’t know the language of friendship? From our childhood, till the old age, all of us build many types of connection with different...
trust quotes - anquotes

100 No-nonsense Trust quotes That Are Guaranteed To Increase Your Trust Value

It takes years to build and only a few seconds to break - ‘Trust’ is the most expensive thing in the world. It is...
long distance friendship quotes - anquotes

65 Best Long Distance Friendship Quotes To Maintain Your Friendship

If life is a cookie, friends are chocolate chips. They are the family you choose. At times, your BFF moves to another city, state...
broken friendship quotes - anquotes

72 Best Broken Friendship Quotes To Lessen Your Pain

What a wonderful thing with you if there are three or five true friends in your life. However, there are unexpected circumstances, and sincere...

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