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Quotes about life collection provides many meaningful and inspiring quotes for those who want to cherish life, to live better, to live fullest life, don’t want waist time or feel confused about life.

Karma Quotes - anquotes

Top 75 Best-kept Secrets Of Karma Quotes To Get A Better Life

Nowadays we hear a lot about Karma. According to Hinduism and Buddhism, it is the sum of a person's actions in this and previous...
the choice quotes - anquotes

75 Wisdom The Choice Quotes That Will Teach You To Make Right Choice

Do you take time when you make choices? Or do you feel regret after made your choices? Let the following the choice quotes to...
angry quotes - anquotes

75 Powerful Angry Quotes To Help You Controlling Anger

Among emotions, Anger is a very powerful one. It is like a burning coal. While you might lash out at others, you are the...
life sucks quotes - anquotes

71 Life Sucks Quotes That Will Inspire You Move On

We all have experienced this situation: when all is getting well in our world and we finally relax, something bad happens. Yes, life is...
sad quotes - anquotes

119 Smart Sad Quotes To Tell You How To Deal With Sadness

You won’t find a single soul who has not faced sorrows or sad events in life. Such occasions might be about one’s career, life...
creativity quotes - anquotes

75 Most Inspirational Creativity Quotes That Will Rekindle Your Creative Fire

Some of us doodle to our heart’s content while in deep thoughts; some of us take to the writing to express our inner turmoil....
lazy people quotes - anquotes

75 Motivational Lazy People Quotes To Make You Think Deeply

While others work hard, the lazy people enjoy themselves. They sleep, watch T.V., or play. Agreed, nobody genuinely likes being lazy. They don’t do...
optimistic quotes - anquotes

75 Inspirational Optimistic Quotes To Help People Rule Their Games

You might have a positive thinking. Still daily stress might make it difficult to always see the brighter side of the things. All of...
my attitude quotes - anquotes

75 Meaningful My Attitude Quotes That Will Improve Your Lives

Attitude is nothing but a point of view. It is the way you look at life. It is the way you present yourself. Or...
welcome quotes - anquotes

100 Best Welcome Quotes That Will Bring You Well-beings

Welcome is an indispensable part of our life. We welcome friends' coming, we welcome business guests' visiting, we welcome varies uncertain and undetermined things...

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