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Quotes about life collection provides many meaningful and inspiring quotes for those who want to cherish life, to live better, to live fullest life, don’t want waist time or feel confused about life.

selfish people quotes - anquotes

The Ultimate Way To Recognize The Selfish People In Your Life

We all have experienced it from time to time where we are trying to do something for others to make them happy, to feel...
prayer quotes - anquotes

78 Inspirational Prayer Quotes You Need To Learn To Live Peacefully

My friends pray to pass examinations. My cousin prays to get her favorite job. We pray for a wide range of reasons. Prayer is...
life is beautiful quotes - anquotes

77 Quotes That Will Make You See The Beauty Of Life

From time to time, we all feel that life is not fair to us and we don’t get what we deserve. Such feeling may...
wise quotes - anquotes

200 Inspirational Wise Quotes About Life Will Teach You Being Wise

An individual can have a great brain power and all kind of information. But still they fail to succeed. The reason is they are...
beautiful eyes quotes - anquotes

75 Soul Touching Beautiful Eyes Quotes

Have you ever imagined what would we do if we didn't have eyes? Yes, it’s scary. The human eye is a very important part...
jealousy quotes - anquotes

How You Can Stop Being Jealous And Ward Off Its Negative Impact

Do you want to know why being jealous is not good for us? Well, these meaningful jealousy quotes can tell you the truth. Jealousy can...
Destiny quotes - anquotes

75 Insightful Destiny Quotes That Can Change Your Future

Do we create our own destiny or our lives are already pre-planned? Does destiny depend on the Karma we have been gathering since lifetimes?...
appreciation quotes - anquotes

75 Meaningful Appreciation Quotes To Guide You How To Gratitude Everything In Life

Being appreciated for what we did for others is one of the most basic emotions of human beings. We all expect to be appreciated...
adorable quotes for life - anquotes

Using 72 Adorable Quotes For Life As Strategies Like The Pros

Life is a wonderful gift. Sadly, we tend to forget that amid stress and worries of modern life. We are inclined to take things...
let down quotes - anquotes

73 Wisdom Let Down Quotes That Will Inspire You To Move On

Well, things don't go the way we wish all times. So, while we may love them, our friends, family members, colleagues, and spouses are...

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