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Quotes about life collection provides many meaningful and inspiring quotes for those who want to cherish life, to live better, to live fullest life, don’t want waist time or feel confused about life.

teen quotes - anquotes

Why Understanding The Teenager Feels Like A Tough Job?

Who doesn’t remember the thrill of being a teenager? Teenage is the golden age when your eyes are full of dreams and your feet...
jealousy quotes - anquotes

How You Can Stop Being Jealous And Ward Off Its Negative Impact

Do you want to know why being jealous is not good for us? Well, these meaningful jealousy quotes can tell you the truth. Jealousy can...
selfish people quotes - anquotes

The Ultimate Way To Recognize The Selfish People In Your Life

We all have experienced it from time to time where we are trying to do something for others to make them happy, to feel...
yoga quotes - anquotes

75 Best Yoga Quotes For Getting Rid Of Anxiety [Infographic]

In today’s stressful world, who doesn’t know about Yoga? Daily grind of repetitive routine leaves us exhausted and anxious and at such times, the...
thankful quotes - anquotes

Practicing Gratitude: Simple Art Of Being Thankful

Ever lied awake at night, thinking and worrying about few things that you can’t shake off your mind? You are not alone. The modern...
achievement quotes - anquotes

75 Quotes That Reveal The Secrets Of Achievement

Have you ever thought where do you want to be in the next five years? While life is unpredictable, each of us is given...
improvement quotes - anquotes

75 Motivational Improvement Quotes Will Brighten Your Day

On a day to day basis, each of us wants to implement small changes in our lives for our personal development. Many of us...
creativity quotes - anquotes

75 Most Inspirational Creativity Quotes That Will Rekindle Your Creative Fire

Some of us doodle to our heart’s content while in deep thoughts; some of us take to the writing to express our inner turmoil....
Karma Quotes - anquotes

Top 75 Best-kept Secrets Of Karma Quotes To Get A Better Life

Nowadays we hear a lot about Karma. According to Hinduism and Buddhism, it is the sum of a person's actions in this and previous...

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