75 Insightful Marriage Quotes That Will Touch Your Heart

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Marriage is a union of two souls who vow to be with each other through thick and thin. It is about finding someone special with whom you can live in your old age. Whether you are getting married or looking for a nice message to share with your spouse in order to show him/her how you cherish his/her company, we just have the right collection of marriage quotes for you. Take your pick!

Marriage Quotes:

1. “It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

2. “Love, n. A temporary insanity curable by marriage.” – Ambrose Bierce

3. “If I get married, I want to be very married.”- Audrey Hepburn

4. “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”- Mignon McLaughlin

5. “Marriages are like fingerprints; each one is different and each one is beautiful.” – Maggie Reyes

6. “Being in a long marriage is a little bit like that nice cup of coffee every morning – I might have it every day, but I still enjoy it.” – Stephen Gaines

7. “A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers.” – Robert Quillen

8.“The difference between an ordinary marriage and an extraordinary marriage is in giving just a little ‘extra’ every day, as often as possible, for as long as we both shall live.”- Fawn Weaver

9. “Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments that create your love story.” – Jennifer Smith

10.“The greatest marriages are built on teamwork. A mutual respect, a healthy dose of admiration, and a never-ending portion of love and grace.” – Fawn Weave

11.“Marriage, ultimately, is the practice of becoming passionate friends.” – Harville Hendrix

12.“A long-lasting marriage is built by two people who believe in -and live by- the solemn promise they made.” – Darlene Schacht

13.“A great marriage isn’t something that just happens; it’s something that must be created.” – Fawn Weaver

14.“Marriage is a commitment- a decision to do, all through life, that which will express your love for one’s spouse.” – Herman H. Kieval

15.“Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years.” – Simone Signoret

16.“My advice to you is to get married. If you find a good wife, you’ll be happy; if not, you’ll become a philosopher.” – Socrates

17. “Marriage is our last, best chance to grow up.” – Joseph Barth

18.“A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.” – Dave Meurer

19.“There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.” – Martin Luther

20.“Many marriages would be better if the husband and the wife clearly understood that they are on the same side.” – Zig Ziglar

21.“There’s a way of transferring funds that is even faster than electronic banking. It’s called marriage.” – James Holt McGavran

22.“A long marriage is two people trying to dance a duet and two solos at the same time.”- Anne Taylor Fleming

23.“More marriages might survive if the partners realized that sometimes the better comes after the worse.” – Doug Larson

24.“One advantage of marriage is that, when you fall out of love with him or he falls out of love with you, it keeps you together until you fall back in love again.” – Judith Viorst

25.“Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation.” – Oscar Wilde

26.“The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.” – Robert C Dodds

27.“What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility.” – Leo Tolstoy

28.“The great secret of successful marriage is to treat all disasters as incidents and none of the incidents as disasters.” – Sir Harold George Nicolson

29. “Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry.” – Tom Mullen

30.“The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they’re right if you love to be with them all the time.”- Julia Child

31.“A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband.” – Michel de Montaigne

32.“The real act of marriage takes place in the heart, not in the ballroom or church or synagogue. It’s a choice you make – not just on your wedding day, but over and over again – and that choice is reflected in the way you treat your husband or wife.” – Barbara De Angelis

33.“Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week. A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and dancing. She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays.” – Henny Youngman

34.“Marriage is not about age; it’s about finding the right person.” – Sophia Bush

35.“Marriage is good for those who are afraid to sleep alone at night.” – St. Jerome

36.“A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.” – Andre Maurois

37.“Before marriage, a man declares that he would lay down his life to serve you; after marriage, he won’t even lay down his newspaper to talk to you.” – Helen Rowland

38.“It is not marriage that fails; it is people that fail. All that marriage does is to show people up.” – Harry Emerson Fosdick

39.“The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.” – Henny Youngman

40.“Marriage is a mistake every man should make.” – George Jessel

41.“Marriage is the only war in which you sleep with the enemy.” – François VI de la Rochefoucault

42.“Marriage signifies oneness- In other relationships, people are different entities but in marriage, the couple is considered as one. This is what makes marriage a different kind of bond.” – Mark McGrann

43.“Marriage is a form of discipline involving two people committing to a certain lifestyle and set of boundaries.” – David Khalil

44.“Happiness in marriage is not something that just happens. A good marriage must be created. In the art of marriage the little things are the big things.” – Wilfred Peterson

45.“The essence of marriage is companionship, and the woman you face across the coffee urn every morning for ninety-nine years must be both able to appreciate your jokes and to sympathize with your aspirations.” – Elbert Hubbard

46.“Marriages survive when partners prioritize their marital relationship over other interpersonal relationships.” – Julie Smith

47.“You can measure the happiness of a marriage by the number of scars that each partner carries on their tongues, earned from years of biting back angry words.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

48.“Men marry because they are tired; women, because they are curious: both are disappointed.” – Oscar Wilde

49.“The problem with marriage is that it ends every night after making love, and it must be rebuilt every morning before breakfast.” – Gabriel García Márquez

50.“Marriage is not a noun; it’s a verb. It isn’t something you get. It’s something you do. It’s the way you love your partner every day.” – Barbara De Angelis

51.“In terms of my marriage, you know, falling in love with my husband was by far the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” – Caroline Kennedy

52.“I think long-lasting, healthy relationships are more important than the idea of marriage. At the root of every successful marriage is a strong partnership.” – Carson Daly

53.“I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage. But when you start playing around with constitutions, just to prohibit somebody who cares about another person, it just seems to me that’s not what America’s about. Usually, our constitutions expand liberties, they don’t contract them.” – Barack Obama

54.“Experts on romance say for a happy marriage there has to be more than a passionate love. For a lasting union, they insist, there must be a genuine liking for each other. Which, in my book, is a good definition for friendship.” – Marilyn Monroe

55.“Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who wants to live in an institution?” – Groucho Marx

56.“In marriage there are no manners to keep up, and beneath the wildest accusations no real criticism. Each is familiar with that ancient child in the other who may erupt again. We are not ridiculous to ourselves. We are ageless. That is the luxury of the wedding ring.” – Enid Bagnold

57.“If you want to know how your girl will treat you after marriage, just listen to her talking to her little brother.” – Sam Levenson

58.“Marriage is a coming together for better or for worse, hopefully enduring, and intimate to the degree of being sacred.” – William O. Douglas

59.“Marriage, in its truest sense, is a partnership of equals, with neither exercising dominion over the other, but, rather, with each encouraging and assisting the other in whatever responsibilities and aspirations he or she might have.” – Gordon B. Hinckley

60.“Love is not weakness. It is strong. Only the sacrament of marriage can contain it.” – Boris Pasternak

61.“When marrying, ask yourself this question: Do you believe that you will be able to converse well with this person into your old age? Everything else in marriage is transitory.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

62.“Marriage is the most natural state of man, and… the state in which you will find solid happiness.” – Benjamin Franklin

63.“Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards.” – Benjamin Franklin

64.“The secret to a happy marriage is if you can be at peace with someone within four walls, if you are content because the one you love is near to you, either upstairs or downstairs, or in the same room, and you feel that warmth that you don’t find very often, then that is what love is all about.” – Bruce Forsyth

65.“To keep your marriage brimming, With love in the loving cup, Whenever you’re wrong, admit it; Whenever you’re right, shut up.” – Ogden Nash

66.“I don’t care how handsome or fabulous or funny the groom is, or how sweet and accommodating the bride, or vice versa. Marriage is hard.” – Jenna McCarthy

67.“After about 20 years of marriage, I’m finally starting to scratch the surface of what women want. And I think the answer lies somewhere between conversation and chocolate.” – Mel Gibson

68.“Ultimately, I believe the only secret to a happy marriage is choosing the right person. Life is a series of choices, right?” – Michelle Pfeiffe

69.“Being in a successful marriage is no different than being cast in a successful movie. It’s all about who you pick; in that first moment, did you pick the right person? I think you need to pick somebody who’s more interested in being married than in getting married.” – Rob Lowe

70.“We all have a childhood dream that when there is love, everything goes like silk, but the reality is that marriage requires a lot of compromise.” – Raquel Welch

71.“Neither man nor woman is perfect or complete without the other. Thus, no marriage or family, no ward or stake is likely to reach its full potential until husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, men and women work together in unity of purpose, respecting and relying upon each other’s strengths.” – Sheri L. Dew

72.“All married couples should learn the art of battle as they should learn the art of making love. Good battle is objective and honest – never vicious or cruel. Good battle is healthy and constructive, and brings to a marriage the principles of equal partnership.”- Ann Landers

73.“By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.” – Socrates

74.“I think of marriage as a garden. You have to tend to it. Respect it, take care of it, feed it. Make sure everyone is getting the right amount of, um, sunlight.” – Mark Ruffalo

75.“The beauty of marriage is not always seen from the very beginning but rather as love grows and develops over time.” – Fawn Weaver

While marriages are made in heaven, the man is responsible for the maintenance work. Making the marriage successful takes lot of work, devotion, adaptation and compromise. Whether you are still searching for your soul mate or you have already found the man/woman of your dream, we hope that these quotes revealed the intricacies of this sacred bond and showed you the way to make yours successful.


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