Top 75 Motivational Productivity Quotes To Help You To Be More Efficient

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The rate of output per unit of input has become the chief issue for global economies. Good productivity can bring in better profit for n individual, company, or the entire country. Today just being skillful or being busy is not enough. One needs to master the art of productivity as well. If you are looking for some inspiration to be productive, just to use these motivational productivity quotes to be more efficient.

Productivity Quotes:

1.“Individual income can grow only as fast as productivity rises.” – Alex Berenson

2.“Productivity and the growth of productivity must be the first economic consideration at all times, not the last. That is the source of technological innovation, jobs, and wealth.”- William E. Simon

3.”Productiveness is your acceptance of morality, your recognition of the fact that you choose to live–that productive work is the process by which man’s consciousness controls his existence, a constant process of acquiring knowledge and shaping matter to fit one’s purpose.”- Ayn Rand

4.“Our future growth relies on competitiveness and innovation, skills and productivity… and these in turn rely on the education of our people.”- Julia Gillard

5.”Throwing tantrums when you don’t get what you want will not solve any problems. Calm down and do some planning. That’s far more productive.”- Mufti Ismail Menk

6.”Times of great calamity and confusion have been productive for the greatest minds. The purest ore is produced from the hottest furnace. The brightest thunder-bolt is elicited from the darkest storm.” – Charles Caleb Colton

7.”What looks like multitasking is really switching back and forth between multiple tasks, which reduces productivity and increases mistakes by up to 50%.” – Susan Cain

8.”When you waste a moment, you have killed it in a sense, squandering an irreplaceable opportunity. But when you use the moment properly, filling it with purpose and productivity, it lives on forever.” – Menachem Mendel Schneerson

9.”You cannot mandate productivity; you must provide the tools to let people become their best.” – Steve Jobs

10.“Productivity is less about what you do with your time and more about how you run your mind.” – Unknown

11.“Being busy means doing stuff, being productive means getting stuff done.” – Unknown

12.“A lot of productivity is capturing ideas. I use a wiki — it’s more valuable than e-mail for running a company — and I have a page for every person with whom I interact frequently.” – Garrett Camp

13.“Always think thoughts that are productive and positive. For the Law of Attraction possesses your key to either endless misery and woe or to an abundance you never knew could be achievable.” – Xavier Streeter

14.“As long as you are being positive you are being productive.” – Unknown

15.“Being lazy does not mean that you do not create. In fact, lying around doing nothing is an important, nay crucial, part of the creative process. It is meaningless bustle that actually gets in the way of productivity. All we are really saying is give peace a chance.” -Tom Hodgkinson

16.“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

17.“Connectivity is productivity whether it’s in a modern office or an underdeveloped village.” – Iqbal Quadir

18.“As you grow older you’ll realize that entertaining ignorance is a waste of time. Time that could be spent on more productive things.” – Sonya Parker

19.“Create an environment for people to fail, to learn, and to grow. Their creativity and productivity will increase.” – Unknown

20.“Don’t be so concerned about becoming productive that productivity itself becomes an obstacle to your work.” – Unknown

21.“Don’t confuse activity with productivity. Many people are simply busy being busy.” – Robin Sharma

22.“Each minute is a little thing, and yet, with respect to our personal productivity, to manage the minute is the secret of success.” – Joseph B

23.“The way we measure productivity is flawed. People checking their BlackBerry over dinner is not the measure of productivity.” – Timothy Ferriss

24.“Genius is the capacity for productive reaction against one’s training.” – Bernard Berenson

25.“Get enough sleep every night. An exhausted mind is rarely productive.” – Unknown

26.“Happiness inspires productivity.” – Shawn Achor

27.“The simple act of paying positive attention to people has a great deal to do with productivity.” – Tom Peters

28.“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.” – Franz Kafka

29.“Focus on being productive instead of busy.” – Tim Ferriss

30.“I always had the uncomfortable feeling that if I wasn’t sitting in front of a computer typing, I was wasting my time -but I pushed myself to take a wider view of what was “productive. Time spent with my family and friends were never wasted.” – Gretchen Rubin

31.“I believe that you should gravitate to people who are doing productive and positive things with their lives.” – Nadia Comaneci

32.“If you don’t understand how to run an efficient operation, new machinery will just give you new problems of operation and maintenance. The sure way to increase productivity is to better administrate man and machine.” – W. Edwards Deming

33.“If you want to be more productive you need to become master of your minutes.” – Crystal Paine

34.“The major incentive to productivity and efficiency are social and moral rather than financial.” – Peter Drucker

35.“Productivity is about working in a manner which gets you results instead of merely keeping you busy.” – Unknown

36.“In a society that judges self-worth on productivity, it’s no wonder we fall prey to the misconception that the more we do, the more we’re worth.” – Ellen Sue Stern

37.“Invest your energy on the productive area of your life.” – Terry Mark

38.“Knowledge applied is productivity.” – Peter F. Drucker

39.“Look at any of the people around you whom you consider as successful or productive. You’ll find out that they’re all dedicated about their thing and are deeply in love with what they do.” – Unknown

40.“Nothing in life is ever guaranteed, you can always choose to make the present a positive, productive experience.” – Melchor Lim

41.“Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all.” – Peter Drucker

42.“Improved productivity means less human sweat, not more.” – Henry Ford

43.“The least productive people are usually the ones who are most in favor of holding meetings.” – Thomas Sowell

44.“If we boost productivity, we can improve economic growth.” – Tony Abbott

45.“Nowadays, business is all about productivity – and our folks produce.” – John Hoeven quotes

46.“One of the great challenges of our age, in which the tools of our productivity are also the tools of our leisure, is to figure out how to make more useful those moments of procrastination when we’re idling in front of our computer screens.” – Joshua Foer

47.“Part of being a winner is knowing when enough is enough. Sometimes you have to give up the fight and walk away, and move on to something that’s more productive.”-Donald Trump

48.“Improve quality, you automatically improve productivity.” – W. Edwards Hemming

49.“Productivity depends on many factors, including our workforce’s knowledge and skills and the quantity and quality of the capital, technology, and infrastructure that they have to work with.” – Janet Yellen

50.“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” – Paul J. Meyer

51.“Productivity is not just about doing more. It is about creating more impact with less work.” – Prerna Malik

52.“Productivity is the deliberate, strategic investment of your time, talent, intelligence, energy, resources, and opportunities in a manner calculated to move you measurably closer to meaningful goals.” – Dan S. Kennedy

53.“The productivity and the penchant of a man’s persistence for doing work par excellence is a great way to improve his prospect, prudence, positivity, productivity, performance and personality both on the personal and professional field.” – Anuj Somany

54.“Should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks.” – Warren Buffett

55.“Sometimes the biggest gain in productive energy will come from cleaning the cobwebs, dealing with old business, and clearing the desks—cutting loose debris that’s impeding forward motion.” – David Allen

56.“Productivity – the amount of output delivered per hour of work in the economy – is often viewed as the engine of progress in modern capitalist economies. Output is everything. Time is money. The quest for increased productivity occupies reams of academic literature and haunts the waking hours of C.E.O.s and finance ministers.” – Tim Jackson

57.“Stressing output is the key to improving productivity, while looking to increase activity can result in just the opposite.” – Paul Gauguin

58.“Success is not a miracle, but a product of productivity, positivity and persistent thinking.” – Lawrence Mudau

59.“When you do things to save your time, quit old habits, adapt to some methods or follow a specific pattern while working – then it’s nothing but your productivity plan at work.” – Unknown

60.“The key to productivity is to rotate your avoidance techniques.” – Unknown

61.“Stop measuring days by degree of productivity and start experiencing them by degree of presence.” – Alan Watts

62.“The most important impact on society and the world is the cell phone. Cell phones have actually been one of the primary drivers in productivity improvements.” – Fabrice Grinda

63.“The productivity of a work group seems to depend on how the group members see their own goals in relation to the goals of the organization.” – Ken Blanchard

64.“The productivity of work is not the responsibility of the worker but of the manager.” – Peter F. Drucker

65.“The purpose of life is not to be happy—but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you lived at all.” – Leo Rosten

66.“The years after 50 can be a time of great productivity, meaningful work, pleasure, creativity, and innovation. It’s a huge opportunity.” – Jane Pauley

67.“There’s a tendency to mistake preparation for productivity. You can prepare all you want, but if you never roll the dice you’ll never be successful.” – Shia LaBeouf

68.“To overcome negative thoughts Jump to Thinking more positively – Think optimistically. You can change your thoughts into healthy, productive ones. It will require effort and persistence but you’re capable of both, right? It’s also important to understand that you, and you alone, are in control of the thoughts that pass through your mind.” – Dr Anil Kr Sinha

69.“Understanding your employee’s perspective can go a long way towards increasing productivity and happiness.” – Kathryn Minshew

70.“Work is the key to your personal progress, productivity and fulfillment.” – Myles Munroe

71.“Start with good people, lay out the rules, communicate with your employees, motivate them and reward them. If you do all those things effectively, you can’t miss.” – Lee Iacocca

72.“In a sensibly organised society, if you improve productivity, there is room for everybody to benefit.” – Geoffrey Hinton

73.“Empowering small farmers to increase productivity improve crop quality and access reliable markets are critical to addressing global hunger and poverty.” – Sylvia Mathews Burwell

74.“We only have so much energy for our work, for our relationships, for ourselves. A smart person understands this and guards it carefully. Meanwhile, idiots focus on marginal productivity hacks and gains while they leak out energy each passing day.” – Ryan Holiday

75.“The more you eliminate the inefficient use of information, the better it is for productivity.”- Mitch Kapor


In today’s fast world, it’s not just enough to work hard but to work in a smart way so that you can produce a quality work in less time with fewer efforts. We hope that these wise productivity quotes from the learned men have inspired you to contemplate the value of time and resources.


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