74 Quotes About Smoking That Will Inspire You To Quit Smoking Right Now

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Who doesn’t know smoking is bad for health. Every single puff on a cigarette is like a ticking time bomb that can bring serious consequences closer and closer. Smoking can have grieve impact on us, it weakens bones, affects cardiovascular and lung health increases the chance of having a stroke and yet many of us fail to quit it. Whether you love to light up a cigarette or looking for some inspiration to stop it, here are some famous quotes about smoking which might help your resolve. Have a look.

Quotes About Smoking:

1.“Smoking kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life.” – Brooke Shields

2.“Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.” – Mark Twain

3.“Smoking is hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, and dangerous to the lungs.” – King James

4.“You’re always better off if you quit smoking; it’s never too late.” – Loni Anderson

5.“Each of us should think of the future. Every puff on a cigarette is another tick closer to, a time bomb of terrible consequences. Christopher Hitchens didn’t care about the consequences of smoking cigarettes. Tragically, he died of throat cancer in December 2011.” – Ray Comfort

6.“Smoking is related to practically every terrible thing that can happen to you.” – Loni Anderson

7.“If you just do a Google search and type in ‘smoking’ or ‘lung cancer’, you will be barraged with never ending facts and numbers, like how one in every three Americans is affected by lung disease and how COPD is the third leading cause of death and if you get lung cancer the odds are 95% that you will die. ” – Unknown

8.“I’ll never feel comfortable taking a strong drink, and I’ll never feel easy smoking cigarette. I just don’t think those things are right for me. ” – Elvis Presley

9.“I don’t smoke and I don’t want to smoke. I am not a fan of gratuitous smoking in films. ” – Norton

10.“I stopped smoking. When I stopped smoking, my voice changed… so drastically, I couldn’t believe it myself. ” – Bob Dylan

11.“It takes a lot of dedication to quit smoking, and whether you give up for good on your first try or have to give it a couple of tries – just keep swinging at it and you will succeed. ” – Harmon Killebrew

12.“Smoking is one of the leading causes of all statistics.”- Liza Minnelli

13.“Smoking sucks! The one thing I would say to my kid is, ‘It’s not just that it’s bad for you. Do you want to spend the rest of your life fighting a stupid addiction to a stupid thing that doesn’t even really give you a good buzz?” – Katherine Heigl

14.“My bladder cancer was related to smoking, and I think smoking kills people.” – Bob Schieffer

15.“Often when a person can’t get past stress, she will turn to overeating, drinking or smoking, which can become a greater problem than the stress itself. “ – Marilu Henner

16.“Smoking is the now the principal avoidable cause of premature death in Britain. It hits the worst off people hardest of all. Smoking is one of the principal causes of the health gap which leads to poorer people being ill more often and dying sooner.” – Frank Dobson

17.“My doctor found a spot on my lung. He told me it looked like adenocarcinoma, a cancer he attributes to smoking. He didn’t need to biopsy it.” – Ken Kercheval

18.“It costs less to eat and live more healthfully. Walking, loving, meditating, and quitting smoking are free and require no special equipment. ” – Dean Ornish

19.“Parents should not smoke in order to discourage their kids from smoking. A child is more likely to smoke when they have been raised in the environment of a smoker.” – Christy Turlington

20.“The best way to stop smoking is to just stop? No ifs, ands or butts. ” – Edith Zittler

21.“Smoking helps you lose weight? One lung at a time! ” – Alfred E. Neuman

22.“Smoking kills half of all lifetime smokers.” – Dr. Alex Bobak

23.“Smoking is just like farting with the poisonous elements.” – Skai Chan

24.“The best way to stop smoking is to carry wet matches.” – Unknown

25.“The only safer cigarette is your last one.”- Duane Alan Hahn

26. “I tried to stop smoking cigarettes by telling myself I just didn’t want to smoke, but I didn’t believe myself.” – Barbara Kelly

27. “Smoking is a habit that drains your money and kills you slowly, one puff after another. Quit smoking, start living.” – Unknown

28.“A cigarette is the only consumer product which when used as directed kills its consumer.” – Unknown

29.“Smoking cigarettes is like paying to have your life cut shorter.” – Unknown

30.“Cigarette smoking is clearly identified as the chief, preventable cause of death in our society.” – C. Everett Koop

31.“Smoking cigars is like falling in love; first you are attracted to its shape; you stay with it for its flavour; and you must always remember never, never let the flame go out. ”- Winston Churchill

32.“The cigarette does the smoking? You’re just the sucker. ” – Unknown

33. “If you ever lit a cigarette in your life, you have very little will to live.” – Unknown

34.“Cigar smoking by its very nature is much more reflective than interactive.” – Michael Douglas

35.“I make it a rule never to smoke while I’m sleeping.” – Mark Twain

36.“I’m not really a heavy smoker any more. I only get through two lighters a day now.” – Bill Hicks

37.“Non-smokers… die every day. Sleep tight!” – Bill Hicks

38.“Smoking is a custom loathsome to the eye, hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, dangerous to the lungs, and in the black, stinking fume thereof nearest resembling the horrible Stygian smoke of the pit that is bottomless.” – Duane Allan Hahn

39.“Action on Smoking and Health has decreed that exposing others to secondhand smoke in any circumstance, including in the home, should make all smokers liable to criminal prosecution for homicide with depraved indifference, punishable by death in areas of the United States.” – Unknown

40.“I understand why people use the nicotine replacement aids, but I don’t understand why people want to pretend that they’re smoking. If you had a serial killer who liked to stab people, would you give him a rubber knife? ” – Unknown

41.“Smoking eats.. YOU.” – Vikrmn

42.“A cigarette a day keeps the doctor in pay!” – Unknown

43.“Thousands of people stop smoking a day – by dying from it.” – Unknown

44.“Smoking is like cutting onions…it affects you and the people beside you.” – Unknown

45.“Smokers don’t grow old…they die young.” – Unknown

46.“Cancer cures smoking.” – Unknown

47.“Stop smoking! Did you know that each cigarette shortens your life by approx. 12 minutes?” – Unknown

48.“Smoking is like getting burned inside but you can never feel it.” – Unknown

49.“Be nice to the people who smoke a cigarette, any cigarette might be their last cigarette.” – Unknown

50.“Cigarette: A fire at one end, a fool at the other, and a bit of tobacco in between.” – Unknown

51.“Smoking doesn’t help even when you think it does.” – Unknown

52.“You don’t need cigarettes to be complete. All the happiness, comfort and peace you seek, is already inside you.” – Unknown

53.“Everything you are and everything you have is because of a decision you once made. Decide to quit smoking, and nothing will stop you.” – Unknown

54.“There will never be a perfect moment to quit smoking. Don’t wait for life to change, it won’t.” – Unknown

55.“If you want to quit smoking cigarettes, you have to take control of the changes you need in your life.” – Unknown

56.“Make a list of all the benefits you will gain by quitting smoking. And revisit it every morning until your mind starts liking the idea of becoming a non-smoker.” – Unknown

57.“Smoking is your weakness, your comfort. Quitting smoking is a transformational process that will change your confidence in yourself, your health and your life.” – Unknown

58.“Yes, there are nicotine receptors in the smoker’s brain. But with the right quit smoking method, our brain can feel happy without smoking.” – Unknown

59.“The perfect time to stop smoking is now because every day you are smoke-free matters.” – Unknown

60.“Want To Stop Smoking Just Learn To Love Yourself. “ – Clyde Lofton Hunter Iii

61.“Every smoker has a story so before you say him smoking kills I want you to know that something is already killing him.” – Unknown

62.“Cigarettes Are A Classy Way To Commit Suicide.” – Kurt Vonnegut

63.“Gift your lungs fresh air, not tar. Gift your body exercise, not bad health. Gift your lips kisses not cigarette butts. Gift yourself a life, not death.”- Unknown

64.“Quitting is the only way you can stop smoking.” – Abhishek Kumar

65.“A burnt cigarette ash said… A burnt … ash said, today it’s me, because of you! But tomorrow it’s you, because of me!!. Quit smoking before smoking quits you.” – Unknown

66.“Every time you light up a cigarette, you are saying that your life isn’t worth living.”-Unknown

67.“I’m more proud of quitting smoking than of anything else I’ve done in my life, including winning an Oscar” – Christine Lahti

68.“Rather than you smoking a cigarette, the cigarette is really smoking you.” – Anthony Liccione

69.“Quit smoking today and save your precious New Year’s Resolution for something better.” – Unknown

70.“A Smoking Punch Is Something You Couldn’t See Coming.” – Unknown

71.“Smoking to me is like suicide it is death in anticipation.” – Unknown

72.“Don’t let being on a ventilator ultimately become the reason why you eventually quit smoking. Save your lungs while you can.” – Unknown

73.“Smoking is bad for you. You don’t have to take my word for that. Just look a package of cigarettes and see what it says. We don’t regard smoking as an acceptable method of delivery for a medicine.” – Mark Rogerson

74.“Exercising is one of the best ways to motivate yourself to quit smoking. It is when you will truly realize how cigarettes have made you weaker. It will be difficult but you will need to remind yourself of the prize at the end of the journey – a sexy body and a better life.” – Unknown


According to one report, every year, only in the United States (U.S.), more than 480,000 people succumb to death due to tobacco-related diseases. It is noted that smoking causes death of one in every two smokers. What are you waiting for? We hope that above smoking quotes have motivated you to take the first step and give it up.


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