100 Short Quotes about Friendship That Will Strengthen Your Social Network

Short Friendship Quotes

Who doesn’t know the language of friendship? From our childhood, till old age, all of us build many types of connection with different people and call them our friends. They might fall under diverse categories like kindergarten friends, school friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, neighborhood friends, college friends, our spouse’s friends, or work friends etc. As a … Read more

The 70 Best Quotes about Fake People

Fake People Quotes

We all have experience with fake people. They seem to be everywhere and they are more than willing to be friends as long as you don’t need to depend on them. Then you find out they were never really friends, only people who wanted to be there, but not for the hard times. These fake … Read more

76 Quotes To Teach You How To Spot Fake Friends

Fake Friends Quotes

The world is a lovely place. We all meet different people. Be it work, education, social get-together or other places.  As a human being, we are bound to connect with others. Some become close to our hearts and bring happiness. But sometimes people are not what they pretend to be. Such false friends break your … Read more

75 Quotes About Being Betrayed

Betrayal Quotes

Have you ever been betrayed? Almost everyone in the world will encounter some sorts of betrayal. Perhaps the most trusted friend has betrayed you, maybe your most beloved person has betrayed you, maybe your most reliable business partner has betrayed you. In either case, you will be distressed. Betrayal Quotes If you have been betrayed … Read more

75 Birthday Messages For A Special Friend

Birthday Messages For A Special Friend

Do you have a special friend who is really special to you? They recognize the pain behind your smile. They make you laugh with their silly jokes. No one can take their place. They add meaning to your life. So when it comes to celebrate your buddy’s birthday, why not use this collection of birthday … Read more

70 of the Best I’m Done Quotes

Im Done Quotes

‘I’m done’ is said everyday by many people in many different situations. A person can only handle so much of something, so they are just done with dealing with that particular situation because it is just too overwhelming for you to handle anymore. Some people might be done with situations, some might say ‘I’m done’ … Read more

63 of the Best Pinky Promise Quotes

Pinky Promises Quotes

Making a ‘pinky promise’ may bring you back to the early days of your childhood where you ‘pinky promised’ your parents, teachers, friends, classmates, and siblings. Apparently the ‘pinky promise’ originated in Japan, yubikiri means ‘pinky promise’, this literally translates to ‘finger cut off’. It is said that in Japan the person responsible for breaking … Read more