The Most Interesting Great Gatsby Quotes

Great Gatsby Quotes

The Great Gatsby is a 1925 novel written by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald that follows the lives of Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby. It is often considered a classic piece of American literature as it captures the spirit of the Roaring Twenties, with all the excesses and extravagances that are to be expected. It … Read more

70 Brilliant Harry Potter Quotes

Harry Potter Quotes

Harry Potter captured the imaginations of young people in the late ’90s when the first book in the series hit the bookstores in 1997. Adored by millions, the Harry Potter series defined a generation, inspiring readers and movie-goers alike. It is not hard to see why – the series is full of fun, magic, fear, … Read more

57 of the Best Tinkerbell Quotes

Tinkerbell Quotes

Tinkerbell originated in a book written by J M Barrie called ‘Peter Pan’ in 1902, but she first appeared on screen in the Disney movie Peter Pan’, which was released in 1953. Tinkerbell doesn’t talk in the movie ‘Peter Pan’ or ‘Return to Neverland’ because it is a belief that fairies’ voices are too tiny … Read more

30 Whimsical Quotes from the Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter Quotes

The Mad Hatter is a fictional character forever embodied in Lewis Carroll‘s 1865 book Alice In Wonderland and its sequel ‘Through The Looking Glass’ produced in 1871. Over time, Mad Hatter has been recreated across the screen, both in contemporary movie and game adaptations. Despite the variety of appearances, we think of this bizarre, quirky setting … Read more

The 60 Most Enlightening Quotes from Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Thus Spoke Zarasthusa Quotes

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) was a German philosopher and author who wrote Thus Spoke Zarathustra in several sections between 1883 and 1885. He regarded Zarathustra as his most important work and his later work develops the ideas presented in the Zarathustra series. His works have had a huge impact on Western philosophical thought. The primary themes … Read more

48 Laws of Power Quotes

48 Laws of Power Quotes

intro These 48 Laws of Power quotes reference three thousand years worth of wisdom about success and power. Written by Robert Greene, 48 Laws of Power, is a compilation of teachings from powerful people across multiple cultures. The book is full of wisdoms inspired from the philosophies of those such as Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, Henry […]

25 Insightful Hillbilly Elegy Quotes

Hillbilly Elegy Quotes

Hillbilly Elegy is a controversial memoir (2016) by J. D. Vance that later was adapted into a movie (2020) directed by Ron Howard and starring Glenn Close as Mamaw. Vance was raised in Middletown, Ohio, but his family is from Breathitt County, Kentucky. Note: you can buy the book here: He maintains that a lack of … Read more

26 Delightful Velveteen Rabbit Quotes

Velveteen Rabbit Quotes

Margery Williams Bianco was inspired by her children’s creativity to write The Velveteen Rabbit  or “How Toys Become Real.” “The Velveteen Rabbit” was her first American book, published in 1922 for the first time. It has since been republished consistently. This classic children’s book still inspires children to believe their beloved toys can become real … Read more

80 Winnie the Pooh Quotes to Inspire Your Day

Winnie the Pooh Quotes

Winnie The Pooh is the main character in the A.A. Milne 1924 children’s book Winnie-the-Pooh and its sequels, including The House at Pooh Corner published in 1928. He is a little bear who is best friends with a pig named Piglet, a turtle named Eeyore, and a donkey named Christopher Robin. Winnie appears as a stuffed teddy … Read more

30 Classic Wizard Of Oz Quotes

Wizard of Oz Quotes

The Wizard Of Oz is a classic movie. People of all ages have seen the movie throughout their lives and enjoyed it. The movie teaches you how to deal with bad situations that you don’t have any control over. It teaches you about friendship and appreciating the value of family. The movie is based on … Read more

55 Damon Salvatore Quotes from Vampire Diaries

Damon Salvatore quotes

With a novel or television series that can build a fan base for itself, people tend to become overly connected to the characters. They begin to love, respect and cherish these fictional faces. From Harry Potter to Edward Cullen, there are numerous instances of these stories where a character has inspired to an extent where they … Read more

 55 of the Most Inspirational Viktor Frankl Quotes

Viktor Frankl Man's Search for Meaning Quotes

Viktor Frankl (1905-1997) was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatristic. He created logotherapy (healing through meaning), which he considered a branch of existentialism. Frankl was a Holocaust survivor who wrote 39 books, but is best known for his international best-selling book, “Man’s Search for Meaning,” which was based on his experiences in Nazi concentration camps. This … Read more

The 35 Most Inspiring Jordan Belfort Quotes

Jordan Belfort Quotes

Jordan Belfort is a prominent American stockbroker, motivational speaker, podcaster and also an author. He was born and raised in a middle-class, but thrived in the stock market and distinguished for his natural talent to sell. Jordan Belfort owned a company known as ‘Stratton Oakmont’ that he turned into a profitable venture through a number … Read more

128 of the Most Interesting Quotes from Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged Quotes

====rewrite With adoring fans, rabid critics and very few in between, why does Atlas Shrugged evoke such impassioned responses? Because it grapples with the fundamental problems of human existence — and presents radically new answers. Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand’s last novel, is a dramatization of her unique vision of existence and of man’s highest potential. Twelve years in […]