100 Short Quotes about Friendship That Will Strengthen Your Social Network

Short Friendship Quotes

Who doesn’t know the language of friendship? From our childhood, till old age, all of us build many types of connection with different people and call them our friends. They might fall under diverse categories like kindergarten friends, school friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, neighborhood friends, college friends, our spouse’s friends, or work friends etc. As a … Read more

46 of the Most Tempting Seductive Quotes

Seductive Quotes

Seductive quotes are alluring statements attributed to a person in particular. These words or statements are powerful as their quality of attractiveness can make you interested in someone. You can make that woman or man who gives you sleepless nights become part of your life. All you need to do is to use flirty words … Read more

40 Heartwarming Quotes About Granddaughters

Granddaughter Quotes

One of the most enticing prospects about life is being a grandparent to a granddaughter. Your granddaughters are with no doubt remarkable and delightful beings. What makes them great is the idea that they can remind you of the innocence of childhood, without the frustrations that you experienced from your children. Our grandaughters will always … Read more

51 of the Best Step Daughter Quotes

Step Daughter Quotes

Stepdaughters are defined as your husband or wife’s child from a previous marriage or a previous relationship. There are some men and women out there that don’t ever see their stepchild as their own child, and that’s pretty sad but there are also a lot of men and women accept their stepchild as their own … Read more

The 75 Most Romantic Quotes about True Love

True Love Quotes

What is true love? What does it look like? Is there such a thing as an everlasting bond between two people?  In the modern world, we have learned to be skeptical of this idea. We see people in relationships who are not happy and yet they stay together because they are afraid to be alone. … Read more

60 Most Inspiring You Are My Sunshine Quotes

you are my sunshine quotes

There are many beautiful things that bring us joy in life. Whether it be a special person, pet, or even a houseplant, we can find beauty in anything. Like that welcome ray of sun, they warm you on the inside and out and that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside to brighten up your … Read more

The 50+ Best You Make Me Smile Quotes

You Make Me Smile Quotes

The 60 You Make Me Smile Quotes Dedicate this to the people who have been there for you all the time, the good times and the tough ones, the one when you were so depressed and the ones when you were so happy. This is for those people who have always tried to make you […]

Most Heartbreaking Broken Trust Quotes

broken trust quotes

Whether you are in a romantic relationship or have a deep and meaningful connection with a friend, it hurts deeply when someone breaks your trust. Developing feelings for someone is easy but developing and fostering trust with someone is a challenging and conscious decision. Therefore, it troubles you much more when someone breaks your trust … Read more

61 of the Most Sensual Quotes

Sensual Quotes

Something sensual usually means something that gives you physical pleasures instead of pleasure to your mind. Being a sensual person in a s*xual relationship means that you are sort of a ‘touchy feely’ type of person, you want to connect with your partner by smelling, tasting, touching, hearing and seeing them and you just want … Read more

75 Romantic Love Quotes For Your Fiance


By the time we are in late 20s, most of us are engaged and looking forward to build a strong relationship with our betrothed. After all we are going to spend our whole lives with him or her. A strong marriage takes commitment, trust, honesty and devotion to each other. When it comes to your … Read more

Intriguingly Deep Dark Love Quotes

dark love quotes

Being in love is a beautiful feeling, but no one ever prepares you for the lows and dark side of being in love. Jealousy, obsession, and toxicity are more common in such relationships than we might think. Dark love encompasses those toxic traits and the more passionate sides of love. Secret desires, danger, and secrecy … Read more

47 Dark Souls Quotes That Are Hard to Forget

Inspiring Dark Souls quotes

Dark Souls is a videogame that was released in 2011. It is an action role-playing game with a unique premise that only true fans understand. Gamers have to collect the souls of their enemies and use them to improve their skills and upgrade their weapons. Among the many reasons it ranks alongside the best video … Read more