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The 30 Most Inspirational Ride or Die Quotes

The 30 Most Inspirational Ride or Die Quotes

Some of us are lucky enough in life to have a few good friends. Some of us are fortunate to have even one. Some of us have that one friend, lover, sibling, or whatever they might be; who are with us to the end, no matter the situation.

Whether it’s an extra punch in the fight, or an extra insult to the police to make sure you aren’t cuffed alone, they got your back, and you have theirs! You might say they are your true friend, which is definitely true. More than just that, they are part of what drives you to get things done when you need that extra little push. This friendship is simply put “ride, or die.”

The term came from a simplistic concept; that of a motorcycle riders desire to stay riding. It’s more than just a desire, though in reality. To be free from the confines of four wheels, while trapped in a compartment breathing other peoples air.

With the wind rushing through your hair, and nothing but open road to tame with your brothers/sisters. These are the ones who would rather die than go another day without riding the blacktop.

Ride or Die Quotes

With that, I bestow upon your eager visual patience, 30 of the best “ride, or die” quotes from every, and anywhere. Enjoy the ride!

1. “Ride or Die: The highest level of loyalty you’ll ever find in a person.”

2. “We’re a team, whatever you lack, I got you. WE will balance each other out. Minor setback? Guess we’ll make a major comeback. Bad day? Well I promise you a better night. You need support? I’ll be your backbone. I’ll keep you motivated and at the top always. As long as you appreciate me and remain consistent you don’t ever have to doubt my loyalty. You got me? I got US!”

3. “Your battle is my battle, we fight together.”

4. “Even if the whole world is against my man I will stand behind him and hand him the bullets.”

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5. “”Any girl can spend a man’s money, ride in his car, lay up in his crib, order off the menu, and spread her legs, but only a REAL woman can help a man achieve his goals in life, supports him while he’s broke, constantly pushes him to be successful, showers him with positive energy, compliments him on the regular, and never kicks him while he’s down. Instead, she lifts him up. If you find a woman like that, WIFE HER!”

6. “Real isn’t who’s with you at your celebration… real is who’s standing behind you at rock bottom.”

7. “Ride or Die means, you’re always there for one another. In the good times and the bad.”

8. “I’ll annoy you, I’ll piss you off and say stupid things and take them back but you’ll never find a chick who cares about you more than I do.”

9. “The hunt is always better when your queen is just as hungry.”

10. “I told you that no matter what you did, I’d be by your side because I’m a ride or die whether you fail or fly.”

11. “Most woman want a man that’s already established, a strong woman will be a part of his struggle, survive it, succeed together, and build an empire.”

12. “It’s not about giving her the world! It’s about making her feel like she’s the only girl in it!”

13. “If you ever find that rock, that best friend, that biggest fan, the shoulder to lean on, that one that makes your worst days seem not so bad; If you ever do, hold on tight. Hold on real tight. Those ones.. They come along once in a lifetime.

14. “A man with dreams needs a woman with vision. Her perspective, faith, and support will change his reality. If she doesn’t challenge you, then she’s no good for you. Men who want to stay ordinary will tell you not to have expectations of them. Men who want to be great will expect you to push them, pray with them, and invest in them.”

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15. “I’ll walk with you every step of the way and each step will make us stronger than yesterday.”

16. “A ride or die chick means that you’re there for that man when he’s down and out. Not when he does you dirty and you still decide to stay.”

17. “Ride with who rides for YOU!”

18. “Trust that when his back is turned; I got him.”

19. “I got your back, you got mine. Whatever tried to get in our way.. ride or die.”

20. “We ride together, we die together, bad boys for life.”

21. “I’m going to fight. I’m always going to fight for you. You need to remember that.”

22. “Yeah, I’m still by his side. I’m Bonnie and he’s Clyde. I’m holding it down on the outside, hand in hand that’s how we ride.”

23. “Your girl should be your #1 fan, best friend, lover, rider, and first supporter.”

24. “If we’re together and you fall off your game. I’m not leaving, we’re going to bounce back together.”

25. “If they motivate you to be better, that’s your rider.”

26. “Rider Somebody Who Is Down Thru All The Hard Times, Who Was There When You Aint Have Nothing.”

27. “Now a days your girl will ride quicker for you than your “boys” will.”

28. “If I’m down with you, your struggle is my struggle.”

29. “My lady ain’t no punk.She gets whatever I own so if you see her, that’s all me.”

30. “If you’re my girl, we stick together. We ride like a pack, you feel me? It’s all love, we show nothing less. You got my back, I got yours. End of discussion.”

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We Hope these Ride or Die Quotes inspired your loyalty today

Looking back on everything that’s brought you to where you are in life right at this very second…where would you be without that person? Who would you be? Who would they be? For better, or worse, you wouldn’t have them in mind right now if they weren’t there for the entire ride. With the hurdles of this life, and the emotions that go along with it, it’s refreshing to have a match lit for you in the dark, isn’t it?

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A hand when you think you’re drowning. For those of you reading, who doubt that you have that in someone…try to remember one very important thing:  inescapably, and forever until your shadow is no more, YOU are the most help you’ll ever receive. YOU are the reason that you made it this far. With, or without another person to shake hands with, when you look down at your palms; THOSE are the hands that pick you up when your darkest moments are upon you. The same hands that carry the torch in your brightest moments. We are all capable of being this for whomever we so choose. Ourselves included.

I hope you enjoyed the list, and thank you for riding all the way till’ the very end!

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