50 of the Most Courageous and Powerful Bernie Sanders Quotes

Bernie Sanders Quotes

Bernie Sanders was born in 1941 in Brooklyn, N.Y. to a family that struggled financially. In 1964, he earned a Political Science degree from the University of Chicago, just a year after participating in the famed Civil Rights March on Washington. A champion for civil rights, income equality, and medical care for everyone, Bernie began … Read more

George Will Quotes

George Will Quotes

George Frederick Will was born on May 4, 1941. He is one of the most famous American libertarian/conservative political commentators and authors over many decades. In the past he has made regular TV appearances on NBC and MSNBC news channels. And he writes regular columns for the Washington Post. He is very well known for his … Read more

Memorable Andrew Jackson Quotes

Andrew Jackson Quotes

Andrew Jackson, known by the name Old Hickory was born on 15th March 1767 in Waxhaws South Carolina. He was an American politician, soldier, and lawyer who served as the 7th president of the U.S from 1829-1837. Andrew was the first U.S president from the area west of Appalachians and the first president to enter … Read more

The Most Interesting Andrew Johnson Quotes

Andrew Johnson Quotes

Andrew Johnson was born and raised in a low-income family without any formal education. He had a famous nickname called Tennessee Tailor, which reflected his career before he got into politics. Later on he went on to become the 17th President of the United States of America, and he served from 1865 to 1869. It … Read more

70 Fascinating John Quincy Adams Quotes

John Quincy Adams Quotes

John Quincy Adams, sixth US president, is a great American hero with a great reputation attributed to his many actions and sayings. John Quincy was born on 11th July 1767 in Braintree, Massachusetts and he was the first son of President John Adams. John Quincy was an outspoken person and went by the name Old … Read more

The Most Noteworthy Millard Fillmore Quotes Ever!

Noteworthy Millard Fillmore quotes.

th US President who assumed office in 1850 and served as the country’s president until 1853. Interestingly, he was also the last White House member who was also a part of the Whig Party. He was also the 12th Vice President of the country before his presidency between 1848 and 1850. An instrumental part of the passing of … Read more

Highly Motivational Franklin Pierce Quotes

franklin pierce quotes

Franklin Pierce was born on the 23rd of November 1804 and became the 14th president of the United States. Benjamin Pierce, his father, was an American Revolutionary War hero who was highly respected in his hometown. Aside from Franklin, his parents had seven other children who were all well-educated. Pierce attended private academies growing up after leaving … Read more

32 Benjamin Harrison Quotes That Inspired the Unites States of America

Benjamin Harrison quotes for inspiration

Benjamin Harrison was the 23rd President of the United States and was recognized as an inspirational leader of the Presbyterian Church. He was a renowned lawyer and politician before he became President. Harrison’s life was spent serving the nation and he proved it on several occasions. He served as a colonel in the American Civil War, … Read more

William Henry Harrison Quotes worth Remembering For the Rest of Your Life

William Henry Harrison quotes.

The 9th President of the United States of America, William Henry Harrison, served between March 1841 and April 1841. Just 31 days after being appointed the country’s president, he passed away and thus his presidency has been the shortest of all presidencies in US history. Despite the short duration of his tenure, he has left us … Read more

45 Inspiring Hillary Clinton Quotes

Hillary Clinton Quotes

Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago on October 26, 1947. She earned her law degree from the prestigious Yale University where she met and later married Bill Clinton in 1975. Bill went on to become the 42nd president of the U.S. from 1993 to 2001. Hillary served as First Lady during those years. Hillary ran … Read more

56 Endearing Barbara Bush Quotes About Family, Love, Life and Politics

Barbara Bush Quotes

Barbara Bush (June 8, 1925 – April 17, 2018) was the second lady and the first lady. She is one of only two women who distinguish between being married to one president and mother to another (the other woman was Abigail Adams). Regardless of most people’s politics, they usually have the utmost respect for Barbara … Read more

53 Most Inspiring Quotes By Ibram X. Kendi

Ibram X Kendi Quotes

Ibram X. Kendi, full name,  Ibram Xolani Kendi,, and original name, Ibram Henry Rogers was born on 13th August 1982, Queens, New York USA. He is an American author, activist, and historian who wrote about racism and antiracism in the United States. Through his speeches and books, he maintained that racist ideas and policies are … Read more

70 Most Awe Inspiring Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

Known for his peaceful nature, Mahatma Gandhi is the inspiration behind our following quote collection! A civil rights leader, Gandhi fought for the freedom and rights of people on a global scale. In fact, the citizens of India have him to thank for their independence from Britain in the early 1900s. Although he was of … Read more

52 of the Most Inspirational Kamala Harris Quotes

Kamala Harris Quotes

In January 2020, Kamala Harris became the first ever African American Vice President of the United States. Kamala Harris’ full name is Kamala Devi Harris and she was born in California in 1964. Her father taught at Harvard University and her mother was a cancer researcher. Harris studied economics and political science at Howard University … Read more

The Most Controversial Ben Shapiro Quotes

Ben Shapiro Quotes

Ben Shapiro was born in January 1984 and is a well known American political conservative commentator. He became the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the United States at the young age of 17. He founded the Daily Wire which is one of the most popular conservative news websites. And he hosts the Ben Shapiro Show which is … Read more

49 Wise Quotes By Alexander The Great

Alexander the Great Quotes

Born on July 20th in Ancient Greece, Alexander the Great served as both king and conqueror of Macedonia. Between 336 and 323 B.C., Alexander helped to unite the Greek-City-States while leading the Corinthian league. Later on, he would become the ruler of Asia, Babylon, and Persia; as well as the creator of Macedonia’s regional colonies. … Read more

49 Shocking Quotes from Charles Manson

Charles Manson Quotes

Charles Manson is a mass murder criminal and a former leader of a cult group called the Manson Family in California. Manson is said to be a prostitute son and has spent most of his life behind bars in various juvenile centers and prisons. Generally, the life history of Charles Manson has been associated with … Read more