40 Heartwarming Quotes About Granddaughters

Granddaughter Quotes

One of the most enticing prospects about life is being a grandparent to a granddaughter. Your granddaughters are with no doubt remarkable and delightful beings. What makes them great is the idea that they can remind you of the innocence of childhood, without the frustrations that you experienced from your children. Our grandaughters will always … Read more

51 of the Best Step Daughter Quotes

Step Daughter Quotes

Stepdaughters are defined as your husband or wife’s child from a previous marriage or a previous relationship. There are some men and women out there that don’t ever see their stepchild as their own child, and that’s pretty sad but there are also a lot of men and women accept their stepchild as their own … Read more

48 Deadbeat Dad Quotes that Hit Hard

deadbeat father written with wooden letters on a black surface

Having a deadbeat parent or father is quite a traumatizing experience for children. In addition to affecting a child financially, it also impacts their mental well-being. These individuals who prioritize their own wishes above their parental responsibilities are deeply loathed by society. Let’s take a look at some deadbeat dad quotes to learn what this experience … Read more

49 Quotes to Help You Survive a Toxic Family

Toxic Family Quotes

There are endless bad things toxic family members can display, from discrimination to abuse, bullying, emotional disconnection, and manipulation. Usually, the amount of harm caused by these types of family members is capable of breaking anyone’s heart. However, there is no need for You or anyone You know to be put under this situation. In … Read more

Unsupportive Family Quotes

Unsupportive Family Quotes

Many of us belong to families that range between mildly unsupportive and downright toxic. Learning to deal with the difficult members of our family can be very hard, especially for those who suffered abuse or neglect. Standing up for yourself is not a quality that many are taught. Many are afraid to do almost anything … Read more

The 65 Yummiest Cookie Monster Quotes

Cookie Monster Quotes

Who didn’t grow up with Sesame Street and all the loveable characters? Elmo, Big Bird, Rosita, and Cookie Monster! Those of us who used To watch this beloved show can remember all the great lessons that were taught. We learned our ABC’s and numbers from the brightly colored, positive, and happy residents of Sesame Street. … Read more

60 Of The Most Inspiring Funny Family Quotes

Funny Family Quotes

The one thing that is universal in the human experience is that everyone has a family! Families are generally different with unique aspects, however, love is a common denominator to all. No matter how complicated your family is, you can’t live without them. The love of your family members is unconditional despite all shortcomings. Sometimes … Read more

54 Inspiring Reading Quotes for Kids

Reading Quotes for Kids

If you are a parent or adult and want to help your child succeed as a reader, the most important thing you can do is to start reding books aloud together. Have a regular story time and read a variety of books to the children. If you are patient and consistent, they will love story … Read more

74 Beautiful Quotes about Mother And Son

Mother and Son Quotes

 Being the mother to a son, or sons, means having to deal with all kinds of “boy” kid stuff. Having a son means endless rounds of sports and rough housing behavior. And lots of endless energy. These Mother and son quotes reveal how having a little boy in your life can change it completely. Having … Read more

60 Heart Warming Home Quotes

home quotes

Your home is a place where we should feel safe and comfy, thus making it essential to have nothing but positive energy flowing about. If you feel comfortable at home with your loved ones, it serves as a foundation for you being successful in your relationships with your friends and it will help you be … Read more

Our Favorite Baby Smile Quotes

Baby Smile Quotes

People often disagree about many things, but one thing is universal around the world. A baby smiling is one of the cutest things in the world. It usually makes everyone else smile too. And it doesn’t matter what country you are in, babies always have that effect on people. Newborns and babies can’t speak yet … Read more

57 of the Best Welcome Home Quotes

Welcome Home Quotations

Welcome home by definition is welcoming a person home, celebrating the return of a person, and an expression of welcome made at a person’s homecoming. There are a lot of reasons that a person gets welcomed home –  they could be coming home from serving in the military, coming home from college, just got over … Read more