The Rootinest Tootinest Cowboy Quote Collection

Cowboy Quotes

Southerners and quaint ranching communities consider the word cowboy to be a compliment. Often referring to someone cool, calm, collected, with an endless amount of bravery and testosterone alike. cowboys are born to handle horses, cattle, sheep, and most other livestock. From roping to branding, these good ole boys know how to get the job … Read more

75 Most Hilarious Pirate Quotes

Hilarious Pirate Quotes

These pirate quotes are sure to leave you laughing in hysterics and a longing for the high seas. Pirates are often seen as rough and rugged characters with an eye patch and wooden legs who hide secret treasures beneath the sand. Such as the notorious Blackbeard of the 16th century, a commander of four massive … Read more

42 Most Inspirational Quotes About Goddesses

Quotes About Goddesses

Goddess quotes are all wise sayings made concerning a female divinity. Every female deity or greatly admired woman due to her extraordinary beauty is a goddess. Some religions such as Hinduism, paganism, Buddhism, and ancient cultures including Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia, the Americas among others hold a woman figure as a player and worship a central … Read more

45 Notable Chief Sitting Bull Quotes

Chief Sitting Bull Quotes

Sitting Bull is one of the most well known Native American leaders, especially known most for his outspoken nature toward the U.S. government. Yet, very few know that he did so in honor of his beloved Hunkpapa Lakota tribe and their personal freedom! That is until Sitting Bull’s’ unfortunate demise at the hands of Indian … Read more