63 of the Best Capricorn Quotes

Capricorn Quotes

Capricorns are represented by the goat and they are born between December 22nd and January 19th. Capricorns love rules and usually always follow them, too much freedom can be overwhelming to them. Traditions are not just a thing of the past with a Capricorn, they value traditions and try to follow them. Forgetting important information … Read more

53 of the Best Virgo Quotes

Virgo Quotes

If a person is born between August 23rd and September 22nd, their zodiac sign is Virgo. Virgos are known for analyzing every piece of information they receive and for their need to be organized and perfect. Virgo is one of the more caring signs, but they’re well guarded and don’t let just anybody into their … Read more

74 Undeniable Aries Quotes

Aries Quotes

March 21st through April 19 are the ram days, if you are born within those days you are an Aries. In order to complete a task that they are given or give themselves, an Aries has to be 100% devoted to completing that task. Often an Aries will not be fully satisfied until their personal … Read more

64 of the Most Undeniable Leo Quotes

Leo Quotes

The lion represents your sign if you were born between July 23rd and August 22nd, you are a Leo. A Leo is always ready to fight their way through life, battle for justice for themselves and their loved ones and make their impact on the world. They aren’t hesitant to get their hands dirty in … Read more

56 of the Best Gemini Quotes

Gemini Quotes

May 21st through June 20th are the birthdates of a Gemini. Gemini is one of the signs that show the most expression and is associated with being quick witted. They are very energetic and constantly going. The twins are a good representation of the Gemini because they are continuously trying to be in two places … Read more

52 of the Most Memorable Scorpio Quotes

Scorpio Quotes

Born between October 23rd to November 21st, Scorpios are one of the more mysterious signs. It’s in a Scorpio’s nature to be dedicated and take on the role of being a leader. They usually make friends easily because they are very brave, but that doesn’t mean that they trust easily. Taking care of their friends … Read more

55 of the Most Balanced Libra Quotes

Libra Quotes

September 23rd through October 22nd are the days of the Libra. To a Libra, the balance of their life means a lot. They try to avoid anything that disturbs the balance they have created between work, friends, family and love. They often value harmony, peace, and tranquility making the scales a perfect representation for them. … Read more

62 of the Best Pisces Quotes

Pisces Quotes

The birthdates of a Pisces are between February 19th and March 20th. Being surrounded by a bunch of people and enjoying their company feels like home to a friendly Pisces. Seeking the best relationships emotionally possible with the other human beings around them, Pisces are selfless and gentle beings. They are also known to be … Read more

54 Awesome Aquarius Quotes

Aquarius Quotes

An Aquarius is born between January 20th and February 18th. Those born Aquarius are The type to get it done, they feel they have a purpose on The planet to make it better and will strive to do so. Aquarius is not known to doubt anybody, they believe in you when you don’t even believe … Read more

The 57 Most Adventurous Sagittarius Quotes

Sagittarius Quotes

You’re naturally an adventurous person if your birthday falls between November 22nd and December 21st because your zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Sagittarius are known for transforming their thoughts into hard actions and often doing everything in their power to achieve their goals. Being curious about the world and having a great sense of humor are … Read more

67 of the Most Relatable Taurus Quotes

Taurus Quotes

Those represented by bulls are born on or after April 20th but not after May 20th, these People are born Taurus. Taurus’s are known for their dependability – they take  pride in the fact that Their business and personal relationships tend to be drama free because they believe in living honestly. A Taurus makes one … Read more