14 Best Sir Charles K. Kao Quotes

Sir Charles K. Kao Quotes

Sir Charles K. Kao is known as the godfather of broadband, the father of optic communications, and the father of fiber optics. He received a Nobel Prize in Physics in 2009 for his groundbreaking work in optical communication using fiber cables. Kao was born in Shanghai, China, on November 4, 1933. His parents homeschooled him with … Read more

Top 61 Millionaire Mindset Quotes to Help You Achieve Millionaire Status

Millionaire mindset quotes to motivate you

It is commonly believed that making the first million is the most challenging part of your journey towards becoming a multimillionaire. Once achieved, the mindset you acquire during this stage will automatically reorganize your habits and priorities to guide you to your next million(s). Knowing this, it is clear that the first step to becoming … Read more

Ben Stein’s Best Quotes

Ben Stein Quotes

Benjamin Jeremy Stein is best known as Ben Stein. He is a rare character who is most famous for a movie appearance (more about that below). He was born in November 25, 1944 and has worked as a writer, actor,  comedian, lawyer, author of many books, tv show host and also as a TV commentator on … Read more

55 Boss Babe Quotes For Working Women

Boss Babe Quotes

Get motivated with our below collection of Boss Babe quotes! They carry powerful messages to empower professional and working-class women alike. Helping encourage upcoming and future business ventures. Constructed for women from all walks of life, these Boss-Babe-inspired quotes will lead you to a more successful career path. In fact, their tight-knit female community’s improved … Read more

100 Motivational Small Business Quotes To Boost Your Business

Small Business Quotes

In every small business, things are usually quite challenging at different points during the business. With determination and follow through, you can grow your business. And if you stay focused and determine and keep moving forward you can likely be successful. To be truly successful with your small business it is critically important to use … Read more

75 of the Most Inspirational Teamwork Quotes

Teamwork Quotes

Success in life depends on good teamwork. Think about it – you can’t get to a common goal without effective teamwork. Even if it is with your spouse, or partner, you need to have good teamwork for an effective relationship. At work this is even more obvious since you cannot achieve great outcomes or significant … Read more

100 Quotes About Business Growth To Help You Grow Your Business

Business Growth Quotes

Every businessman or woman wants to achieve success and growth in their business. Sometimes, business owners have to worry about acquiring new customers, or finding money to invest, or hiring and managing employees. No matter what, every business has its own challenges as it starts and grows. During down times, it’s important to stay motivated … Read more

100 Punctuality Quotes To Help you Be On Time

Punctuality Quotes

Punctuality is a wonderful characteristic to have. If you are on time, people will admire and respect you and you will have great success in life. When people show up late, others tend to view them negatively as being less responsibility. So if you want people to think you have your act together, it is … Read more

45 Most Famous John D. Rockefeller Quotes

John D Rockefeller Quotes

John Davison Rockefeller wassone of the wealthiest individuals in the history of the world. He was an oil business tycoon as well as a philanthropist. John Davison Rockefeller’s breakthrough appeared when he focused on refilling – instead of drilling – the oil fields. When the consumption of gasoline and kerosene rose, Rockefeller’s wealth rose substantially. … Read more