Murray Rothbard Quotes: Insights from a Libertarian Economist

Murray Rothbard Quotes

As a leading figure in the libertarian movement, Murray Rothbard was an influential thinker who had a significant impact on economic theory and political philosophy. His ideas continue to inspire and shape the views of many people around the world. In this article, we will explore some of the most profound and thought-provoking Murray Rothbard … Read more

The 47 Best Jon Kabat Zinn Quotes

Jon Kabat-Zinn Quotes

Jon Kabat-Zinn is often considered to be the grandfather of the modern mindfulness and meditation movement in the United States. He has played a pivotal role in helping to advance these concepts outside of yoga, meditation and Buddhist groups and into the daily lives and conversations of Americans. Jon is Professor of Medicine emeritus at … Read more

The 50 Most Thought Provoking Epictetus Quotes

Epictetus Quotes

Epictetus was a brilliant Greek philosopher whose notable teachings became published by one of his pupils. A wise soul with much to share, Epictetus believed things happen for a reason and that we should accept them and go on about our daily lives. In fact, his writings form the foundation for philosophy that has inspired … Read more

63 Empowering Quotes By Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu Quotes

Sun Tzu, personal name, Sun Wu flourished 5th century BC, was a Chinese general, writer, military strategist, and philosopher who lived in the Eastern Zhou period of ancient China. Tzu is credited as the writer of The Art of War, a powerful work of military technique that has both East and Western Asian philosophy and … Read more

The Best Marcus Aurelius Quotes

Marcus Aurelius Quotes

Marcus Aurelius (121-180), commonly known as the last of the “good” Roman Emperors, spent much of his reign fighting the “Barbarians” that were frequently fighting at the edges of the Roman Empire. Aurelius was also a philosopher, at times a point of contention for his adopted family. However, it is because of his journal, now … Read more

50 Most Inspirational Wittgenstein Quotes

Wittgenstein Quotes

Ludwig Wittgenstein was a brilliant philosopher who had wisdom beyond his years. See for yourself in the below Wittgenstein quotes. Even though his many theories left most people baffled, yet, Ludwig took note of them to share with future generations. And received the chance to do so at the UC (University of Cambridge) in 1929! … Read more

The 39 Most Interesting Tibor Machan Quotes

Tibor Machan Quotes

Tibor Machan was a well known philosopher who wrote extensively on liberty and individual rights. He was quite influential in his writings on liberty and freedom but the influence was more in an academic way and he is relatively unknown by most people He passed away in March 2016 but his writings live on to … Read more

The 45 Most Famous and Influential David Hume Quotes

David Hume Quotes

David Hume was a Scottish historian, essayist, and philosopher who lived in the 18th century. He was popular for being the pioneer of numerous path-breaking ideas in the field of philosophy including empiricism and skepticism. Hume studied at the University of Edinburgh but later quit as he did not feel that his processors could or had … Read more

128 of the Most Interesting Quotes from Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged Quotes

====rewrite With adoring fans, rabid critics and very few in between, why does Atlas Shrugged evoke such impassioned responses? Because it grapples with the fundamental problems of human existence — and presents radically new answers. Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand’s last novel, is a dramatization of her unique vision of existence and of man’s highest potential. Twelve years in […]

76 Jean Jacques Rousseau Inspiring You to Excellence

Jean-Jacques Rousseau Quotes

Jean-Jacques Rousseau believed and insisted that human nature is intrinsically good if left alone and that education and society undoubtedly alter our morality. Born on 28th June 1752 in Geneva, Switzerland, he was a prominent Genevan philosopher, writer, educator, and composer. He largely influenced the world of economics and politics during the age of civilization … Read more

64 of the Best Immanuel Kant Quotes

Immanual Kant Quotes

Immanuel Kant was born in Prussia, now Russia, in 1724. He is one of the greatest known philosophers of all time. During his early life, Immanuel attended a Pietist school, this school was a Latin school and while attending it he developed a love for Latin classics. University of Konigsberg was next for Kant’s, in … Read more

Milton Friedman’s Most Interesting Quotes

Milton Friedman Quotes

Milton Friedman was a Nobel Prize-winner economist and an influential thinker in the 20th century. He advocated for free markets, limited government, and minimal regulation. Friedman strongly believed that economic freedom is essential for a society to thrive.  Milton was an advisor to both President Ronald Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. His research on … Read more

The Most Inspirational Ryan Holiday Quotes

Ryan Holiday Quotes

Ryan Holiday is an American author, marketer, and entrepreneur. He was born on June 16, 1987 in Sacramento, California and currently resides in Austin, Texas. In the past he served as a media strategist, as a Director of Marketing for American Apparel and as a columnist. Ryan currently devotes most of his time to being … Read more

 50 Thought-Provoking Descartes Quotes

René Descartes (1596-1650) was a French-born philosopher who lived most of his life in the Dutch Republic. Inspired by Stoicism and Aristotelian thought, Descartes was one of the prominent figures of the Dutch Golden Age. His epistemology (theory of knowledge) inspired empiricism, the theory that we can only know what we can derive by reason … Read more

The Most Extraordinary Quotes from Man’s Search for Meaning

Man's Search for Meaning Quotes

Viktor Frankl (1095-1997) was an Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist, and philosopher who survived the Holocaust. He published 39 books in his lifetime and developed a new form of psychology known as logotherapy. In Man’s Search for Meaning (1946) Frankl describes his experience in various Nazi concentration camps and discusses the psychology of logotherapy. Frankl developed the … Read more