36 Thought-Provoking Misa Amane Quotes

Misa Amane is one of the popular characters from Death Note, a beloved anime series. She is a model and actress who supports Kira because he killed the person who murdered her entire family. Her character is among the defining ones of the series as she becomes the Second Kira. Although there are much loved and mature characters like Light and L, Misa’s personality adds the humor and the unpredictable factor.

The complexity and development of the character are not the only things loved by the fans; Misa Amane quotes are among the best quotes from the entire series! Misa’s quotes can make you wonder about yourself and help you understand the complexities of the world we live in. If a thought-provoking character inspires you, check out these funny and interesting quotes by Misa Amane!

36 of the Most Memorable Misa Amane Quotes

1.“Careful what you do, cuz “God” is watching your every move. Hold my hand in the dark street, for if you do I know that I’ll…be safe. Even if I’m far away and alone, I can be sure that you’ll find me there, this I know.” – Misa Amane
2.“Unless someone makes the first move, nothing will happen.” – Misa Amane
3.“Cake makes you fat, so I’m not going to eat anything.” – Misa Amane
4.“It’s going really well. I just need to keep it up.” – Misa Amane
5.“I would never dream of living in a world without Light.” – Misa Amane

6.”I think I’ve been totally wrong about you this whole time.” – Misa Amane
7.“You cannot buy peace or love with money.” – Misa Amane
8.“Of course, I would never think of betraying any of my friends. With our powers combined, we’ll arrest Kira.” – Misa Amane
9.”How about stop killing the criminals? Kira would be able to do that, right?” – Misa Amane
10.”Once Kira’s caught, you’re not going to be able to get away either. You’ll probably get the death penalty.” – Misa Amane
11.“To defeat evil, there must be sacrifices.” – Misa Amane
12.“If I die now, I’ll be happy… kill me while I’m still young and pretty…” – Misa Amane
13.“I hate evil and love justice. I do not consider the police as my enemies, but my allies against evil.” – Misa Amane
14.”Thank you so much. I’ll try my hardest to make you love me. I promise.” – Misa Amane
15.“I am a famous model.” – Misa Amane

16.“To me… Kira is an absolute being!” – Misa Amane
17.”What a wonderful way to kill.” – Misa Amane
18.“A pretend boyfriend, right? That’s a good start. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with me for real one day.” – Misa Amane
19.“But you could maybe be a friend of mine. Would that be okay?” – Misa Amane
20.“Thanks to Rem, Light really became Misa’s knight… but… don’t actually kill him, okay?” – Misa Amane
21.“Kill me!! Kill me now!!! I was supposed to die on that day, right? Please. Just. Kill. Me.” – Misa Amane
22.“Kira punished him for what he did to my parents, and that’s why Kira means everything…Kira means everything to me.” – Misa Amane
23.“If Light were Kira… awesome. I’ve always been grateful to Kira for punishing the man who killed my parents. If Light was Kira, then I’d love him even more.” – Misa Amane
24.“By the way, Light darling, do you know how to KILL a Shinigami?” – Misa Amane
25.“Do you mind if I call you knight, instead? Because you are like my knight in shining armor, you know!” – Misa Amane
26.“Now there’s no way I could possibly kill you and if I become a burden to you, then you can just kill me, okay?” – Misa Amane
27.“I’ll do anything for Light.” – Misa Amane
28.“I think I totally misunderstood you all this time. I even called you a pervert, but you actually do understand how I feel, don’t you? – Misa Amane
29.“Why are you doing this to me? If you want me to kill her, just say so and I’ll kill her.” – Misa Amane
30.“If you really still can’t trust me, then here, I’ll even let you hold on to my death note, but you’d just be holding it. So, I’d still be the rightful owner of it and that means I get to keep my Shinigami.” – Misa Amane

31.“Why are you so suspicious of me? I already told you I don’t care even if all you do is use me! Believe me!” – Misa Amane
32.“All I wanted was a chance to meet you one day so I could thank you for what you did.” – Misa Amane
33.“By the way, before I forget, I want you to make the ideal with me.” – Misa Amane
34.“Hey, she snickered at me! I’m gonna go kick her! – Misa Amane
35.“I’m sure you’ll fall in love with me eventually.” – Misa Amane
36.“Yeah, but… to me, Light is more important than the world.” – Misa Amane

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Misa Amane’s Funniest Moments (English Dub)

In this video, check out Misa Amane’s most hilarious moments! Misa needs so much for love and we find her hilarious! It’s hard to believe no one made her a funny moment video. So, we thought let’s do it!!


Misa Amane quotes from the Death Note are random and unusual, but they come from a character that has been through a lot. From experiencing the death of her parents in front of her eyes to becoming the second Kira and falling in love with Light, the development of her character takes us through life-changing events that create ‘Misa.’ We hope you got to enjoy these quotes and they gave you a chance to learn about the amazing character from one of the best anime series!

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