The 57 Most Adventurous Sagittarius Quotes

You’re naturally an adventurous person if your birthday falls between November 22nd and December 21st because your zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Sagittarius are known for transforming their thoughts into hard actions and often doing everything in their power to achieve their goals.

Being curious about the world and having a great sense of humor are more likable traits about a Sagittarius. Exploring cultures, philosophies, being open minded and their love for travel makes them adventurous and energetic.

Sagittarius signs have a way with their imaginations, making them very idealistic. They are also often quite generous with other beings, and natural born leaders. Like every other being, Sagittarius also have weaknesses like being extremely impatient and making many promises that they often cannot fulfill.

Our Favorite Sagittarius Quotes

  1. “In love, just like in life, Sagittarians take risks. They’re interested in big love—the romance-movie kind of love. Their fiery nature means they can bring the passion pretty much wherever, between the sheets included.” – Emmalea Russo, Cosmopolitan
  2. “Sagittarius is untamed like the wind, sailor of the seven seas. He is adventurous, son of the world, lover of his own love.” – Unknown
  3. “Sagittarians are aliens disguised as humans.” – Ramana Pemmaraju
  4. “While a Sagittarian tends to be candid, there’s also a part of them that could be described as being more devious than Pisces, more deceptive than Gemini and more carnal than Scorpio.” – Rosemary Breen, Horoscope Compatibility for All the Zodiac Signs
  5. “Only a Sagittarius will get you to stand up stronger after you’ve hit bottom.” – Unknown
  6. “I don’t believe in astrology; I’m a Sagittarius and we’re skeptical.” – Arthur C. Clarke
  7. “Sagittarius – born people can smell bullshit from a while away. They are the ultimate truth seekers and would appreciate honesty over excuses or lies.” – Yolanda, 25 Interesting Sagittarius Quotes for the Zodiac Junkie
  8. “Things that Sagittarius will never have: patience, sleep at the right time, money left over, morning mood and bag for stupid people.” – Unknown
  9. “I was in love with a Sagittarius, he blew my mind.” – Beyoncé
  10. “Sagittarius have smiles that can brighten any room and will always try to make you feel like you belong.” – Unknown
  11. “I’m a Sagittarius, and one of our major qualities is that we’re blindly optimistic.” – Taylor Swift
  12. “Sagittarius is a great idealist and usually aims for high standards and the good life” – Alb Imeri, Zodiac Explained: Understanding the Innate Motives Behind Our Actions
  13. “A Sagittarius likes to give without receiving anything in return because it is something they really enjoy and feel like doing.” – Unknown
  14. “I have spent a lot of time studying the issue of relationships, how I grew up, my parents’ influence on me. I’ve talked to a therapist; I’ve looked inward spiritually at myself, and what it seems to come down to is that I’m a Sagittarius. Please don’t make me reveal more than that. It’s tough enough as it is.” – Garry Shandling
  15. “Sagittarians don’t give fake smiles, they don’t praise to please and they don’t fake emotions.” – Unknown
  16. “A Sagittarius hardly holds grudges. If you ask one about it, he or she will tell you it’s old news. They’ve already moved on. ” – Yolanda, 25 Interesting Sagittarius Quotes for the Zodiac Junkie
  17. “Sagittarius may sometimes seem both casual and careless, but never let that lead you to the grave error of underestimating the flashing Jupiter intuition and often brilliant mental processes” – Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs
  18. “As forgiving as they are, Sagittarius doesn’t mind distancing themselves from people, so don’t test them.” – Unknown
  19. “I’m a Sagittarius. We need things done now.” – Christina Applegate
  20. “With their extreme optimism, a Sagittarius always sees the positive side of everything, and even makes it up.” – Unknown
  21. “I’m definitely a Sagittarius. I’m such a fire sign.” – Petra Collins
  22. “The majority of Sagittarius come across as extremely composed, patient, sure about what they want and where they wish to get…without showing the least amount of apprehension or urgency.” – Yolanda, 25 Interesting Sagittarius Quotes for the Zodiac Junkie
  23. “I’m in my prime, Optimus/Sagittarius, so you know I’m an optimist.” – Nicki Minaj, ‘Barbie Tingz’
  24. “Sagittarius have a heart of gold and will have no problem settling down with someone who can keep up with them.” – Unknown
  25. “A Sagittarius will give you the world if you wanted it. When they fall for someone it’s the real deal.” – Freeda Gillbert
  26. “With an egocentric and inflexible point, Sagittarius don’t like changing their mind.” – Unknown
  27. “The reason I like Sagittarius is because they’re like an Aquarius in a fire sign.” – Denzel Curry
  28. “As a Sagittarius, you don’t have time for people who play mind games because you have better things to do with your time.” – Yolanda, 25 Interesting Sagittarius Quotes for the Zodiac Junkie
  29. “I’m a Sagittarius, I’m very keen on freedom. I love freedom, I love independence, I don’t like to be tied down, I like to travel.” – Britney Spears, Instagram
  30. “Count on a Sagittarius to help discover a whole new meaning to life.” – Unknown
  31. “A Sagittarius is that one person you can always act like a fool with and take a long drive nowhere with to escape everyday life.” – Unknown
  32. “Patience isn’t their thing. Sagittarius is impatient when the rest don’t keep up with them.” – Unknown
  33. “I’m a Sagittarius and I love adventure and new beginnings, new experiences, because it makes me feel like I’m living.” – Maria Brink
  34. “Sagittarius speak their minds and can say things to you so bluntly, you won’t know if you should be upset or love their honesty.” – Yolanda, 25 Interesting Sagittarius Quotes for the Zodiac Junkie
  35. “Never mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, my kindness for weakness or my sincerity for arrogance.” – Unknown
  36. “One of the things that makes [Sagittarius] so irresistible is your openness with your heart and your affections.” – Mecca Woods, Astrology for Happiness and Success
  37. “Sagittarius are not hot tempered, but when they are, keep your distance.” – Unknown
  38. “They may not trust or grow attached to people often, buy when they do it is the strongest bond ever.” – Freeda Gillbert
  39. “A Sagittarius is generous, but be careful, they’ve got everything under control.” – Unknown
  40. “I had difficult mother, difficult childhood like she had. She is Sagittarius like I am. I almost died from broken heart because of love. And she really did.” – Marina Abramovic
  41. “Oddly if you let a Sagittarius be, they will not go anywhere…but try to cage them up and they’ll run.” – Yolanda, 25 Interesting Sagittarius Quotes for the Zodiac Junkie
  42. “Beautiful phrases do not need to be thought and rethought. The spontaneity of a pure feeling reveals great thoughts in a time of light.” – Unknown
  43. “Sagittarius people need constant mental stimulation, which can lead them to overwork and overplay. More than most people, Sagittarians have to have recreation and exercise, but moderation is the keyword” – Joanna Martine Woolfold, The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need
  44. “A Sagittarius can say things to you so bluntly, you won’t know if you should be upset or love their honesty.” – Unknown
  45. “They can be the sweetest person until you piss them off.” – Freeda Gillbert
  46. “Although Sagittarius usually says everything, they keep more secrets than you expect.” – Unknown
  47. “A Sagittarius can look emotionally distant. But in reality, he or she has a big heart.” – Yolanda, 25 Interesting Sagittarius Quotes for the Zodiac Junkie
  48. “Sagittarius has the extraordinary ability to transform even the most mundane pursuit (say, a quick trip to the corner store) into a full-blown adventure.” —Aliza Kelly, Cosmopolitan
  49. “Nothing about a Sagittarius-born is boring. They know how to get the party started.” – Unknown
  50. “Count on a Sagittarius to help discover a whole new meaning to life.” – Unknown
  51. “If Sagittarius likes you, get ready. They won’t stop until they have you.” – Unknown
  52. “Taurus and Sagittarius do not get along.” – Rico Nasty
  53. “Honesty, justice and keeping your word are the most highly regarded traits for them” – Yolanda, 25 Interesting Sagittarius Quotes for the Zodiac Junkie
  54. “Cultivating the imagination and keeping the magic alive becomes, for the Sagittarian child, as essential to life as breath, water, and food.” – Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius by Nathaniel Craddock
  55. “You can trust them. A Sagittarius is honest and sincere.” – Unknown
  56. “They cover up their sadness with humor.” – Freeda Gillbert
  57. “Half man half mammal, my sign is a Sag.” – Jay Z, ‘Already Home’
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Those born under the Sagittarius sign are really good at doing things independently, so know that they don’t need you – they want you – in their life. Connecting and knowing themselves is another great strength of the Sagittarius. It’s like their alone time gives them a reboot and is their greatest form of self care. Putting too much pressure on a Sagittarius might force them to become distant, they will teach themselves how to live without you. Being affectionate towards others is not usually an easy task for a Sagittarius.

A Sagittarius often dislikes when people are clingy with them, so try not to send that Sagittarius friend too many of these awesome quotes but a couple shouldn’t hurt. Then again, a Sagittarius does enjoy a good laugh and some of these quotes about themselves might get that out of them. Overall, whether you’re a Sagitarius or you know one, these quotes are sure to make you smile.

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