The 39 Best Backstabbing Quotes

Betrayal is a bad thing. It can hurt you deeply. It is an emotional pain that some people never get over. It is a terrible thing that people have trouble understanding. It makes it hard for you to trust people because you never know when the backstabbing may occur. You also don’t know why it happened in the first place.

This pain makes you feel as if you are alone in this world. Backstabbing is even worse when someone close to you does it. It’s bad enough when your enemy stabs you in the back. That type of betrayal is expected. It is doubly painful when someone you are close to stabs you in the back since it makes it hard to find closure as well as understand why it happened.

These quotes are about backstabbing and helping you understand why it happens. They may also help you deal with the emotional pain that comes from the betrayal.

Backstabbing Quotes

1. “At some point, most people will deal with a betrayal. It is something that most of us have in common. The best way to handle it is by not letting it ruin your faith in other people. Don’t let people take your faith from you.” – by Sherrilyn Kenyon

2. “Forgiveness is a strange thing. It is easier to forgive someone you hate than it is to forgive someone you love.” – by William Blake

3. “One of life’s lessons is you can’t control someone’s loyalty to you. It doesn’t matter how you treat them, there’s no guarantee they will treat you the same way you treat them. It doesn’t matter how much you care about them. They may not care about you in the same way. There are times when the person you love turns out to be the one you can’t trust.” – by Trent Shalton

4. “Backstabbing is hard to take and there’s no right or wrong way to deal with it.” – by Christine Feehan

5. “It is better to have an enemy hurt you to your face than a friend who hurts you behind your back.” – by Unknown

6. “It’s something that the people you would die for are the ones trying to kill you.” – by Unknown

7. “The worst pain you can feel isn’t physical or emotional. It is the pain of a friend betraying you.” – by Heather Brewer

8 “The people I have needed the most are the ones who hurt me the most. The people who lied to me are the ones who are supposed to love me. I have felt like I was alone when I should have had people to depend on. It was hard but I had to figure out how to deal with the betrayal. I had to learn to only depend on myself because no one is going to be there for me besides myself.” –by Unknown

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9. “I’m not wasting my tears on you. In the end, you aren’t worth my tears. The reason I am crying is because my image of you is blown by the realization of the person you really are.” – by Steve Maraboli

10. “Betrayal can be painful, but you should look at it like a gift. Seeing it that way will make it easier for you to throw it out with the rest of the garbage. Why would you want to throw it out? Trash stinks very fast. Once trash begins to stink, it means nothing to you.” – by Donna Schoenrock

11. “One of the hardest things to do is get over something. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting over guilt or betrayal. Moving on is never simple. People try to hold on to something and refuse to move on. Once you have been betrayed so badly that your world is shattered, your attitude about life will change. Once you have accepted that change, nothing will hurt you like that again.” – by Mareez Reyes

12. “An enemy who tells the truth is better than a friend who lies to you. If you’re not sure, pay close attention to what your friends do. It doesn’t matter what they say. It matters what they do. It is harder to fake actions than it is to fake words.” – by Zero Dean

13. “There are times when people will forget about friendship in order to achieve a taste of success.” – by Lauren Conrad

14. “I may be strong enough to forgive your actions, but I will never be stupid enough to trust you ever again.” – by Unknown

15. “You can say many things about me, but a backstabber is not one of them. I would never betray you the way you betrayed me.” – by Jessica Katoff

16. “One of the worst things to deal with is knowing that the person you loved lied to you and used you.” – by Unknown

17. “Backstabbers are experts at saying the wrong things to the wrong people.” – by Les Parrot

18. “There is one thing I have learned from backstabbers. They are only powerful when your back is turned to them.” – by Eminem

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19. “If you only trust yourself, no one will betray you.” – by William Penn

20. “When someone betrays you, don’t feel bad. It’s not your fault for having faith in them. You aren’t the one with the problem. They are the ones who are not worthy of your trust.” – by Sonya Parker

21. “Never go to sleep with both eyes closed. Don’t assume you know your friends. Your best friend may be the one stabbing you in the back.” – by Sara Shephard

22. “Don’t be afraid of the villain who strikes. Be afraid of the fake friend who pretends to care about you.” – by Unknown

23 “It may surprise you, but I am happy to know about the people who hurt me. They thought they got the best of me, but they did me a favor. They were setting me free from the snakes in my life.” – by Steve Maraboli

24. “We can put up with our enemies, but not the friends who betray us.” – by Sanji Paul Arvind

25. “Be aware that someone who has betrayed you once will do it again.” – by Johann Caspar Lavater

26. “A betrayal from a friend hurts worse than a betrayal from an enemy.” – by Amit Kalantri

27. “The worst part about being betrayed is that it never happens from an enemy.” – by Unknown

28. “Before you leave, please take the knife you put in my back out. You will most likely need it.” – by Unknown

29. “Be careful who you are vulnerable with. There are people out there who are waiting to use your vulnerability against you.” –by Unknown

30. “When an evil person can’t control you, they will do their best to change the way other people see you. The lies will feel like a betrayal, but rise above the betrayal. Have faith that your real friends will see through the lies the way you did.” – by Jill Blakeway

31. “There are times when you will have to embrace the fact that some people are jerks and you can’t always see the good in them.” – by Unknown

32. “Don’t waste time thinking about backstabbers. They are losers who do their best to point out all of your flaws instead of doing something about their own.” – by Unknown

33. “It’s something how you try to be my friend to my face, but you talk about me when I am not there. It’s funny that you think I don’t know what you are doing.” – by Unknown

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34. “I appreciate all of the betrayers who hurt me. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t recognize the people who love me.” – by Unknown

35. “If it were up to me, I would cut you with the knife you stabbed in my back.” – by Unknown

36. “Gossiping about someone behind their backs when they can’t defend themselves speaks volumes about you.” – by Unknown

37. “At the end of the day, everyone isn’t your friend. Just because they spend time with you and joke around with you doesn’t mean they like you. People can be great actors. You should pay attention because certain situations bring out the fakeness in people.” – by Unknown.

38. “Backstabber and best friend have the same amount of letters. Be careful trying to decide which one is which.” – by Wiz Khalifa

39 “When your friends claim to have your back, make sure they are not sticking a knife in it.” – by Unknown.


Unfortunately, most people will deal with backstabbing in their lives. Sometimes it is unavoidable to endure betrayal. The betrayal can happen because of an enemy, family member or a friend. You can also be betrayed in a romantic relationship. Anyone can betray you.

It’s important to know that betrayal is not your fault. People do it without any logical reasoning at all. They may not even be aware that they are hurting you. They also may not care that they are hurting you. The important thing to do is find a way to deal with the backstabbing.

These quotes are designed to help you cope with backstabbing and get a better understanding as to what signs to look for to explain why it happened. Instead of letting the betrayal get you down, find a way overcome it. This advice is easier said than done, but it can be achieved by being around people who are trustworthy.

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