72 Quotes to Help You Become Badass

Being a badass can be good thing. It means that you aren’t going to let anyone push you around in your life. You don’t take things lightly and you don’t let anyone get to you. You want to achieve everything you want in life and you’re not the type to let anyone stop you from making it happen.

Badass Quotes

Here are some badass quotes that will inspire you not to let anyone stop you from getting what you want.

1. “If someone tells you that you can’t do something, do it anyway. This will quiet the person telling you that you can’t do it.” – by Van Gogh

2. “Prepare yourself to let go of things you don’t need in your life.” – by Yoda

3. “Life isn’t worth living if you are worrying about dying. If you live your life to the best of your ability, than you can die at any time.” – by Mark Twain

4. “Don’t worry about who’s going to give me permission to do something. Worry about the people who think they are going to stop me from doing it.” – by Ayn Rand

5. “Winners will continue to do something until it is right.” – by Billie Jean King

6. “The world isn’t always a sweet place. It will knock you down and drop you to your knees and keep you there forever if you allow it to do it. No one will hurt you as hard as life will. It’s not about how hard you hit life. It’s about how much you can take from it.” – by Rocky Balboa

7. “Don’t be afraid to have people against you. It’s a good thing. It means that you weren’t afraid to stand up for what you believed in.” – by Winston S. Churchill



8. “You have two choices in life. You can write about someone else’s goals or have someone write about your goals.” – by Benjamin Franklin

9. “Do something that people are afraid to do. Accomplish what others are only dreaming about doing.” – by Jerry Rice

10. “The best way to get your revenge on someone is to succeed in life.” – by Frank Sinatra

11. “I’m grateful for the people who had the nerve to turn me down. They are the reason why I will achieve my goals.” – by Albert Einstein

12. “Pain is a short term feeling. It may last for a little while, but it will eventually disappear and something else will end up happening. If you give up, the pain will last forever.” – by Lance Armstrong

13. “Achieve your own goals or you will be helping someone else achieve their goals.” – by Farrah Gray

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14. “Hard times are temporary, but strong people will last forever.” – by Dr. Robert Schuller

15. “Don’t waste your time counting the days that go by. Make your day count for something.” – by Muhammad Ali

16. “The things in life that don’t hurt us will make us persevere.” – by Fridrich Nietzsche

17. “If you keep waiting for “someday”, that day will never come.” – by Denise Brennan-Nelson

18. “If you keep putting off getting up to do your goal, you will find yourself working for someone who was determined to achieve their goal.” – by Eric Thomas

19. “People don’t plan on bad things happening to them. The bad things happen when they don’t prepare for it.” – by Larry Winget

20. “If you’re only going to go half the distance, it’s not worth the journey at all.” – by Joe Namath

21. “If you don’t want to be criticized, than don’t try to achieve your goal. Settle for less.” – by Aristotle

22. “Try your best to forgive the people who hurt you. It will make them more upset.” – by Oscar Wilde

23. “Don’t look for shortcuts. Try to do more to get what you want.” – by Jim Rohn

24. “People who believe they can do things will be the one who actually do it.” – by Steve Jobs

25. “If people don’t like you, don’t be offended by it. Just let them know they never will be like you.” – by Unknown

26. “You can find three people in me. You can find the good, the bad, and the ugly depending on the day and the people.” – by Unknown

27. “Haters need to stay far away from me. If they don’t, they will lose something of value.” – by Unknown

28. “If you think about something happening, you can achieve it.” – by Unknown

29. “If you want to achieve your goal, let go of your fear.” – by Unknown

30. “Be careful what you think because thoughts have power. You become what you think.” – by Unknown

31. “Why does anyone have to explain intelligence? If you are smart, you don’t have to explain anything.” – by Unknown

32. “ You are either with me or against me. The choice is yours to make.” – by Unknown

33. “Instead of going on social media to air your dirty laundry, deal with your problems on your own.” – by Unknown

34. “If you want to succeed in life, stop worrying about what other people think.” – by Unknown

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35. “Move on with your life and don’t worry about other people’s opinions. Achieve what you want to achieve, but only because you want to do it.” – by Johnny Depp

36. “I know the things I want to do because I am the maker of my fate.” – by Unknown

37. “If you throw me under the bus, I will come back with a vengeance.” – by Unknown

38. “Do the things you want in life and everything else will happen.” – by Holly Holm

39. “Keep working at your goal until everyone knows who you are.” – by Unknown

40. “The best way to get back at someone is to do what you set out to do.” – by Eddie Vedder

41. “Never stop a person from doing what they want to do even though you didn’t have faith in them.” – by Amelia Earhart

42. “Make a bad situation better by changing the rules.” – by Unknown

43. “Being a woman won’t keep me from believing I’m better than you.” – from Suits

44. “A man does the best he can do, but a woman will go above and beyond.” – by Isabel Allende

45. “If you don’t like the way things are going, you should change it and make it better.” – from House Of Cards

46. “Smile even when you’re not happy. It will make people confused. It’s better to smile than to let people think you’re hurting inside.” – from Batman

47. “I would rather be upset about doing things I regret than be upset about not trying at all.” – by Lucille Ball

48. “Would you rather be the Road Runner or the Coyote?” – from House Of Cards

49. “My success is too loud to hear you.” – by Harvey Specter

50. “I don’t waste time dreaming. I am accomplishing my goals.” – by Harvey Specter

51. “I will never be sorry for the person I am.” – by Donna

52. “If you don’t like how I am, don’t waste your time talking to me.” – by Unknown

53. “Caring about your feelings doesn’t fit who I am.” – by Unknown

54. “You only have to prove yourself to you. Don’t worry about trying to prove yourself to other people.” – by Unknown

55. “The best rule to go by is that whenever you face a challenge, handle it with pride.” – by Robert Jordan

56. “I don’t want to blend in with others. I want to be a shining star.” – by Unknown

57. “I don’t look behind me unless there’s a reason to do it.” – by Unknown

58. “Some people are afraid to get burned while other people start the fire.” – by Unknown

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59. “You are allowed to be an expert while you are continuing to learn.” – by Sophia Bush

60. “A woman who has her own opinion is a strong woman.” – by Melinda Gates

61. “Be the type of hero you would have wanted as a kid.” – by Unknown

62. “People who follow the rules never get to change them.” – by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

63. “Having strength is the most important quality in a strong person.” – by Unknown

64. “Go after your goals as if they were a life or death situation.” – by Unknown

65. “Winners will succeed in life while losers lose at life.” – by Unknown

66. “I would rather die standing up for myself than live as a coward.” – by Unknown

67. “A fool with a plan is smarter than a genius without one.” – by Unknown

68. “If money doesn’t make you happy, feel free to give it to me. It will definitely make me happy.” – by Unknown

69. “When you realize how valuable you are, nothing will stand in your way.” – by Unknown

70. “Being pessimistic will never give you the life of an optimist.” – by Unknown

71. “Criticize me and I will show you that you are wrong about me.” – by Unknown

72. “Stop comparing yourself to other people because you are the only one meant for your role.” – by Unknown

Use these Quotes to feel like a Badass this week!

It’s all about mindset, so print out these quotes. Put them on your nightstand or desk and review them every day! This will help you develop a badass mindset.

In life, you want to accomplish your goals and be successful. Being a badass will encourage you to do whatever it takes to do what you want. You aren’t the type to let people stand in the way of getting what you want. You also won’t let people walk all over you to get what they want. You stand up for yourself and you should be proud of it.




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