44 Best Reagan Ridley Quotes from Inside Job

Reagan Ridley is one of the main characters in Inside Job. She is the daughter of Rand Ridley, the CEO of the company where Reagan works. Reagan is a child prodigy who first comes off as a cynical and insufferably brilliant inventor. Her social awkwardness is evident in her interactions with others, which prevents her from connecting emotionally with anyone.

However, her character development reveals multiple layers where viewers learn that Reagan is actually a brave human with a genius mind who does not want to hurt anyone (most of the time). Regardless of her personality, viewers love how Reagan looks at the world and expresses her views.

Reagan has a lot to say on the show, and most remarks are downright funny (even if she doesn’t realize they are). Here are the most famous Reagan Ridley quotes that will entertain you!

Reagan Ridley Quotes

1. “In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to drug our friends to avoid being eaten by sharks. But we live in America in the 2020s, and all bets are off.” – Reagan Ridley

2. “Hah! I did it! I think I just conquered my weird mental hang-up without any self-examination!” – Reagan Ridley

3. “This is my lab, where everything is peaceful, efficient, and the thermostat is controlled entirely by me. Someday, I hope to make the whole world like this. Efficient, that is. Not controlled entirely by me. That would be totally egomaniacal. I would never do that. Unless people wanted me to.” – Reagan Ridley

4. “What’s the point of unchecked power if we don’t abuse it?” – Reagan Ridley

5. “I actually need a mediocre white man to act as a human shield and social lubricant while I accomplish my real goals.” – Reagan Ridley

6. “I’m getting kind of sick of all the feedback on my personality today.” – Reagan Ridley

7. “I skipped grades and showers to prove that despite my dad’s legacy, I can run the s*** out of this office.” – Reagan Ridley

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8. “She’s still mom—undercutting my confidence in ways I didn’t know existed.” – Reagan Ridley

Reagan Ridley Quote from Inside Job
9. “Don’t listen to my father, kids. He gets his news from Facebook and Ambien.” – Reagan Ridley

10. “Uh, is Facebook evil? Is Starbucks evil?” – Reagan Ridley

11. “I’m still working out the kinks, but it’s a set of vile cranial robot arms that’ll increase my productivity by 600 percent.” – Reagan Ridley

12. “Nationalism is just politics for basic bi*****. Countries can’t just hide from the world.” – Reagan Ridley

13. “I have a desk job. I don’t do a lot of cardio.” – Reagan Ridley

14. “Do I have to go? Follow-up question: Do I have to wear a dress? Follow up to the follow-up: Does it have to be a stain-free dress?” – Reagan Ridley

15. *Firing isn’t personal, okay? It’s just part of being a boss—the fun part! Where you get to punish the weak!” – Reagan Ridley

16. “That’s why you good cop. Don’t worry, baby Brett. I can be your Denzel from Training Day.” – Reagan Ridley

17. “Come on. Just let me enjoy this. For one day, I get to feel like what it’s like to be you, and it’s noice [nice]!” – Reagan Ridley

18. “I’m at least a seven with filters!” – Reagan Ridley

19. “Of course, I’ve seen Akira. Anime is very mainstream right now.” – Reagan Ridley

20. “Who’s an anti-social-weirdo now?! Not the girl who invented robot arms to hug strangers! Oh my God, I sound insane.” – Reagan Ridley

Reagan Ridley Quote about Hugging
21. “Hug? Like with our bodies touching other people’s bodies?” – Reagan Ridley

22. “I’m practicing a hug that a normal person would do.” – Reagan Ridley

23. “I’m single by choice because I have a fulfilling career where I’m doing really important things.” – Reagan Ridley

24. “Brett, I’m going to this party. I’m going to figure this out and prove that I’m not the socially inept weirdo that everyone thinks I am.” – Reagan Ridley

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25. “So, first date. Is it sweaty in here, or is it just me?” – Reagan Ridley

26. “You never hugged me. You made a robot bear do it instead, and I was so traumatized that I repressed the memory for years. That’s why I can’t hug anyone without losing my s***.” – Reagan Ridley

27. “This is just some work stuff. My job is secret stuff, and if I told you, you’d have to die [laughs].” – Reagan Ridley

28. “Enter the Reagan dome…Nope. Not that.” – Reagan Ridley

29. “He already messaged me. He wants to go on a date. What should I say?” – Reagan Ridley

30. “Why is romance so complicated?” – Reagan Ridley

31. “I was a different person then. Literally.” – Reagan Ridley

32. “While everyone else is wasting their lives swiping, I created the perfect man who will never disappoint me. He even has two settings: Netflix and Chill.” – Reagan Ridley

33. “I’m checking out some rare minerals now, amber eyes.” – Reagan Ridley

34. “Nostalgia is bulls***. It’s a brain worm that makes adults regress into children who argue about ghostbusters while the whole world burns.” – Reagan Ridley

35. “This movie is so unrealistic. Everybody knows the shadow government killed the real Jason Bourne years ago.” – Reagan Ridley

36. “Ghostbusters is stupid!” – Reagan Ridley

Reagan Ridley Quote about Her Parents from the Inside Job
37. “I want to kill my parents anyway. Not impressed.” – Reagan Ridley

38. “You’re boring. You’re f****** boring, Steve. And the only thing keeping us together is inertia. And I feel more attachment to this disposable fork than I do to you.” – Reagan Ridley

39. “If only I could go on a practice date, so I’m ready.” – Reagan Ridley

40. “H*** yeah, I’m dead! I’ve never felt more alive.” – Reagan Ridley

41. “And more than that, I don’t think we have good sexual chemistry either. For a guy who’s been with thousands of women, you really don’t seem to know what you’re doing….” – Reagan Ridley

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42. “You even have those mornings where you start pulling at the mental thread that your entire life could be different if maybe you hadn’t been raised by such an a******.” – Reagan Ridley

43. “Daddy issues. Yo, yo!” – Reagan Ridley

44. “Sometimes, the thought that we’re related keeps me up at night.” – Reagan Ridley

Inside Job | Reagan Goes to Anonymous Anonymous | Netflix

Even the Deep State, Illuminati, and Bigfoot need help. For employees of Cognito Inc., conspiracies aren’t just theories. They’re a full-time grind. INSIDE JOB is a peek inside the actual Deep State, as one woman manages the chaotic office of lovable morons secretly controlling the world.


Reagan Ridley is among the main characters on the Netflix show, Inside Job. It’s a show about Cognito, Inc. employees and their lives as they control the world without revealing their identities. It’s their job to maintain peace between humans and the lizard people and replace POTUS with a robot, among other things.

Reagan is among the top employees of the company. She is an inventor and head roboticist and also the daughter of the company’s CEO. She likes world domination but does not want to become an evil overlord unless the people want her to be.

She is a lively character on the show with outrageous lines that would be offensive in any other setting, but on the show, her lines are hilarious.

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