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A birthday wishes would not be complete without a happy birthday meme. Memes are the prevailing trend nowadays. Friendships are always filled with jokes. Have you tried sending memes to your friend’s birthday? Is it the birthday of your friend or someone dear to you? If you are searching for a creative way in wishing them a happy birthday then you can use birthday memes.

If you are looking for a happy birthday meme then you are at the right place. Here, we will give you some of the best collection of funny birthday memes. We assure you that it can bring a smile to your friends and loved ones. So, choose any birthday meme from this collection and share it. You can share these birthday memes to your brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend as well as your mom and dad. You can share them on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Put a smile on their faces as you wish them a happy birthday.

Memes are a way of ridiculing your friends in the most egotistical way. Here we will provide you a list of some of the coolest happy birthday memes. You can use them to greet your friends on their birthdays in a hilarious way.

Happy Birthday Meme

1. Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!


best-happy-birthday-memeHappy birthday mom meme:The birthday cat represents the special day that we were born every year.

Also see our favorite birthday quotes for your mom

2. Happy Birthday, My Brother

You can use these wishes to wish your brother a happy Birthday!

3. Happy Birthday, Son, never said by my dad.

Happy Birthday Meme:This is a Batman inspired birthday meme.

4. Happy Birthday, Bro. Looking forward to the cake.

Happy Birthday meme:Nice birthday memes can work for everyone.

5. Happy Birthday (Dawg)

6. Yeah… Happy Birthday. Now if you could get back to work, that would be great.

7. Happy Birthday, Playerizer!

Are you getting tired of writing a boring “Happy Birthday!” on your friend’s Facebook wall? If so, then try to add a little more effort by adding one of these funny images.

8. Happy Birthday. Have the time of your life.

9. Happy Birthday, Matt. Make it as good as your 13th birthday.

Happy Birthday meme:Be sure to include one of these images on the next birthday greeting that you need to send.

10. Today I turn 61 and I want 61 presents  for my birthday!

11. Whishing my best Bro Zoheb. Happy Birthday!

12. Birthday Memes For Girls Happy Birthday, Al. From your Chico, Jack.

13. Brace yourselves, the Happy Birthday Wall Posts are coming.

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14. Happy Birthday. Here’s something to wear that makes it impossible to lick yourself.

Happy birthday memes:if you are not a cat person then you can choose the dog meme.

15. Happy Birthday!

16. One year closer to death.

17. So it begins… With the birthday wishes!

18. Oh Dammmmmmmmmnnmn, it’s your birthday! So.. will there be cake?

19. Megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte

20. I sea it’s your birthday. Let’s shellibrate!

21. I can’t keep calm, cause it’s my birthday tomorrow!!

22. Nom nom, nom. Nooo, it are my birthday.Happy birthday meme for friends deserve to have one of these funny birthday memes.

23. Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk…

This is the best Happy birthday meme gift for your buddy, aside of course from paying the next round.

24. Oh boy! Oh boy! I haz nummy cake!

25. I just wanted to eat but you lit my food on fire.

Funny Happy Birthday Meme for dog lovers.

26. Happy Birthday, Tiger!

27. Happy Birthday, hope you ended your night looking like this.

28. Happy 21st Birthday Renee, you cat lover 🙂

29. Happy Birthday! But you probably already know it. These funny memes are a bit cheesy but undoubtedly cute.

30. Yo dawg I heard you like happy birthdays.

Birthday memes can surely please everyone.

31. Happy Birthday, Doi! Can I have some cake too?It would be great if your dog has a social network account.

32. Hey Jack, make sure you take a nap on your birthday…

Funny Memes are an excellent way of greeting your friends publicly.

33. I deserve a cake for wearing this hat.

Grumpy cat birthday memes are so cute. Who doesn’t love cakes anyway?

34. Happy Birthday to my biggest fan.

Funny birthday Are you a John Cena fan?

35. Happy Birthday Mike!! I googled your baby picture and boom!!

These birthday memes can make the celebrant laugh out loud.

36. Just for your birthday. Thor would smash that.

37. Had to scroll to select my birth year.

These hilarious memes are particularly designed for birthdays.

38. The number of happy birthday memes on your facebook wall is too damn high.

39. Can’t find a funny birthday meme. Still gets the sentiment across.

By sharing these happy birthday memes to your friends and family, it can make them laugh and stay healthy.

40. They didn’t make me a birthday meme. I didn’t call the fire brigade.

Let the world burn.

41. Happy Birthday, you sexy beast.

An inspiring birthday meme from Richard Simmons.

42. “Happy Birthday, Mom! Hope it’s a hoppy one!”

A birthday meme for those who love rabbits.

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43. Happy Birthday, Lindsey, I hope you had a real nice day and all!

Happy birthday Memes can be found on facebook comments.

44. Birthday dog says, “Here’s looking at you!”

Some funny memes are also displayed on profile pictures.

45. “It’s your birthday? Happy Birthday. I guess.”

Happy birthday Memes are the ideal way of mocking your friends in a frivolous way.

46. Happy Birthday, Buster! You still owe me a 10-second car.

A happy birthday meme of Vin Diesel.

47. Hear it’s your birthday. I got you a nice clown.

Happy birthday meme are not meant to offend anybody.

48. “It’s Sarah’s birthday? I’m on my way.”

An inspiring birthday meme from an inspiring hero.

49. “Herro? Happy Birthday!”

The purpose of Happy birthday meme is to make fun at someone.

50. Happy Birthday

It would be fun if these cats have their own social network accounts too. Just sayin’.

51. “It’s your birthday LOL! happy birthday fu@ker”

Send this awesome happy birthday meme to your friends.

52. “Happy Birthday, Khoo. Love you like a panda.”

Birthday memes are so adorable.

53. Happy Birthday! One less year I have to deal with you.

Grumpy cat birthday memes are so appealing.

54. Happy Birthday, Joe. I ate all your presents.

These days, the internet is being flooded with funny memes.

55. Happy Birthday, Little Brother! Love Karen, Job, Ryan, Daniel & Amber XX

A minion inspired happy birthday meme.

56. Red Panda says, “Happy Birthday, Tete!”

Who cares about your Happy birthday meme, it’s not a holiday anyway.

57. Javert wishes you a Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday meme:“Smile” please.

58. Ermahgerd. Happy Birthday!

Ermahgerd means “Oh my God”.

59. Happy Birthday, Felix! Your cake is in the basement.

Amazing Birthday Meme

60. Happy Birthday, Honeybadger!!!

Happy Birthday Meme Animal

61. Happy Birthday, Baby! I have your present behind this stump.

Happy Birthday Meme Panda

62. Happy Birthday, Baby! “Thanks, now I won’t get karma”

63. I found an old baby photo of you dad. Happy Birthday!!!

64. I left my pregnant wife a Happy Birthday card.

65. “Happy New Year, man” “Happy Birthday to you too, man”

66. “Yeee YeeYee” Happy Birthday!

67. I was gonna wish you a happy birthday. But then I took an arrow in the knee.

68. Happy Birthday to our Lord and Savior may your blood fill my body and touch my soul, amen.

69. Brace yourself. The happy birthday posts are coming.

70. Last year Obama said he was 52… This year he says he is 53… Which is it Obama?

71. Happy Birthday!

72. Happy Birthday!!! Be happy, Flopo 😛

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73. Happy Birthday, sexy.

74. “Its your birthday, you has cake?”

75. Happy Birthday, Mize. You’re old as f  bro.

76. Happy Birthday. Hope it’s pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.

77. Mom. mom. mom. Guess what it is? Birthday! Happy Birthday!

78. Happy Birthday. I’m only here for the cake.

79. Happy birthday! You know you’re getting old when your candles cost more than your cake.

80. The sheriff wishes you a happy birthday.

81. 327,881 people have signed President Obama’s birthday card but you’re not one of them.

82. Happy Birthday from one sexy beast to another.

83. One more happy birthday from Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris gives you the chance to live one more year.

84. “It’s my birthday? Cake eatin’ time”

85. All I want for my birthday is a big booty pirate themed party with my family.

86. Just got some blow-up slides for my nephew’s birthday party.

87. Hmm, I do say Happy Birthday.

88. All I want for my birfday is a big booty sloth.

89. Happy Birthday, Bradley! The cake is in my van.

90. Not sure if people actually remember my birthday or facebook notified them and they feel obligated.

91. Happy Birthday. Have a majestic day.

92. I know I won’t see you but Happy Birthday.

93. Happy Birthday! I hope you like the horse you wanted.

94. The whole thing is a scam. Birthdays were created by Hallmark to sell cards.

95. I want you to come to my birthday party.

96. Happy Birthday! Have a mice day! Best Fishes!

Summary of The Best Happy Birthday Memes

These are just some of the great birthday memes out there! Are you getting tired of those typical birthday wishes? Whenever there is someone in your life who has a birthday coming up, we encourage you to send them a happy birthday meme.

Don’t just send a boring “Happy Birthday.” Take a moment to choose the best birthday meme. Try something new. Make them laugh on their special day. You can also spread these birthday memes to your social network account.

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