The 21 Most Memorable Sling Blade Quotes

Sling Blade tells the story of Karl Childers, a mentally disabled man played by Billy Bob Thornton. After killing his mother and her lover, he is released from the mental hospital back to the community. He quickly forms a bond with Frank (played by Lucas Black), a boy whose father committed suicide.

Frank’s mother lets Karl stay at their house and her cruel boyfriend Doyle (played by Dwight Yoakam) tries to get Karl removed from their house and is verbally abusive. We don’t want to give the whole plot away but it’s a sad movie with complex characters.

Sling Blade Quotes

1. “I don’t reckon I got any reason to kill anybody.” Karl Childers:

2. “Linda: Frank’s always after a father figure, and Lord knows Doyle ain’t one with his mean ass.

Vaughan Cunningham: What about me?

Linda: Frank doesn’t really see you as a guy-guy.

Vaughan Cunningham: Oh, and Karl’s a guy-guy?”

3.” I don’t reckon you have to go with women to be a good father to a boy. You been real square-dealin’ with me. The Bible says two men ought not lay together. But I don’t reckon the Good Lord would send anybody like you to Hades. That Frank, he lives inside of his own heart. That’s an awful big place to live in. You take good care of that boy,” Karl.

4. “He lives inside of his own heart. That’s an awful big place to live in,” Karl Childers.

5.” Doyle: What am I supposed to do about supper while you’re out runnin’ around with that fag? Linda: You’re not cripple, get in there and make it yourself. Doyle: Talkin’ back and everything. That kinda makes me horny, Linda. Linda: Frank, maybe you better go play in your room if Doyle’s gonna talk nasty. Frank: I don’t wanna go play in my room. Doyle: He don’t wanna go play in his room.”

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6. “See, you don’t want to question the genius, Vaughan. Morris here is a modern-day poet, kinda like in olden times.” – Doyle

7. “Terence: We wrote one last night outside the mini mart. Morris called it “Stuart Drives A Comfortable Car,” and then like in country songs, you know, in parentheses, it says, “There’s Usually Someone in the Trunk.” And, and um, I came up with a tune just a hummin’.

8. “I’ve killed Doyle Hargraves with a lawn mower blade. Yes, I’m right sure of it. I hit him two good whacks in the head with it. That second one just plum near cut his head in two,” Karl Childers.

9. “The Bible says two men ought not lay together. But I don’t reckon the Good Lord would send anybody like you to Hades,” Karl Childers.

10. “I learned to read some. I read the Bible quite a bit. I can’t understand all of it, but I reckon I understand a good deal of it,” Karl childers.

11. “You ought not killed my little brother, he should’ve had a chance to grow up. He would have fun some time,” Karl.

12.  “Doyle, you’re awful. You shouldn’t be that way.” Linda

Doyle: I ain’t saying it’s right, I’m just telling the damn truth. He’ll make me sick. I know it.”

13. “I don’t think anything bad ought to happen to children. I think the bad stuff should be saved up for the people whose grown up. That’s the way I see it,” Karl.

14. “Doyle: What in the hell you doin’ with that hammer?

Karl: I don’t rightly know. I just kinda woke up a-holding it.

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Doyle: What the f you think he’s doin’ with that hammer?”

15. “Frank: I’d like to kill that son-of-a- . I hate him.

Karl: You ought not talk that way. You just a boy.”

16. “Charles Bushman: Now… On the third day, I washed her. She wasn’t too clean. I got all the right spots. She’s the only one I kept for a certain amount of time, because I got a real short attention span. Now, I can’t say she enjoyed her stay, but that washcloth I put in her mouth and held it there with a big piece of duct tape kept all her complaining to a min… I don’t like people who talk all the time. I like to do all the talking, which is why I think I’m so fond of you, ’cause you’re so easy-going. Although I do sense a little tension in you from time to time. So, you were out in the world, huh? What was it like?

Karl: It was too big.

Charles Bushman: Not too big in here, is it?”

17. “A shovel just makes too goddamned much racket,” Charles Bushman.

18. “I stand on the hill, not for a thrill, but for the breath of a fresh kill,” Morris.

19. “Well, there were these two old boys and they hung their peckers off a bridge to piss. One old boy from California, the other from Arkansas. The old boy from California says “Boy, this water’s cold”, and the old boy from Arkansas says “Yeah, and it’s deep too.” Get it?”

20. “She had on a leather skirt and had a lot of hair on her arms. I like that a lot. That means a big bush,” Charles Bushman.

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21. “We’ll always be friends. You and me made friends right off the bat. Don’t nobody ever change that. I kindly want to put my arm around you, then I’m gonna get up out of here and leave,” Karl Childers.

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Sling Blade Video

Here is the classic official trailer for Sling blade from 1996. It will remind you of the movie if you have already watched it. Or if you haven’t viewed Sling Blade yet, it might persuade you to watch it.

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From the above quotes, you are now familiar with some of the classic quotes from Sling Blade. Hopefully  these quotes since they are a source of encouragement, inspiration, and motivation.  Bear in mind that quotes make you achieve things you thought they were impossible to accomplish since they open up your mind to observe life from a wider perspective. If you like the trailer above, be sure to check out the movie!


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