The 12 Best Addams Family Quotes

The Addams Family was a television show and later a movie that showed the lives of an odd family. This family liked everything dark and there were some monstrous members. They are a little kooky, spooky, and mysterious. They have been a big hit with fans and people keep on going back to see this family and learn more about their adventures.

In this series, Morticia is the mother and she has a real gothic style to decorating her home. Gomez has a good sense of humor and he is not afraid to show he is very much in love with Morticia. Their children Wednesday and Pugsley are getting into all types of adventures. Lurch is the butler and communicates with grunts. Thing and cousin It is a real hand and hairball.

This family has captured the hearts of millions and they have some memorable quotes. These are some of the most memorable quotes that people will know from the Addams family. This family will always have a special place even with some of their oddness.

Addams Family Quotes

1.” All Your Life” –  Wednesday

This quote looks at how different they are from society and the way that society tells people to be happy and deal with excess items. It takes a look at what is normal and what is expected from people and makes a little fun of it. This quote comes from Wednesday as she interacts with the more popular girls making fun of how perfect they are and how it is okay to be different. She is proud to be different and has no intention of fitting in with others.

2. ” Does it Matter?”  –  Wednesday

The family has some morbid moments but they try to combine them with some more humorous times. The family does go to the cemetery and they do open up some graves. Maybe there were trying to help people out. The children are questioning if these people are dead and then Wednesday asks if it matters. This is creepy yet somehow funny at the same time.

3. “Two out of Three” –  Gomez

When a family is afraid to spend the night in a haunted home and they are used to the paranormal then there is really something to say about this. This quote comes from when Fester decided to spend the night with the family for the first time. He holds a knife to Gomez’s throat but it does not phase him. He takes the knife without a problem. Fester then begin to throw the knife at his head and suggests they go for two out of three This will help keep people away and will keep them from messing with this family. Two out of three is not too bad but in this case, it is not worth pushing his luck to find out what would happen.

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4. “I Didn’t hate my mother, it was an accident”  –  Gomez

The Addams family is known for their human and their quick comebacks. There are some jokes followed by yelling which makes things even funnier. The quote comes from Dr. Pinder Scholoss trying to find out why the family functions as they do. It was a take on Freud and left the viewers wondering what the rest of this family could really be like.

5.  “Wednesday’s at that very special age when a girl has only one thing on her mind”  –  Morticia

This is some motherly advice from Morticia when she is talking about her daughter. This scene happened when the family was away at camp. Morticia indicated that Wednesday has something special on her mind. While most people think that they were talking about boys they were actually talking about a less pleasant subject. Homicide was the topic and this fits right in with the offbeat nature of this family. The only one that was surprised was the counselor and the look on her face was stated as being priceless.

6. ” Are they made from real girl scouts?”  – Wednesday

It is the time of year when girl scouts begin to sell their cookies. There are boxes and boxes of cookies that they are trying to push off on people. Wednesday was looking to put some of the more normal people in their place. Wednesday and Pugsley were trying to sell lemonade to help raise money for family expenses. When a girl scout comes looking to purchase a cup she is asking if the lemonade has been made using real lemons. Wednesday then askes her if the cookies have been made from real girl scouts. This is enough to get this girl going and she went on her way.

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7. “Wednesday Play with Your Food” –  Morticia

Morticia has some interesting parenting skills. When the family is eating most children are told to eat and to not play with their food. In the household of this family, things are a little different. She wants her children to have some fun so she encourages them to play with their food.

The food is already moving while it is sitting on the plate so it is not too hard to play with it. This is something that most parents would not say so leave it to the Addams family.

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8. “We gladly feast on those who would subdue us”  – Morticia

The family motto is Sic gorgiamus allos subectatos nunc which translates to We gladly feast on those who would subdue us. This is pretty direct and makes people wonder if this family would really eat humans. Morticia has several scenes where this is questioned and every time something is said it leaves fans wondering if she would really try to eat someone.

9. “Do not Trust the pilgrims, especially Sarah Miller”  -Wednesday

Not every child is happy to go camping but Wednesday is really not happy to be there. She does everything that she can to try to get away including trying to sabotage the entire play that has been put on by the campers. This is one of the ways that she is trying to distance herself from society especially snooty Sarah Miller. This is the beginning of the end of the camp. While things may not have gotten violent there are some lessons to take away. The pilgrims did wrong to the Indians and this Miller girl is going wrong to the other girls.

10.” Even with a Chainsaw”  – Grandma Addams

Grandma Addams is also another crazy character. While she is not seen too often it does not mean that fans do not notice her words or the impact that they have. Some have some great lines. When she is speaking with the doctor about the trouble it is to kill this, grandma comments that even with a chainsaw. This is meant to be a funny moment and it does take the doctor by surprise.

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11. “We’ve told Wednesday, college first”  – Morticia

In school, Wednesday does have some trouble fitting in. With a family like the Addams family, it is no wonder why they may stick out a little. Wednesday make some artwork that got the attention of the teachers. The teacher is not only worrying about the art that she is making, she is worried about her future. The family commented on her great aunt. The aunt was a witch and was eventually burned for her craft. The family told Wednesday to go to college first. She could not practice witchcraft until her education was complete. The family does want her to have a future. Even with their odd ways they do care about their children and want them to be successful.

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12. “I’m just like any modern woman” –  Morticia

Morticia is a woman of her own kind. After the birth of another baby, she is feeling a little bit stressed. She has a baby to take care of and wants to have some help around the home. Most moms can relate to this quote and the struggle of being a parent. While this family may be odd they are looking to have everything that a modern family needs. Morticia wants to have a loving husband and wants to take care of her family. She is also looking for some time for herself. She is looking to join with the dark forces and go on a hellish crusade. While most moms are not looking to the dark side they are looking to have a great family life and have it all. Every mom does want some time to focus on themselves. Most moms just want to take a bath or exercise. Not all moms want to join in the dark forces. Morticia was brave enough to take her family for help. While her husband is a little odd he is a sweet man. He even offered to hire her a nanny so she can enjoy some of this alone time.

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Addams Family Video – Opening Credits and Theme Song

If you haven’t seen the original Addams family tv show, this is the opening 2 minutes of the show. Watch it – it will give you a sense of the show and the oddness and humor of the characters.

And if you remember the original tv show, this will take you back to an earlier era.

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These are some of the best and most famous quotes from the Addams family. This television series and movie has a strong following. This is a crazy and cooky family but is one of the most well loved and quoted families out there.

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