71 Frank Sinatra Quotes about Life, Success and Entertainment

Frank Sinatra was one of the best entertainers in the history of the world. He was very popular during the 1940’s – 1960’s. Sinatra was a multitalented performer who could sing, dance, act and provide comedy for his fans. He was a great dresser, a true lady’s man, and he became an icon for millions of people worldwide. One of the reasons why Frank Sinatra was so successful had to do with his wisdom and intelligence. His life view was molded by how he perceived the world.

Frank Sinatra Quotes

Here is the wisdom and knowledge of Frank Sinatra in his most well known quotes that helped to make him such a great public figure.

1. Sinatra had his own no holds barred outlook on life. This is why he said: “I’m going to live until I die.”

2. Frank Sinatra was considered a regular guy within the Italian immigrant community of New York. He stated that he would have been involved in a life of crime. One of his mottos was: “The big lesson in life, baby, is never be scared of anyone or anything.”

3. This quote represents Frank Sinatra’s best sayings. It perfectly reflected his life. “The best revenge is massive success.”

4. Frank Sinatra often reflected about the state of his life. “I would like to be remembered as a man who had a wonderful time living life, a man who had good friends, fine family – and I don’t think I could ask for anything more than that, actually.”

5. YOLO (You Only Live Once) might be a thing for this generation. However, Sinatra had the same sentiment during his time. “You only go around once, but if you play your cards right, once is enough.”

6. Frank’s hard exterior sometimes came out during his sayings. “Don’t hide your scars. They make you who you are.”

7. Ol’ Blue Eyes was a nickname for Sinatra. He looked as his life sometimes and came to this conclusion: “Regrets, I’ve had a few; But then again, too few to mention.”

8. Frank wasn’t a deep thinking guy but he did develop his own philosophy about life. It was summed in the following quote: “I’m not one of those complicated, mixed-up cats. I’m not looking for the secret to life… I just go on from day to day, taking what comes.”

9. Keep death in perspective was an important part of Sinatra’s life. “You gotta love livin’, baby, ’cause dyin’ is a pain in the ass.”

10. Frank was sometimes a realist. “I’m for whatever gets you through the night.”

11. “Dare to wear the foolish clown face.” Frank just wanted people to know that it was okay for them to have fun sometimes in life and live a little.

12. Women were important to Frank Sinatra. He often developed different sayings about them. “I like intelligent women. When you go out, it shouldn’t be a staring contest.”

13. Frank’s perspective about alcohol might not sit well with too many people today. However, this is what he felt about spirits. “Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.”

14. Again, Frank’s probably would have kept this type of thinking to himself if he was an entertainer today. The man just liked his booze. “I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.”

15. This mantra was used for his daily development as a performer. “Stay alive, stay active, and get as much practice as you can.”

16. Sinatra wasn’t fond of the Christian church. He saw too much that he believed was wrong with this faith. “When lip service to some mysterious deity permits bestiality on Wednesday and absolution on Sunday, cash me out.”

17. As a performer Sinatra wanted to make sure that he was being the best entertainer that he could be. “Throughout my career, if I have done anything, I have paid attention to every note and every word I sing – if I respect the song. If I cannot project this to a listener, I fail.”

18. Frank loved women but he admits he never really understood them. “I’m supposed to have a Ph.D. on the subject of women. But the truth is I’ve flunked more often than not. I’m very fond of women; I admire them. But, like all men, I don’t understand them.”

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19. “People often remark that I’m pretty lucky. Luck is only important in so far as getting the chance to sell yourself at the right moment. After that, you’ve got to have talent and know how to use it.” This quotes up the truth about being a performer. Many people today, who want instant success, should probably heed his advice.

20. This is Frank’s way of silencing the haters, his critics, and the naysayers. “Whatever else has been said about me personally is unimportant. When I sing, I believe. I’m honest.”

21. “I am a thing of beauty.” This is how Sinatra summed up his life and his persona.

22. Frank’s perspective on getting even. “Don’t get even, get mad.”

23. This is how Ol’ Blue Eyes took on the emotion of fear. “Fear is the enemy of logic. There is no more debilitating, crushing, self-defeating, sickening thing in the world–to an individual or to a nation.”

24. Well-wishing from Frank Sinatra. “May you live to be 100 and may the last voice you hear be mine.”

25. Frank’s verse from one of his most popular songs. “With each word, your tenderness grows, tearing my fears apart. And that laugh, that wrinkles your nose touches my foolish heart. Your lovely, with your smile so warm and your cheek so soft, there is nothing for me but to love you.”

26. This is how Sinatra summed up one of his songs. “The martial music of every sideburned delinquent on the face of the earth.”

27. “Rock ‘n Roll: The most brutal, ugly, desperate, vicious form of expression it has been my misfortune to hear.” Frank Sinatra wasn’t that fond of rock. He just didn’t care for it all that much.

28. “You treat a lady like a dame, and a dame like a lady.” This is more of the great sayings of Sintra about women.

29. Frank’s perspective on lazy people who accomplish nothing. “All day long, they lie in the sun, and when the sun goes down, they lie some more.”

30. Frank sums up his opinion about the institution of marriage. A man doesn’t know what happiness is until he’s married. By then it’s too late.

31. “A simple I love you means more than money.” This is how Sinatra viewed love and money.

32. Sinatra loved the ladies and he shows it. “I love all those girls the same as they love me. I get thousands of letters a week from girls who love me…. Every time I sing a song, I make love to them. I’m a boudoir singer.”

33. Every artist must know how to connect to their audiences. If not they will not be successful. “You can be the most artistically perfect performer in the world, but an audience is like a broad–if you’re indifferent, Endsville.”

34. Frank reflects on gambling and money. Las Vegas is the only place I know where money really talks–it says, “Goodbye.”

35. Rock music just wasn’t Frank’s thing. “Rock ‘n’ roll smells phony and false. It is sung, played and written, for the most part, by cretinous goons. And, by means of its almost imbecilic reiteration, and sly, lewd and in plain fact, dirty lyrics.”

36. This was Frank’s stake on how the industry works. “Hell hath no fury like a hustler with a literary agent.”

37. Frank’s view on other people. “If you don’t know the guy on the other side of the world, love him anyway because he’s just like you. He has the same dreams, the same hopes and fears. It’s one world, pal. We’re all neighbors.”

38. This line proves that Frank Sinatra was a lady’s man. “For years I’ve nursed a secret desire to spend the Fourth of July in a double hammock with a swingin’ redheaded broad … but I could never find me a double hammock.”

39. Frank discloses the greatest influencer of his life. “My greatest teacher was not a vocal coach, not the work of other singers, but the way Tommy Dorsey breathed and phrased on the trombone.”

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40. Religion troubled Sinatra. He just couldn’t agree with it. “There are things about organized religion which I resent. Christ is revered as the Prince of Peace, but more blood has been shed in His name than any other figure in history. You show me one step forward in the name of religion and I’ll show you a hundred retrogressions. Remember, they were men of God who destroyed the educational treasures at Alexandria, who perpetrated the Inquisition in Spain, who burned the witches at Salem. Over 25,000 organized religions flourish on this planet, but the followers of each think all the others are miserably misguided and probably evil as well.”

41. This quote is about how religion pushes for good will toward men. Frank might not agree with religion, but he agrees with this good will toward men. “I’m for decency — period. I’m for anything and everything that bodes love and consideration for my fellow man.”

42. Sinatra’s take on women, music, and life. “You may be a puzzle, but I like the way the parts fit.”

43. Insight into what he believes is his greatest accomplishment. “I think my greatest ambition in life is to pass on to others what I know.”

44. “For nobody else gave me a thrill

With all your faults, I love you still

It had to be you, wonderful you

It had to be you”

This is a verse that shows how Sinatra loves women, regardless of their shortcomings.

45. People who make a living off other people’s fortunes or misfortunes are parasites. “Frank’s take on people’s intention.

46. “At heart, I guess I’m a saloon singer because there’s a greater intimacy between performer and audience in a nightclub. Then again, I love the excitement of appearing before a big concert audience. Let’s just say that the place isn’t important, as long as everybody has a good time.” Sinatra’s outlook on performing and entertaining his fans.

47. “What formula? I never had one, so I couldn’t say what the main ingredient is. I think everybody who’s successful in this business has one common ingredient—the talent God gave us. The rest depends upon how it’s used.” Frank sums up his success.

48. Frank’s perspective in life about how he views reality in relation to religion. “I believe in you and me. I’m like Albert Schweitzer and Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein in that I have a respect for life – in any form. I believe in nature, in the birds, the sea, the sky, in everything I can see or that there is real evidence for.”

49. Sinatra reflects on the quiet moments in life where people see things as they really are. “There are moments when it’s too quiet. Particularly late at night or early in the mornings. That’s when you know there’s something lacking in your life. You just know.”

50. Frank thinking about what he could have done better, even though he has few regrets. “There are several things I think I would have done if I had the chance again. I would have been a little more patient about getting out into the world. I would have seen to it that I had a more formal education. I would have become an accomplished mu.”

51. Frank believes that people and nations should always watch for trouble and issues in life.“Card players have a saying: It’s all right to play if you keep your eyes on the deck – which is another way of saving, eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

52. This quote showed how Frank dealt with shortcomings and setbacks in life. “Take a deep breath, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.”

53. Frank’s perspective on life and love. “Love is when you want to sing every day and night. Without fee and a manager.”

54. Sinatra wasn’t a racist and it showed. “A friend to me has no race, no class and belongs to no minority. My friendships were formed out of affection, mutual respect and a feeling of having something strong in common. These are eternal values that cannot be racially classified. This is the way I look at race.“

55. Frank’s perspective on his status within the entertainment industry. “If power doesn’t mean that you have the opportunity to work with the people that you love, then you haven’t really got any.”

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56. Sinatra wanted to make sure he honed his craft. “Throughout my career, if I have done anything, I have paid attention to every note and every word I sing – if I respect the song. If I cannot project this to a listener, I fail.”

57. Frank’s perspective on making it in life. “You buy a Ferrari when you want to be somebody. You buy a Lamborghini when you are somebody.”

58. Frank’s perspective of the future when he was alive. “The best is yet to come and won’t that be fine.”

59. This quote reflects how Sinatra handle negative people and situations in life. “Don’t respond to negativity with more negativity. Just put your head down and prove your critics wrong.”

60. “Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars.” This quote simply expressed how Frank felt about entertaining.

61. “I don’t know what other singers feel when they articulate lyrics, but being an 18-karat manic-depressive and having lived a life of violent emotional contradictions, I have an over acute capacity for sadness as well as elation.” Frank’s perspective on music and his sometime turbulent life.

62. Frank really liked Elvis Presley. “There have been many accolades uttered about Elvis’ talent and performances through the years, all of which I agree with wholeheartedly. I shall miss him dearly as a friend. He was a warm, considerate and generous man.”

63. Frank though orange was a great color to express happiness. “Orange is the happiest color.”

64. Frank’s advice for entertainers. “Only sing – don’t do cheap songs, don’t do silly songs, just do, just do wonderful songs that are well-written.”

65. This quote showcases how Sinatra felt about his personal style. “Cock your hat – angles are attitudes.”

66. This is another of Sinatra’s quotes about women. “The cigarettes you light one after another won’t help you forget her.”

67. Sinatra really liked Billie Holiday and her performance ability. “It is Billie Holiday who was, and still remains, the greatest single musical influence on me.”

68. Frank’s way of dealing with bad rumors and publicity. “If I had done everything I’m credited with, I’d be speaking to you from a laboratory jar at Harvard.”

69. The simple expressions of Frank Sinatra and how feels about love and women. “Who knows where the road will lead us Only a fool would say, But if you let me love you I’m sure to love you all the way.”

70. “Fresh air makes me throw up. I can’t handle it. I’d rather be around three Denobili cigars blowing in my face all night.” Frank Sinatra just liked to smoke.

71. “And now the end is near

And so I face the final curtain,

I’ll state my case of which I’m certain.

I’ve lived a life that’s full, I traveled each and ev’ry highway,

And more, much more than this. I did it my way.”

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Frank Sintra Video

Ah this is a true gem from the 1970’s and it will take you to a totally different era back in the heyday of American TV Talk shows. In this clip, Frank is surprised by Don Rickles who was a vey popular comedian at that time. This was on the Johny Carson “Tonight Show” which was the most popular late night talk show at that time. This clip is from November 1976.


Frank certainly did things in his life, his way. This verse from one of his memorable songs “My Way” put Sinatra’s life into perspective.

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