31 of the Funniest Quotes from the Movie Hot Fuzz

The second film in Edgar Howard Wright’s Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, Hot Fuzz follows Simon Pegg’s recently “promoted” and relocated Sargeant Nicholas Angel and his incompetant partner PC Danny Butterman, portrayed by Nick Frost. Proving himself to be rather too good of an office, Angel is transferred out of the bustle of chasing drug dealers in central London to the picturesque village of Sandford, Gloucester, Sargent Angel soon bores of his new mundane village life, only for a series of murders to strike the otherwise tranquill village. With seemingly everyone else oblivious to the suspicious deaths, and some unsettling interactions with residents Angel suspects all is not well in this model village.

With a start studded cast, including Cornetto trilogy stalwarts Pegg and Frost, and cameo’s from Cate Blanchett and Peter Jackson, this hilarious comedy entertains whilst paying homage to some of the famed action cop movies referenced throughout the film. With stellar supporting performances from comedian, and now Strictly Champion, Bill Bailey and Timothy Dalton’s Skinner, repeating lines inspired by actual police officers, it’s no suprise that this offbeat comedy found a strong fanbase.

The movie expertly carries itself as a black comedy; combining our favourite moments from action movies, ridiculous deaths dripping in irony set in the scenic countryside creates an engaging, side splitting visual masterpeice for all to enjoy. Filled to the brim with quick one liners, cleverly constructed running jokes and top class ripostes, we’ve collated some of the funniest one liners and exchanges from this instant classic. After careful consideration, we’ve reduced this to our favourite 30 funniest moments, so settle down with a cornetto or other frozen treat as you enjoy!

Hot Fuzz Quotes

1. “You ain’t seen bad boys II?” – PC Danny Butterman

2. “The Greater Good” – the neighbourhood watch

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3. “Morning Sargent” – the residents of Sandford

4. “What’s the matter Danny, never taken a shortcut?” – Sargeant Nicholas Angel

5. It’s all right Andy, It’s just bolognese! – Sergeant Turner

6. “Nothin’ like a bit of girl on girl” – PC Doris Thatcher

7. “When’s your Birthday?” – PC Danny Butterman

“22nd of February” – Sargeant Nicholas Angel

“What year?” – PC Danny Butterman

“Every year” – Sargeant Nicholas Angel

“Get out!” – PC Danny Butterman

8. “Nobody tells me noffing” – Sergeant Turner

9. “You wanna be a big cop in a small town? F*** off up the model village” – DS Andy Cartwright

10. “Play time’s over!” – Sergeant Nicholas Angel

11. “This s*** just got real” – Sergeant Nicholas Angel

12. “Sargeant Butterman, the little hand says it’s time to rock and roll.” – Sergeant Nicholas Angel

13. It’s not murder, it’s ketchup!” – PC Danny Butterman

14. “He’s not Judge Judy and executioner” – Sergeant Nicholas Angel

15. “Oh, he’ll be in bits tomorrow” – Simon Skinner

16. “Maybe they were all accidents.” PC Danny Butterman

17. “In the last twelve months, he has received nine special commendations, achieved highest arrest record for any officer in the Met and sustained three injuries in the line of duty, most recently in December when wounded by a man dressed as Father Christmas.” Narrator

18. “Ever fired your gun in the air and yelled ‘Arrrgghhhhhh'” – PC Danny Butterman

19. “The way we see it it’s all for the greater good.” – Roy Porter

“Well that’s as maybe but the laws the law and they will have to go” – Sergeant Nicholas Angel

“Oh…” – Roy Porter

20. “You do realize that glass was broken from the inside?” – Sergeant Nicholas Angel

21. “And he had one thing you haven’t got.” – Inspector Frank Butterman

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“What’s that, sir?” – Sergeant Nicholas Angel

“A great, big, bushy beard!” – Inspector Frank Butterman

22. “Mr. Skinner to the manager’s office. Manager’s office, Mr Skinnerrrrr.” – Tina

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23. Everybody and their mums is packin’ round here. – DC Andy Cartwright

“Like who?” – Sergeant Nicholas Angel

“Farmers” – DS Andy Wainwright

“Who else?” – Sergeant Nicholas Angel

“Farmers’ mums.” – DC Andy Cartwright

24. Nicholas Angel: Why is everyone here eating chocolate cake?

25. “So…” – Sergeant Nicholas Angel

“Maybe they were all accidents” – PC Danny Butterman

26. “You’re a doctor, deal with it.” – Sergeant Nicholas Angel

27. “I know what you’re going to say, Nicholas, but the fact is you’ve been making us all look bad.” – Chief Inspector

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28. “Sergeant Nicholas Angel’. When did you start?” – Sergeant Turner

“Tomorrow.” – Sergeant Nicholas Angel

“Well, I see you’ve already arrested the whole village” – – Sergeant Turner

29. “Lock me up.” – Simon Skinner

“I’m sorry?” – Sergeant Nicholas Angel

“I’m a slasher, and I must be stopped.” – Simon Skinner

“You’re a what?” – Sergeant Nicholas Angel

“A slasher… of prices! Ha ha ha, just kidding! I’m Simon Skinner, and I run the local Supermarché. Stop in and see me some time. My discounts are criminal!” – Simon Skinner

30. “What was it like bein’ stabbed?” – PC Danny Butterman

“It was the single most painful experience of my life.” – Sergeant Nicholas Angel

“What was the second most painful?” – PC Danny Butterman

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31. Why are you dressed like a police officer?” Sgt Angel “Because I am a police officer?” Danny Butterman

Hot Fuzz Video – Everything Great about Hot Fuzz!

This is a great short clip that will make you laugh. And it will bring you back to the best parts of the movie.

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By no means an exhaustive list, we hope you’ve enjoyed revisitng some of the finest moments in Hot Fuzz with us, Somehow managing to rival the famed Shaun of the Dead on quotability, this movie confirmed the comedy genious that is the grouping of Edgar, Pegg, Frost and producer Nira Park, paving the way for the third installment’s eagerly anticipated release The World’s End in 2013. By far the most commercially successful of the movies, it also remains the most beloved amongst fans.

The clever dialoge, running jokes and silly banter combine to make a strong second installment into the trilogy. Whilst this isn’t unexpected from such and incredible writer and talented leads, the quick wit brings some much needed levity to some pretty gruesome on screen deaths. Hot Fuzz remains one of the funniest comedies to grace our screens, which fans will no doubt continue quoting well into the future. While there are no more films planned in the cornetto series, we hold on hope of more brilliance from this team.

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