Tom Brady’s 28 Most Inspirational Quotes

Tom Brandy is a famous American football quarterback, especially for England Patriots who are new on the National football league. New England’s patriots drafted him in 2000 after participating in playing with Michigan University when he was in college. Moreover, he led the New England Patriots to SIX Super Bowls – and they won four of them! This is the moshighest any given quarterback has ever made.t

He also emerged a winner for three super bowl MVPs as well as dual NFL league MVP awards and has also taken his team to thirteen division titles, which exceeds any other given quarterback in the history of the NFL. This has made him one of the greatest quarterbacks’ ever.

In addition to this, Tom Brady always tries to be an inspiration. So we have gathered up some of his most inspirational quotes for you today.

Tom Brady Quotes

1. Athletes are always talking about money at a time when everyone else is struggling so badly to make it. We all make way more than our fair share. And I think it reflects poorly on myself and my teammates. I really do want to win, and that has and will continue to be the reason that motivates me and is the biggest factor in my decision-making process.

2. I’m much more comfortable and confident running out on the field in front of 70,000 people, instead of standing in front of a camera trying to say some lines. The people who do that as a profession are very talented because it’s certainly not easy.

3. My sisters like cooking at my place. It has a bit more room, and the food tastes a little bit better. A big pot of spaghetti and sauce, some warm French bread – works all the time. I think I’ve been eating pasta for 26 years.

4. A lot of times, I find that people who are blessed with the most talent don’t ever develop that attitude, and the ones who aren’t blessed in that way are the most competitive and have the biggest heart.

5. I think you can just go out and try to be the best you can be, deal with people with respect, and have a high moral standard with honesty and integrity. I’ve always really tried to exemplify that as an athlete. I’ll continue to try to do that.

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6. I was crying. I’m a very emotional person; I have a deep caring for the people I’ve worked with.

7. I don’t care about three years ago… I don’t care about two years ago. I don’t care about last year. The only thing I care about is this week.

8. I think the great part about what I do is that there’s a scoreboard. At the end of every week, you know how you did. You know how well you prepared. You know whether you executed your game plan. There’s a tangible score.

9. I always try to do as much as I can do. I’m never a person who does not enough because I regret not doing enough and think I probably could have done more. I probably go too far and have to reel myself back in, which works in some things, and other things it doesn’t work.

10. If I feel anxious every time someone is staring at me, well, I can’t control what they stare at, but my reaction is, I’m just not going to go outside the house. I’m going to stay in and chill. And when I do go out, I understand what comes along with that.

11. I don’t want to wake up and be bored. That’s probably my greatest fear is to have nothing to do. What better job is there than to play quarterback for an NFL team, and certainly, one that I’ve been on for a long time and had success with? I don’t plan on giving it up any time soon.

12. Mentally, the only players who survive in the pros are the ones able to manage all their responsibilities. Everybody struggles in different ways.

13. Too often in life, something happens, and we blame other people for not being happy or satisfied. So the point is, we all have choices, and we make a choice to accept people or situations or not to accept situations.

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14. I think the running game is very important to every offense. Being balanced is extremely important. There are times where you have to throw the ball. You could be down late in the game; you need to come back; you have to be able to pass it when they know you’re passing it.

15. I have a memory, and I can just eliminate mistakes when they come up because I’ve already made them.

16. You have to believe in your process. You have to believe in the things that you are doing to help the team win. I think you have to take the good with the bad.

17. I think that at the start of a game, you’re always playing to win, and then maybe if you’re ahead late in the game, you start playing not to lose. The true competitors, though, are the ones who always play to win.

18. Fortunately for a quarterback, you can play for a long time because you don’t get hit very often.

19. I just love the competition, and I love trying to improve, and I think that’s what it comes down to, every year has its challenges. It’s very different from my first year to now; things change obviously with yourself, team, personal situations, professional situations. I love competing; I love playing football. I think loving the game and trying to improve and be the best I can be for the team is a great motivation for me, and I’ve just always spoke about winning, and that’s what I love to do.

20. I was the kid that was the 199th pick that never had the body for it. People didn’t think I’d play one year in the NFL, and now I’m going on my 17th year.

21. There are a lot of guys who are all talk. They say they want to work harder and be the best, but they never pay the price. I love paying the price.

22. Maybe some people can wake up and play PlayStation all day, but that’s never been me.

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23. You can’t go out and practice average on Wednesday, average on Thursday, okay on Friday and then expect to play well on Sunday.

24. You push your body to the limit but you have to train your body to deal with the limits.

25. My mom was a great tennis player, and I remember being six or seven years old watching Steffi Graf and Monica Seles in Wimbledon in my house. I’ve always been a tennis fan.

26. If you don’t believe in yourself why is anyone else going to believe in you?

27. I think it’s a feeling like I’ve got it all figured out. There’s nothing that can shock me anymore. There’s nothing I haven’t anticipated; so at that point, there is a calmness.

28. I like to have fun all the time, even if I’m working.

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Tom Brady Video

This short video is a great overview of Tom Brady’s drive to lead his team to Super Bowl wins. Note: it’s from 2017, so it doesn’t include updates since then.

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From the above quotes, you now know that Tom Brady is the greatest always in his game. Therefore, it calls upon you to go through his quotes. They will get you inspired through your path to greatness and success.

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