Punctuality Quotes

100 Punctuality Quotes To Push You to be On Time!

Punctuality is a wonderful characteristic in a person, something to be admired and respected. In an appointment scheduled before-hand, the late-comer gives an impression that he/she does not value the other person’s time and thinks that his/her time is more important than that of the other. Be it arriving for a meeting, or keeping an appointment, or submitting work, everything should be done on time. The habit of being punctual always leaves a good impression on other people. By using this punctuality quotes to helps one organize their life better, to follow a routine daily and prevent oneself from procrastinating work.

Keeping in mind the importance of punctuality in our lives, we have collected some punctuality quotes which will motivate and inspire you to be punctual in your own lives. These are very powerful and relatable, and it will push you towards acquiring this great habit. This list will serve as a guide and shape you in the direction of being more punctual.

Punctuality Quotes:

1.“Your arrival should be hours before time but never one second late.”

2.“You do not have as much time as you think you have. People start thinking you as a responsible individual, who values time, more than anything else.”

3.“Plans may be changed at the last minute, but always be on time.”

4.“If you want be succeed then you will have to be punctual. Punctuality is the first step towards success.”

5.“People who are not on time can only think about time.”

6.“The people who are punctual, they are structured people.”

7.“Don’t just be on time, be early. It leaves a good impression.”

8.“Combat unexpected delays by being on time. That is how you win over life.”

9.“Being on time helps you plan your life better. And nobody wants an unplanned life.”

10.“You shouldn’t be late, shouldn’t be rude. Punctuality is the art of politeness.”

11.“Arriving ugly is not a big deal, but you have to arrive on time.”

12.“You can be on time even with a broken watch. You just need the will to be punctual.”

13.“Being on time means respecting your promises. Promises are made because they are meant to be kept.”

14.“You will have to be stay committed to maintain time, or time will leave you.”

15.“It must give you great happiness to see someone on time. You must give that happiness to others too.”

16.“Sometimes time is a matter of luxury. It won’t come back to you if you not spare it well.”

17.“People who are always on time know how long things take.”

18.“Being punctual is also a sign or a positive nature of being reliable. And so, it creates the good character in you.”

19.“You will have to be on time otherwise it will get very late, very soon.”

20.“You may just have everything you have wished if you are on time.”

21.“Realize the value of time, and don’t waste it. Not everybody can realize its value.”

22.“The clock never stops for anyone, it always is ticking. You will have to tick with it.”

23.“Only those people, who waste time by worthlessly, complain how brief time is.”

24.“You can Delay all you want but time won’t delay with you.”

25.“We want time the most in our life but we don’t know how to utilize it.”

26.“The most worthy qualification for, either may be the guest or may be the host, is Time. Time will have to be treated well.”

27.“It is better to be on time than regretting later on not being on time.”

28.“If you are wasting time remember you are injuring eternity by killing time.”

29.“Being on time will make you realize what really matters in life.”

30.“You don’t have to buy time but it’s worth is priceless. By utilizing time well you can buy the things of your will.”

31.“Time always flies, never wait for anyone. You will have to be the pilot and fly it.”

32.“If you ever lose time then you won’t be able to find it again anymore.”

33.“Time is the best teacher, guide, friend & philosopher, better than life.”

34.“People differ from each other because each of them uses the same amount of time differently.”

35.“Wasting time is a relative concept. If you waste time similarly time will waste you without you notice.”

36.“Don’t just value your time, value the other person’s time too.”

37.“If you are a punctual leader then you are a true leader, being punctual is the habit of doing everything on time.”

38.“You might pay millions of gold but you won’t get back that single moment you wasted.”

39.“Value your time well then you will be able to get value for yourself very easily.”

40.“Value a moment as long as it is there, not after it is a memory.”

41.“You will have to value your time well and then others will value it too.”

42.“Teach others to be punctual by being punctual yourself.”

43.“Money is not as valuable as time is. Learn to value time more than you value money.”

44.“You can change your life if you start being on time. Time is going ahead.”

45.“Time brings happiness, so do not waste it. If time lost then happiness is lost.”

46.“Now is the right time to be on time. Utilize, because it shows a person’s respect for people and time.”

47.“If you waste time, you are actually wasting your life.”

48.“Be on time to better yourself. There is nothing as good as seeing yourself get better.”

49.“Be on time because you will die sooner than you think you will.”

50.“Do not waste time thinking why I did something. Instead, do something.”

51.“Get things done in life on time. Otherwise things may scatter.”

52.“People get old before they are told because they are not on time.”

53.“How can you be satisfied with yourself if you keep wasting time?”

54.“Are you spending 8 hours a day just doing time? Do something.”

55.“You will fall in love with the sense of fulfillment you will feel when you start doing everything on time.”

56.“Do not leave this universe without a trace of having done nothing. Be on time and do something.”

57.“To be successful you should give your last belonging to be on time?”

58.“Why are you doing whatever it is that you are doing by wasting your time?”

59.“You will have to stop wasting time. Otherwise Time will waste you.”

60.“Time is the most important commodity in this world.”

61.“Time is the essence of what you do every day. Do not waste that essence.”

62.“Make yourself even greater and more successful by just being on time.”

63.“You are something and you are going to be something if you are always on time.”

64.“Never make anybody important enough in your life that you start wasting time for them.”

65.“It is tough to be always on time but the tougher it is, the better it is going to make you.”

66.“Practice every day to be on time. Once you get habituated, You will get there.”

67.“You have been built for this, for being on time; so do it.”

68.“This is your time, this is your moment. Do not let it go, care it as your most precious thing.”

69.“Time is like a new lover. If you do not pay attention to it, time will go away.”

70.“If you start calculating, probably you have wasted maximum number of years in your life. Do not.”

71.“It is your freedom of choice to make yourself better by being on time.”

72.“Nobody can make you be on time. The power resides with you.”

73.“Make yourself believe that you can do it, that you will be on time from now on.”

74.“If you do not have the will to do anything right now, make use of your time better.”

75.“Are you just living? Are you not experiencing time?”

76.“Master the habit of being punctual. Invest time on yourself.”

77.“As much as you will be punctual your life will be more meaningful.”

78.“The only lesson you need to learn is to be on time because punctuality indicates professionalism in a person and stand out as a reliable and trustworthy human being.”

79.“The reason why you are not successful in life is that you were never on time and you wasted it.”

80.“No excuse is big enough to justify your being late.”

81.“You think you are defeating time by wasting it? Actually, time is always the victor.”

82.“It is never too late for you to start being on time. Being punctual also helps you maintain a reputation of a diligent and consistent employee.”

83.“Wasting your time gives you a negative attitude towards life.”

84.“You have got the signal. This is the signal telling you to be on time.”

85.“Go through time like you will die any moment now.”

86.“When did the slow and steady ever win the race of life?”

87.“You are actually killing yourself little by little by killing time.”

88.“There should be a hunger to grow inside you, a hunger to be on time and a hunger to use your time well.”

89.“Imagine a conversation with your future self, who is telling you that it regrets wasting the huge amount of time that you wasted.”

90.“Twenty years from now, you will be begging to get back the time you once owned.”

91.“Either you be on time and be happy forever or waste your time and be sad all your life.”

92.“It is your privilege that you have time, some people do not. Use it well.”

93.“Nobody can ever push you to be on time like you can push yourself.”

94.“You have some greatness in you, let the time discover it. So if you want to rise up to your goal, you have to acknowledge the importance of time”

95.“It is not going to be easy for you to be punctual but it will be worth it.”

96.“People just want to be amazing but they keep wasting time and do not do anything to realize their dreams.”

97.“You should prove to the world how committed you are to your goals by being on time and by achieving them.”

98.“The one who can master time can master anything in this world.”

99.“Life does not respond to emotions until and unless you make the right use of time.”

100.“If you do not give time your 100%, time will never give you its 100%.”


These motivational punctuality quotes tech you that one only gets a limited amount of time.No matter how you divide time, there are just 24 hours in a day. This is meant for you, for your colleague, who probably seems to do half the amount of work you do. But it also applies to the other colleague who consistently achieves more than you, and which is why he was promoted. You must find a way to manage this limited resource. Take control of your limited time. You will improve your ability to focus that way, with increased focus comes enhanced efficiency, because then you will not lose momentum. You’ll start to go through tasks more quickly (the workday will also seem to pass by quickly).

If you don’t get your job completed on time, you prevent others from being able to finish their jobs too. In a work environment which is interdependent, everything runs smoothly. Being on time means that you are doing your best and you want to keep things running smoothly.