53 Best Bad Bitch Quotes

The word bitch is usually considered a bad thing for a woman. If women act a certain way, they are considered bitches. The best thing to do is to turn it into a good thing. It’s time for women to feel empowered and embrace it instead of feeling offended by it. If people are referring to you as a bitch because you are keeping your focus on yourself, consider that a good thing.

If you are a “Badass Bitch” you know what you want in life and you won’t let anyone stop you from getting there. Some even think that it was Generation Y that invented this term by taking two negative words (Bad + Bitch) and turning them into a phrase that means the opposite. Yeah, sort of confusing if you don’t know the background, or you are explaining to your mom who probably won’t understand. In short, though this phrase describes a woman who has the right attitude, appearance and mindset to be in charge of her life and not let anyone detract her from her path…or tell her what to do.

If you need some inspiration, here are the best quotes on the topic!

Bad B*tch Quotes

Here are some bad bitch quotes that will inspire you to continue what you are doing.

1. “Try not to get my personality confused with the way I act. The way I act is the way I am. The way I react to things is a reflection of you.” – by Unknown

2. “Do you feel the need to spread lies about me? Well good for you. It’s about time you’re doing something other than keeping your legs open.” – by Unknown

3. “The rules are simple. If you don’t give me a problem, I won’t have one with you either. If you cross me, I will retaliate. I can go from a good person to a bad person in a matter of minutes.” – by Unknown

4. “Don’t try to fool me. I have batteries that last longer than you can in a relationship.” – by Unknown

5. “Honey please! I can get rid of your so called beauty simply by using a towel to wipe it off your face.” – by Unknown

6. “Maybe it’s time to put what’s on top of your face inside of your mouth so you can know what it’s like to be beautiful on the inside.” – by Unknown

7. “Thank you to the people who tried to hold me back. Your plan didn’t work because I managed to succeed despite your efforts to stop me.” – by Unknown

8. “In life, you’re always going to meet someone that will make you want to choke them whenever they’re around.” – by Unknown

9. “There are females who believe that the person they’re with is their one true love. Unfortunately, this is the fifth time they’ve said this in about five months.” – by Unknown

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10. “Think twice before you judge my situation because you’re no better than I am.” – by Unknown

11. “In life, a woman only has her attitude to get her through things.” – by Stephen King

12. “In life, you can keep your goals to yourself. People don’t have to know what you’re doing. It helps you because if you don’t succeed, you’re the only one who knows. If you do make it, you can shock everyone. You can give them the shock of their lives.” – by Unknown

13. “She has no problem being called a bitch. She embraces it and wears it with pride.” – by Gayle Forman

14. “There are times when women have to be bitches in order to get what they want.” – by Madonna

15. “I’m strong and determined and I know what my goals are. If you want to call me a bitch because of it, feel free to do it.” – by Madonna

16. “People will swear they are happy, but they really aren’t. They believe they are in a happy space because they have no reason to complain about anything.” – by Rasmenia Massoud

17. “I feel liberated. I’m a brand new bitch.” – by Amelia Gray

18. “She may be driven and people may not understand her methods, but she is a nice person with a good heart.” – by Emily Henry

19. “Anyone trying to tear you down is already beneath you.” – by Unknown

20. “The woman in your life is not being evil. She just won’t put up with your crap anymore.” – by R. H. Sin

21. “I won’t continue to justify my actions. It’s too much for simple people.” – by Unknown

22. “Don’t be remembered as someone who didn’t speak her mind. Always speak your truth.” – by Unknown

23. “Don’t hurt people and don’t take anything from people.” – from Our Mindful Life

24. “Even with my feet on the ground, I’ll still be above you.” – from Our Mindful Life

25. “Tough girls don’t waste their time with weak people.” – by Unknown

26. “You can’t just walk into my life that easily and think you’re going to stick around. You will have to work for the right to stay here.” – from Our Mindful Life

27. “Some people are like the darkness that appears just before the storm. When they go away, it will be a better and brighter day.” – by Unknown

28. “God will have to have mercy on the people who stab me in the back because I won’t do it.” – from Our Mindful Life

29. “Get rid of people who aren’t worth your time. You can be doing much better things than dealing with people who don’t have your best interest at heart.” – by Unknown

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30. “The best thing about yourself is your self confidence.” – by Blake Lively

31. “Have a conversation with yourself. The way you would with someone who you love.” – by Brene Brown

32. “You should always be confident no matter how people feel about it.” – by Lillian Hellman

33. “You are the only person who can make others feel they can put you down. The only way they can do it is if you let them.” – by Eleanor Roosevelt

34. “Having faith in yourself will give you just as much outer strength as it does inner strength.” – by Nikki Bella

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35. “No one is a better opponent than me. I am my strongest competition against myself.” – by Cardi B

36. “You should have love for yourself and accept who you are. Other people can see when you love yourself. You will get people’s attention when they see that you have confidence and good self-esteem.” – by Lilly Singh

37. “When you’re scared to be in a room full of strangers tell yourself that you’re not scared. Once you believe that you’re not scared, you will have the strangers convinced that you believe in yourself. You have to train your mind to believe that you can accomplish anything.” – by Priyanka Chopra

38. “ I will say and do whatever I want and will never be sorry for doing the things I have done that people don’t like. You are not the reason why I’m fabulous. I am fabulous for me. I am not a reflection of anyone else. I am me.” – by Amy Schumer

39. “I channel negative energy to help me grow as a person.” – by Beyonce

40. “I’m not concerned about your feelings for me when you all don’t like yourselves.” – by Cardi B

41. “If you do what you’re told to do, you won’t have any fun in life.” – by Katherine Hepburn

42. “It says a lot when you can be silly and not care who’s watching you.” – by Amy Poehler

43. “Self confidence starts from within you. Check yourself out in the mirror to see that’s the person that people are watching. If you don’t like who you see in the mirror, you should change it. If you don’t, that’s who people will see.” – by Megan Thee Stallion

44. “Stop worrying about how others feel when they don’t waste time thinking about you.” –by Eleanor Roosevelt

45. “I don’t need you to tell me who I am. I will tell you who I am.” – by Nicki Minaj

46. “Just like in baseball, you can’t wear a catcher’s mitt on both of your hands. You will have to be able to throw the ball which you won’t be able to do if you have mitts on both hands. In others words, you can’t get anywhere by playing it safe.” – by Maya Angelou

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47. “Stop wishing for things to happen and make them happen.” –by Elizabeth Gilbert

48. “Being called a bitch is a compliment to me because that means I’m getting my goals done.” – by Tina Fey

49. “You may hit stumbling blocks when you’re trying to reach your goal. Don’t give up on it. Do whatever it takes to get what you want. If you really want to achieve your goal, you will make a way to do it.” – by Catherine Pulsifer

50. “I have no idea what the word quit means. If I ever did, I got that word out of my dictionary.” – by Susan Butcher

51. “Unfortunately, failure is a part of the road to achieving your goal. Every time you fall and start again, you show the strength you have which is what you will need to do in order to succeed. You get stronger based on how quickly you recover from a setback.” – by Michelle Obama

52. “Learn to do whatever it takes when you want something. If you hear a negative response, don’t accept it. Find out what you can do to make it happen.” – by Emily Weiss

53. “Stop worrying about the things you don’t have right now and focus on what you have. Don’t settle for being less than the best.” – by Oprah Winfrey

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We Hope These Quotes Inspire You This Week

You shouldn’t be upset or ashamed if someone calls you a bitch. If you aren’t going out of your way to be mean to anyone, you should own it. Take away the negativity of the word and turn it into something positive. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Some people may be bitches in a negative way, but there’s always ways to turn it around and make it a good thing.

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