54 of the Best Cactus Quotes

A cactus is a plant that has over 2,000 different species. Cacti are commonly used as house plants and decorations. The plant can be found in dry habitats such as deserts, ranging in different places mainly in the North and South Americas.

The physical characteristics of the plant feature a thick trunk like stem, often spikes or barbs and certain species of cacti contain beautiful flowers.

Cactus plants range in different sizes, from being small like the peyote (Lophophora) to being big in size like the barrel cacti (Ferocactus and Echinocactus). A cactus can live to be up to 200 years old, but they grow at a slower rate compared to other plants because they have no leaves.

Cacti have a natural nectar that attracts ants, the ants actually help to protect the cacti because they attack smaller animals like mealybugs. Ants also protect the plants from getting discolored, and getting diseased because the ants work to keep fungi and bacteria at bay.

Cactus Quotes

  1. “I consider it the highest compliment when my employees go out and start their own companies in competition with me. I always send them a plant to wish them well. Of course, it’s a cactus.” – Norman Brodsky
  2. “Pretty fly for a cacti.” – Unknown
  3. “What a surprise. That boy doesn’t have the sense God gave a cactus.” – Kathleen Peacock, Hemlock
  4. “Being negative only makes a difficult journey more difficult. You may be given a cactus, but you don’t have to sit on it.” – Joyce Meyer
  5. “Very often, people are obsessed with what others think of them. It’s like if a flower wants to be a cactus or a palm but it’s not. A flower is a flower, and that’s enough. That’s all you have to do is be a flower.” – Stjepan Hauser
  6. “I’m ready to stop being ‘cacti’ and ready to start becoming ‘cactus’” – Unknown
  7. “Be a cactus in a world of delicate flowers.” – Unknown
  8. “During your struggle society is not a bunch of flowers, it is a bunch of cactus.” – Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words
  9. “Take the rose, most people think it very beautiful: I don’t care for It at all. I prefer the cactus, for the simple reason that it has a more interesting personality. It has wonderfully adapted itself to its surroundings! It is the best illustration of the theory of evolution in plant life.” – Charles Proteus Steinmetz
  10. “I have learned the difference between a cactus and a caucus. On a cactus, the pricks are on the outside.” – Mo Udall
  11. “I’ve met some pricks in my time, but you are the whole cactus.” – Unknown
  12. “Bloom where you are planted.” – Unknown
  13. “So they drove again, Vivien sitting up and looking now, but as navigator only, letting the desert scratch its own thorny poetry on the enormous moon.” – Douglas Woolf, Wall to Wall
  14. “The world is full of cactus, but we don’t have to sit on it” – Will Foley
  15. “A creative person has to create. It doesn’t really matter what you create. If such a dancer wanted to go out and build the cactus gardens where he could, in Mexico, let him do that, but something that is creative has to go on.” – Katherine Dunham
  16. “Life is like a cactus, full of pricks but also very beautiful.” – Unknown
  17. “A cactus is just a really aggressive cucumber.” – Unknown
  18. “It was the act of a gentleman, and Damian was as gentle as a cactus.” – Aishabella Sheikh, Converting The Bad Boy
  19. “People trample over flowers, yet only to embrace a cactus.” – James Joyce
  20. “A cactus doesn’t live in the desert because it likes the desert; it lives there because the desert hasn’t killed it yet.” – Hope Jahren
  21. “The Big Cactus… because if you come too close, you’re gonna get stuck.” – Shaquille O’Neal
  22. “I’m totally stuck on you.” – Unknown
  23. “People are not cactuses, they need plenty of water and, when talking about friendship, the water is our time.” – Birute Sol
  24. “Adolescence is like cactus.” – Anais Nin
  25. “My dad is like a cactus – introverted and tough. I’m a people person, like my mom, but I got my competitiveness from my dad. He came to this country from Belarus with nothing and built a real business. He’s my hero for giving me that need to run a business and for having enormous confidence in me.” – Gary Vaynerchuk
  26. “Even from far away, I could see people being chased by hellhounds, burned at the stake, forced to run naked through cactus patches or listen to opera music.” – Rick Riordan
  27. “Hey, you’re lookin’ really sharp.” – Unknown
  28. “Anger was simple, self-sustaining as a cactus. You couldn’t look too closely at it, lest the spines get you in the eye.” – Rebecca Scherm, Unbecoming
  29. “Hope is not a resting place but a starting point, a cactus, not a cushion” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
  30. “In Mexico, when we want to speak deep secrets, we drink pulgue together. It is a drink made from the cactus plant, and when you take the bottle from your mouth, it leaves a string behind, between the mouth and the bottle, like a spider’s web. It shows that the truth sticks inside.” – Alejandro Jodorowsky
  31. “I remember very clearly someone saying, ‘Don’t shake hands with the cactus,’ and I thought, ‘Well, why not? What could possibly go wrong?’ Shaking hands is a friendly gesture.” – Benedict Cumberbatch
  32. “You’re as cute as my new cactus.” – Unknown
  33. “Only cactuses had perennial appeal. And cactuses were of no interest to her.” – Milan Kundera
  34. “Don’t jack off a cactus, you’ll only hurt your hand and the cactus’ feelings” – Tre Cool
  35. “The cardones cactus is very similar to saguaro cactus in Arizona. These cacti only grow in very specific, particular places.” – James Turrell
  36. “A whale is as unique as a cactus. But don’t ask a whale to survive Death Valley. We all have special gifts. Where we use them and how determines whether we actually complete something.” – Max de Pree
  37. “All good things are wild and free.” – Henry David Thoreau
  38. “Be sharp like a cactus, people are afraid to touch and not a sort of rubbish.” – Sophieya
  39. “Reach for the stars, even if you have to stand on a cactus.” – Unknown
  40. “Too much detail can bog down any story. Enough with the history of gunpowder, the geology of Hawaii, the processes of whaling, and cactus and tumbleweed.” – Edward M. Lerner
  41. “Who wants to become a writer? And why? Because it’s the answer to everything. … It’s the streaming reason for living. To note, to pin down, to build up, to create, to be astonished at nothing, to cherish the oddities, to let nothing go down the drain, to make something, to make a great flower out of life, even if it’s a cactus.” – Enid Bagnold
  42. “Dear, succulent. I promise I’ll never desert you.” – Unknown
  43. “The cactus thrives in the desert while the fern thrives in the wetland. The fool will try to plant them in the same flowerbox.” – Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration
  44. “She was elusive. She was today. She was tomorrow. She was the faintest scent of a cactus flower, the flitting shadow of an elf owl. We did not know what to make of her. In our minds we tried to pin her to a cork board like a butterfly, but the pin merely went through and away she flew.” – Jerry Spinelli
  45. “Key West is the place where your sickly house plant back in New York grows to 10 ft. It’s also the place where an 8-ft. cactus, the century plant, produces a huge yellow flower every great once in a while, like a robot proffering a bouquet. After the plant flowers, it dies.” – Edmund White
  46. “I’m an observer of life. I like to watch people, and I like to watch cactus. I like to talk to mountains and communicate with my friends in the other spheres and dimensions.” – Frederick Lindemann, 1st Viscount Cherwell
  47. “Be your own kind of beautiful.” – Unknown
  48. The child will turn it around properly so that the fern is in the shade, and not the cactus. The moral of the story? Kids are smart.” – Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration
  49. “Loving someone who doesn’t love you back is like hugging a cactus. The tighter you hold on, the more it’s going to hurt.” – Unknown
  50. “The one thing that seems to be consistent through all my work that I like, and I experimented a lot, is the viewer is allowed to meditate on something that normally we don’t stop and stare at, whether it’s people or a cactus.” – Richard Misrach
  51. “Best friends always stick together.” – Unknown
  52. “He’d always had a quickening of the heart when he crossed into Arizona and beheld the cactus country.” – Dorothy B. Hughes, The Expendable Man
  53. “I bought a cactus. A week later it died. And I got depressed, because I thought, Damn. I am less nurturing than a desert.” – Demetri Martin
  54. “‘You told us to leave you in the desert, because you planned to start a new life as cactus,’ Catarina said, her voice flat. ‘Then you conjured up tiny needles and threw them at us. With pinpoint accuracy.’” – Cassandra Clare
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Cactus Video – Time-Lapse Cacti Bloom

Take a minute and check out this fascinating video about Cacti.

Filmmaker Greg Krehel captures 15 varieties of stunning Echinopsis cactus flowers blooming in this incredible time-lapse.

The process happens overnight, and the flowers last for only a day, with a peak period occurring for a mere hour or two.


Cacti are commonly loved as a theme for home decor, you may also find them on clothing and accessories, on seat covers in someone’s car, or an actual cactus plant in a home or office.

These cactus quotes certainly will be a big hit with a cacti lover and some of them can even be used to inspire a person to be like a cactus.


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