55 of the Most Beautiful I Can’t Wait to Marry You Quotes

Finding a lifetime connection is hard, some people never find that person that they want to spend the rest of their life with. Everyone knows that getting married is taking your lifetime partner to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, until death do you part.

Marriages sometimes don’t end like that, but a lot of them do last a lifetime or at least a really long time. Being in love is a wonderful feeling, marrying your best friend is an even better feeling and a goal for many people. These are the best ‘I can’t wait to marry you’ quotes found online.

I Can’t Wait To Marry You Quotes

  1. “Being in a relationship with you is the best thing that ever happened to a human and I’m glad I am that human that experienced it. I can’t wait for an even better experience, yeah, I can’t wait to be your wife.” – Unknown
  2. “I’ve spent a good number of years with you now and I know that there’s a beautiful forever ahead of me with you. I can’t wait to grow old with you, babe.” – Unknown
  3. “I could wait and marry you someday, but I’d much rather marry you today. Someday may never come. Today is already here. Please don’t make me wait to make you my wife.” – J. Sterling
  4. “When I’m with you my heart races and skips all the time. Either I’m having an early life heart attack or I am totally and completely in love with you. I’m hoping it’s the last one because I can’t wait to spend our lives together.” – Unknown
  5. “I give my hand to you with all my heart, I can’t wait to live my life with you, I can’t wait to start.” – Unknown
  6. “You are the right woman whom I have been waiting for to complete the puzzle of my life. Saying ‘I do’ to marrying you is something I have been looking forward to for all of my life.” – Unknown
  7. “Quote me, darling, that I said this today. I’m proud to be your fiancée and I can’t wait to be your wife.” – Unknown
  8. “Many things we can do and many years for us to do them and old age comes where we can talk about them and make quotes out of them, my love. I really can’t wait to grow old with you.” – Unknown
  9. “I am so far beyond in love with you, I can barely function. I want to marry you. Like yesterday. But I know that’s not gonna happen just yet, so I just want you to know, I can wait. I will wait.” – J.A. Huss
  10. “I made a wish and you came true, I can’t wait to marry you.” – Unknown
  11. “I just can’t wait for the love of my life to finally become my legal and one and only wife.” – Unknown
  12. “I’m looking at all my married friends and I’m excited that I’ll soon join them. What’s even more exciting is that I’ll be doing it with you. Honey, I can’t wait to be your wife.” – Unknown
  13. “I can’t imagine life without you, especially the future. From now till we’re old and grey, I’ll be here with you and for you. Honey, I can’t wait to grow old with you.” – Unknown
  14. “I want every man to know you are taken. I realize you are not ready to marry me right now. That is okay, I will wait. But I am asking you to tell me that you will be my wife in the human sense of the word one day. Wear this ring as a symbol that your heart is spoken for. Jacquelyn, will you marry me?” – Quinn Loftis, ‘Blood Rites: Book 2 in the Grey Wolf Series’
  15. “Life with you makes perfect sense, you’re my best friend. I can’t wait to marry you.” – Unknown
  16. “You are like a radiant sun which rises in dawn; you brighten my life in every corner of it. You gave me light when all of the other sources died out on me. I can’t wait to marry you.” – Unknown
  17. “I’ve prayed for our marriage and I know we’ll be having a great one. I’m glad I’ll soon be your wife, and I honestly can’t wait for it.” – Unknown
  18. “All I ever wanted was to spend my life with the most amazing woman on earth, and now that I have you, I know my dream is coming to pass. Sweetie, I can’t wait to grow old with you.” – Unknown
  19. “I can wait. I am in love with you, Marie. You don’t have to say it yet. I know you like to think things through. Make plans. But plan on this. I want to marry you.” – Michelle Moran
  20. “My six word love story: I can’t wait to marry him.” – Unknown
  21. “Let us forget what happened in the past, what happened when we still don’t know each other let us focus to what lies ahead most especially now that we have each other to count on.” – Unknown
  22. “Sometimes, I feel like the most blessed person on earth. I’m sure it’s not just a feeling because, with you, I am. Sweetheart, I can’t wait to be your wife.” – Unknown
  23. “It’s totally sweet sharing a house with you and I promise you that this house will remain ours forever. I can’t wait to grow old with you, my love.” – Unknown
  24. “I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life but when I’m with you, I’m the smartest guy ever. The best things I’ve done so far were ask you to dance and then ask you to marry me. Our love is like genius magic.” – Unknown
  25. “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my absolute favorite. I can’t wait to marry you baby.” – Unknown
  26. “You are far from my ideal man but fate works its magic and now you are the only man that makes me cheerful and happy.” – Unknown
  27. “I really can’t wait to be your wife and do all I’ve planned to do as your wife. Just wait and see how you’ll enjoy being my husband, honey. Just wait and see.” – Unknown
  28. “Thanks for accepting to spend forever with me. That’s a big honour. I can’t wait to grow old and spend forever with you, my darling.” – Unknown
  29. “No matter what life throws our way, we will make it through together. I know I won’t fix everything because I’m so far from perfect, but I will be there to love you perfectly forever and always. You can count on that.” – Unknown
  30. “I can’t wait to marry you because you will get to be the first person I see every day and the last person I see every night.” – Unknown
  31. “You are the love of my life, you showed me how to open my heart again despite the terrible things that I have encountered before.” – Unknown
  32. “I’m very sure you can’t wait to be my husband. With all you tell me and how you act around me, I can clearly see that you can’t wait. It’s mutual, baby. I can’t wait to be your wife too.” – Unknown
  33. “Baby, so many things I can say to start your day but I want to tell you something special this morning: I can’t wait to grow old with you.” – Unknown
  34. “I know you are doing everything in your power right now to be more than just a one in a million kind of girl. I have every hope that you will be the once in a lifetime for me. I can’t wait to marry you.” – Unknown
  35. “We’ve been through a lot together already, and have many more hurdles to cross, but I can’t wait to cross them together.” – Unknown
  36. “I will do all my best, all my might and all that I can to make you happy and content because everything I will do for the love of my life.” – Unknown
  37. “You are one person I want to spend the rest of my life with. You’re the only one I want to raise kids with and wake up to see every morning. Darling, I can’t wait to marry you.” – Unknown
  38. “I love you, and everyday I spend with you is beautiful. Even the sun shines differently on days like that. I can’t wait to grow old with you, my sweetheart.” – Unknown
  39. “I promise to love you tenderly, protect you fiercely, and serve you faithfully. You are the love of my life.” – Unknown
  40. “I love you for not only what you are but who I am when I am with you, I can’t wait to marry you babe.” – Unknown
  41. “How many days more before I get to spend the rest of my earthly life with the love of my life? I just can’t wait for that day to finally arrive.” – Unknown
  42. “Joy is being with you today and forever. Joy is being your girlfriend, fiancée and wife. I’ve been the first two and, now, I can’t wait to be the third, to be your wife.” – Unknown
  43. “With you I find peace and joy and love, the best kind of love ever. With you is where I want to be forever. I love you and can’t wait to grow old with you, the one that my heart beats for.” – Unknown
  44. “If I could change just one thing about us, I would have asked you to marry me sooner. Love you, babe!” – Unknown
  45. “I can’t wait to marry you, because it would be like a sleepover every night with my best friend.” – Unknown
  46. “I can’t wait to marry you because I’ll never have to go a day without talking to you, a day without knowing that you’re mine.” – Unknown
  47. “When you walked into my life I always find myself breathless not because I am choking but because of your genuine love for me.” – Unknown
  48. “Happy days wait for us, as individuals and as a couple. I want you, baby, to know that I look forward to the days we’ll spend as a couple. I can’t wait to be your wife.” – Unknown
  49. “We’ll raise children, visit cities, and do more amazing things than we can think of as we grow old, and it’s exciting to think about. I can’t wait to grow old with you.” – Unknown
  50. “I wonder each and every day about the things that will make me fall for you. Your smell, your lips, your big heart, your smile. All these little things will take over and pour over into our life together. I can’t wait for those moments to begin.” – Unknown
  51. “You don’t marry someone you can live with, you marry someone you can’t live without. I don’t want to ever live without you babe. I can’t wait to marry you.” – Unknown
  52. “I am so grateful that you are the love of my life; I just can’t imagine having someone else by my side.” – Unknown
  53. “There’s a lot I look forward to and one of the biggest of them all is tying the knot with you. I can’t wait to say ‘I do’ to you and become your wife, baby. I can’t wait for that forever with you.” – Unknown
  54. “Times flying so fast and growing with you is something I’m glad I’m doing with my time. Baby, I can’t wait for the future with you, especially to grow old with you.” – Unknown
  55. “If life knocks us down, our love will help us stand back up. If others disappoint us, we will still be there for each other. If we fight, we will make up. Because that’s what you do with your soul mate. I can’t wait to marry you.” – Unknown
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It’s true, weddings are sometimes stressful, overwhelming, and a major life choice to make. Weddings are also exciting, loving, and beautiful. These quotes can be used in your vows to your partner, they can be used as the night before your wedding text when you are missing your bride or groom, or they can be used as a part of a proposal.

Make your partner feel special and keep the love alive with these cute, charming, adorable, gorgeous and elegant quotes.


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