50 Most Inspiring Church Quotes

The early Christian church did not have buildings as opposed to what we consider church buildings nowadays. Early Christians mostly met in secret usually in homes and as the influence of Christianity spread, buildings were dedicated as places of worship.

In this sense, The church is the Christian people and not the buildings themselves. The church structures enhance the role of God’s people, but these structures cannot fulfill it. The church is not a building, instead, it is a body of believers with one goal, specific nature, and purpose.

The key to any church is edification, foundations in worship, and evangelism. worship is christ-centered and God-centered and not about entertaining Christians with pretentious presentations but it is all about expressing our love by worshiping God. The church keeps us grounded eliminating the burdens of our lives and giving us a bedrock of faith, and answering our deepest needs.

Below is a collection of quotes to help you understand more about the church.

Inspiring Church Quotes

“I’ve always wondered how much can you do for your fellow man if your hands are constantly stuck together in Prayers for them?”– Stanley Victor Paskavich

“In some countries, The churches took over The place of The castles. In my opinion, these same churches represent The castles. For they have The same wealth like that of The kings.”– Mwanandeke Kindembo

“God doesn’t care about what you eat or what you drink. He doesn’t care about how often you pray to him or what words you use or where you go to do that….He only cares about how you behave towards one another.”– Raymond Khoury

“If The chanting in temple would help inner peace, if The preaching in a mosque would address humanity and The choirs in a church would sing songs of universal love, I am not against religions!”– Preeth Nambiar

“Diligence, hard work, perseverance, excellence are The values that will make us have quality churches that will make us bring kingdom of God to The earth.”– Sunday Adelaja

“The church is not an automobile showroom – a place to put ourselves on display so that others can admire our spirituality, capacity, or prosperity. It is More like a service center, where vehicles in need of repair come for maintenance and rehabilitation.”– Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“The separation of church and state was meant to protect church from state; a state that declares religion off limits in public life is a state that declares itself supreme over all religious values.”– Ben Shapiro

“In cathedral or cottage, The art of worship is an inner adventure; it is The personal practice of The presence of God.”– Wilferd A. Peterson

“Find a church where you can have a relationship with God, rather than one where The main focus is on The rituals of The church.”– Catherine Pulsifer

“A war fitness conference some time ago declared that The highest form of recreation is to go to church. The word recreation should be written re-creation. More real rest can be gained from an hour and a quarter of worship under these circumstances than by eighteen holes of golf.”– Norman Vincent Peale

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“People are not on a truth quest; they are on a happiness quest. They will continue to attend your church – even if they don’t share your beliefs – as long as they find The content engaging and helpful.”– Andy Stanley

“The church is The church only when it exists for others…not dominating, but helping and serving. It must tell men of every calling what it means to live for Christ, to exist for others.”– Dietrich Bonhoeffer

“He created The church to meet your five deepest needs: a purpose to live for, people to live with, principles to live by, a profession to live out, and power to live on. There is no other place on earth where you can find all five of these benefits in one place.”– Rick Warren

“If we wait for The needy to walk through our church doors, we may wait a long time. God doesn’t wait for people to come to Him. He goes to them.”– Beth Moore

“You can be committed to church but not committed to Christ, but you cannot be committed to Christ and not committed to church.”– Joel Osteen

“We need to stop giving people excuses not to believe in God. You’ve probably heard The expression ‘I believe in God, just not organized religion’. I don’t think people would say that if The church truly lived like we are called to live.”– Francis Chan

“Vatican II was a force that seized The mind of The Roman Catholic church and carried it across centuries from The 13th to The 20th.”– Lance Morrow

“Nobody sees The obvious, nobody observes The ordinary. There are More miracles in a square yard of earth than in all The fables of The Church.”– Robert Anton Wilson

“We do not want a church that will move with The world. We want a church that will move The world.”– G.K Chesterton

“You never have to advertise a fire. Everyone comes running when there’s a fire. Likewise, if your church is on fire, you will not have to advertise it. The community will already know it.”– Leonard Ravenhill

“Some women will spend thirty minutes to an hour preparing for church externally (putting on special clothes and makeup, etc.). What would happen if we all spent The same amount of time preparing internally for church – with prayer and meditation?”– Leonard Ravenhill

“A man who covers up The cross though He may be an intellectual man, and draw large crowds will have no ilk there, and his church will be but a gilded sepulcher.”– Dwight L. Moody

“A church can be unified in one of two ways. You can freeze together, as The church of The Frozen Chosen; or you can melt together with The fire of The Holy Spirit.”– John Hagee

“Trying to run a church without revivals can be done when you can run a gasoline engine on buttermilk.”– Billy Sunday

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“Do you ever wonder what it would be like to visit a New Testament church service? I imagine it would be a far cry from our stately sanctuaries with their crystal chandeliers and misty-mauve carpets.”– John Hagee

“My parents are pretty religious, devout, but did they force it on me? No, I don’t think so. I still think of myself as a Lutheran, just one who doesn’t go to church.”– Kristen Schaal

“Do good ’cause God wants you to be happy. When you come to church, when you worship Him, you’re not doing it for God, really. You’re doing it for yourself because that’s what makes God happy.”– Victoria Osteen

“You don’t need to go to church to be a Christian. If you go to Taco Bell, that doesn’t make you a taco.”– Justin Bieber

“Religion features More now in my life than it did when I was a kid – my dad rejected The Catholic church as a young man. I had no religious upbringing, but certainly, Dad was a kind of secular humanist. I don’t know if He was an atheist or agnostic. I regret I didn’t talk to him about it.”– Paul Giamatti

“Most of us spend The first six days of each week sowing wild oats; then we go to church on Sunday and pray for a crop failure.”– Fred Allen

“I’m a believer. I don’t go to church. I don’t belong to any particular religion, but I do believe in God. I couldn’t write what I write about and be creative without a certain form of belief.”– Nick Cave

” Most people I think feel exterior-wise Churches, unless we yell like ‘horton hears a who’ that all us “speck of dust” are The same”– Chuck Bridges

“If marriages didn’t need divine assistance to survive, weddings wouldn’t be held in churches.”– Christopher Buehlman

“The emphasis of The churches were not in how much work or home keeping is done in The four walls of The church itself, they rather told The Protestants to go prove their love to God at their work places through The quality of their works.”– Sunday Adelaja

“Your solution lies not in finding favor before men but before God. Learn to seek Him for your problems and His favor will meet you.”– Dr Paul Gitwaza

“Yes, I see The church as The body of Christ. But, oh! How we have blemished and scarred that body through social neglect and through fear of being nonconformists.”– Martin Luther King Jr.

“Church is The only place where someone speaks to me and I do not have to answer back.”– Charles de Gaulle

“Nothing doth so much keep men out of The Church, and drive men out of The Church, as breach of unity.”– Francis Bacon

“The operation of The church is entirely set up for The sinner; which creates much misunderstanding among The smug.”– Flannery O’Connor

“A good church is a Bible-centered church. Nothing is as important as this–not a large congregation, a witty pastor, or tangible experiences of The Holy Spirit.”– Alistair Begg

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“The Catholic Church’s teachings are authoritative. There is a moral absolute on abortion – that it is wrong.”– Jacob Rees-Mogg

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“I know Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons. We went to The same church. I’m pretty sure he’s still Mormon. I left The church long ago.”– Brendon Urie

“Every day Catholics prove that you can be a good Catholic and a good Democrat and have a different position from The church on abortion.”– James Carville

“My husband and I have been married for 15 years. He is a priest in The church of Sweden. I have a faith, but it’s not so formal. We made our peace with that.”– Sofia Helin

“Nobody can do as much damage to The church of God as The man who is within its walls, but not within its life.”– Charles H. Spurgeon

“And those who are willing to do whatever work is necessary to see The church blessed, whole, and thriving are The ones to whom true honor is due.”– Paula Casil

“If The envious, The defamers and The backbiters were taken out of The average church, there would be revival overnight.”– A.W. Tozer

“A growing church will have devoted learners, and that means they are those who put it into practice.”– Brian Johnston

“To put it bluntly, we find ourselves occupying The middle ground between The Kingdom of Heaven and The world of The Church.”– Gary Goodell

“The church must share in The secular problems of ordinary human life, not dominating, but helping and serving.”– Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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As mentioned earlier, the church is not just a building, but it is a body of believers with a unique nature and purpose. As Christians, we need to be part of occasional fellowship and worship. Churches are tasked with numerous ministries including acts of genuine hospitality bible study, praying for one another, continuing education in related areas, and more.

People often portray doubts about Christ and knowing The truth and being capable of defending it is also part of the role of Christianity and the church. The above church quotes will without a doubt draw you closer to God and give you a new life as a believer.

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