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Wilbur Soot is the professional name of the YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and musician William Patrick Spencer Gold. Wilbur is only in his 20s and has already become an incredibly famous gamer and singer.

Wilbur and his friends set up the YouTube channel SootHouse in 2017, hoping to make comedy videos to make people laugh. In 2019, Wilbur started his own YouTube channel, Wilbur Soot, which garnered around 6 million subscribers.

His content mainly consists of gaming videos where he comments while playing Minecraft. Wilbur joined the Dream SMP in 2020, which is a private survival multiplayer server for Minecraft. He created the nation L’Manberg which allowed him to become one of the server’s main writers.

If you are inspired by his achievements, you need to read the following Wilbur Soot quotes to learn more about him:

Here Are Some of the Best Wilbur Soot Quotes

1. “I know I’m forgetful, I know I’m an amnesiac, and I know I’m the comic relief in all of your stories, but I still feel this! I still feel things, and I try my best to make sure no one else feels it!” – Wilbur Soot

2. “There’s been so many great artists throughout history, there’s been- Picasso, you got Van Gogh, you got Wilbur Soot, y’know- And they all went through a crippling depression.” – Wilbur Soot

3. “Have you not noticed?! Everyone who’s claiming to be on our side, they’re lying to us! Tubbo?! He’s lying to you, man! He- He would drop us at the SECOND he realizes we’re not in the lead anymore!” – Wilbur Soot

4. “Life is just a contentious cavalcade of sadness that only serves to deepen my misery and further me into a pit of despair. I cry and look to the sky, but no one answers. Is there a God? What God would curse one of his children to this life.” – Wilbur Soot

Wilbur Soot Quotes

5. “Tommy, are we the bad guys?” – Wilbur Soot

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6. “I’m aware of that… but sometimes, in order to feel comfortable and safe, you have to be ready to give up the things that you’re worried you might lose.” – Wilbur Soot

7. “Independence or death. If we get no revolution, then we want nothing. We would rather die than give in to you and join your SMP.” – Wilbur Soot

8. “I thought I couldn’t love anymore/ Turns  out I can’t/ Not  for the same reasons as before/ I use everyone I ever meet/ I can’t find the perfect match/ Abuse  those I love.” – Wilbur Soot, Song: Your Sister Was Right, Album: Your City Gave Me Asthma

9. “I hope you don’t mind… I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words; Most of your issues in life are due to the fact you can identify problems but lack energy and devotion to fix them and so instead take the easy route so as to avoid the sense that you may fail.” – Wilbur Soot

10. “How on earth could I be saved? When I’m one click away from insane.” – Wilbur Soot

11. “Every time I go into the button room, and I try my best, but I don’t succeed, I get what I want, but not what I need – it’s Coldplay.” – Wilbur Soot

12. “Just realized there’s nothing stopping me from drinking a lava lamp.” – Wilbur Soot

13. “I sowed the seeds of peace, and yet I’m the one who pays for war.” – Wilbur Soot

Wilbur Soot Quote

14. “Look at my son! Tearing down the walls I built to keep him safe!” – Wilbur Soot

15. “Tommy, women are temporary. Revolution is forever.” – Wilbur Soot

16. “Tommy, are we the bad guys?” – Wilbur Soot

17. “I know what I’m like.. and that’s the issue.” – Wilbur Soot

18. “There was a saying Phil… by a traitor. Once part of L’Manberg… It was never meant to be.” – Wilbur Soot

19. “In order to insult me, I must first value your opinion.” – Wilbur Soot x OC – Book Two, From “Their Symphony

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20. “I miss Philza… I wonder if he’d be proud of me.” – Wilbur Soot

21. “My unfinished symphony, forever unfinished.” – Wilbur Soot

22. “If you can’t beat ’em, break into their house.” – Wilbur Soot

23. “Tommy, I think you should do what your heart tells you to do. Just meet him face to face.” – Wilbur Soot

24. “I know what I’m like… and that’s the issue.” – Wilbur Soot

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25. “The thing you’re holding in your hand, Fundy… it’s gonna make me act up if you keep holding that.” – Wilbur Soot

26. “History is written by the winners.” – Wilbur Soot

27. “There is so much more to the world… You can’t go explore it. It’s all yours… ” – Wilbur Soot

28. “Fundy is in desperate need of a father figure. Certainly. And I owe it to myself to make up for what I did. I need to make up for what I did.” – Wilbur Soot

29. “It’s time to blow up everything!” – Wilbur Soot

30. “Calm yourself, have some blue.” – Wilbur Soot

31. “Why do I want a cigarette? And whiskey? And protein powder?” – Wilbur Soot

32. “I am a slow-burning fuse. I am a long, slow-burning fuse, but I’m telling you now, over the next couple of weeks, I’m gonna be a different man than the one Jschlatt crossed. I can feel it. And maybe this new man will be open to a Technoblade. ” – Wilbur Soot

33. “Wasting your time/ You’re wasting mine/ I hate to see you leaving/ A fate worse than dying.” – Wilbur Soot, Song: Jubilee Line, Album: Your City Gave Me Asthma

34. “I thought when I get older/ I’d marry her, I told her/ Now I’m twenty-six, and I work in an office/ Nine till five’s not the best, I’ll be honest/ If I could change a single thing/ I’d make it me and not him.” – Wilbur Soot, Song: Your New Boyfriend

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35. “The roads are my home as horizon’s my target/ If I keep on moving, never lose sight of it/ Treating my memory of you like a fire, let it/ Burn out, don’t fight it and try to move on.” – Wilbur Soot, Song: Since I Saw Vienna, Album: Your City Gave Me Asthma

36. “Do you want to do competitive solitaire again?” – Wilbur Soot

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Wilbur Soot is a popular online gamer and YouTuber. He started making videos on YouTube in 2017 and started his own channel in 2019, where he accumulated around 6 million subscribers. He has a fantastic sense of humor and is a talented gamer on Minecraft. Aside from his gaming videos, Wilbur is also a musician and has shared several songs with his audience. His most popular songs are “Your New Boyfriend”, “Your Sister Was Right”, “Taunt”, “Since I Saw Vienna”, and “Internet Ruined Me”. He often collaborates with other YouTubers and loves to interact with his audience online.

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