Dennis Prager’s Most Interesting Quotes

Dennis Prager is an American conservative radio show host and popular writer. He first was in the public eye in the 1970’s when discussing the plight of Soviet jews in Russia who were unable to relocate due to religious persecution. He gradually began providing broader and more commentary on daily life and politics, which also helped him gain popularity with radio and TV appearances and podcasts and now through his own organization, PragerU. His views, comments, and videos on various economic, philosophical and political topics from an American perspective also played a huge role in cultivating him as one of the most influential conservative political commentators.

Today we discuss Dennis Prager’s most interesting quotes and  how you can incorporate them into your daily life or as a source of motivation. And with that being said, here are some of the most inspiring comments and quotes from the great Dennis Mark Prager, and for the record, he is still hosting the best radio talk show in America right now under a show name of Dennis Prager Show.

Dennis Prager’s Most Interesting Quotes

“As time goes by, you get old and wiser, and that’s when you realize that when people are given something without having to gain or earn it (unless they are mentally or physically utterly incapable of having anything), they become lazy and ungrateful.” –Dennis Prager 

“Our new era, or the so-called scientific era, demands that we provide measurements, statistics, and definitions for us to be taken seriously. Yet, in real life, most of the vital aspects cannot be accurately measured or defined. Can we measure or define friendship, decency, or love, for instance?” –Dennis Prager 

“‘If there’s no God, the labels’ EVIL’ and ‘GOOD’ are just opinions and choices. They are alternatives for I’m not too fond of the whole thing and I only like it they are not only objects of ones’ view but a reality.” –Dennis Prager 

“Corruption and fraud is Africa’s greatest problem and not poverty, not racism or riches.” –Dennis Prager 

“There are no limits to the suffering of people or any other human beings who have always been in a fight or willingly to intrude and inflict on other beings, no matter how good or innocent, no matter how old or young. This aspect must lead all the decent, reasonable and even an average human being that is all people who take statistics evidence keenly, to draw only one and possible conclusion; the whole human nature and well be basically perfect.” –Dennis Prager 

“Fabianism or communalism values probity more than liberty.” –Dennis Prager 

“Complaining not only affects and ruins other people’s day, but it also ruins the complainer’s moments too. The more you introduce the complaining habit to your brain, the more unhappy you get.” –Dennis Prager 

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“Those who believe in nothing are so, so angry and covetous at those who believe in themselves or something.” –Dennis Prager 

“Goodness is all about integrity, honesty, character, moral courage, generosity, kindness and the like more than anything, and it is all about how you interact and indulgence other people.” –Dennis Prager 

“Happiness is hooked on self-discipline. We are the most significant obstacles to our own well-being and Happiness. It is easier to go into battle with others or a community than to fight our own self.” –Dennis Prager 

“All happy guys are grateful—ungrateful being joyfully or joyful. We tend to presume that the art of being unhappy leads individuals to complain, but it’s true to say that all Complaining leads to people being unhappy.” –Dennis Prager 

“Individuals can become addicted to money, attention, fame as deeply as they become when under drugs.” –Dennis Prager 

“Wisdom begins with reverence for God, and if there’s no God, there’s no Wisdom you can confirm with your local schools.” –Dennis Prager 

“Because gratitude is the source of Happiness, anything that limits or undermines gratitude most limits Happiness. Anything that undermines gratitude as much as expectations kill your inner being; always choose yourself and start being grateful. There is an inverse connection between gratitude and expectations. The less gratitude you have, the higher the expectation you will get.” –Dennis Prager 

“If your prime identity is that of a regular victim, then you cannot be happy; even if you try to force it, you will lose it in the first minute. The joy of self-victimhood gives clear rules on Happiness. One is that you cant be happy if your identity is fitted or caged in a victim world. There are many reasons why people who compare or regard themselves as random victims do not see themselves as in control of their normal lives. Whatever happens in their life happens to them, not just by them. For individuals who regard themselves as victims, spend a lot of time trying to understand why the world is so tough and unfair to them, the same applies to a student who always sees herself as being chosen on is an unhappy soul, the same applies to the person who goes with the same attitude into their adulthood.” –Dennis Prager 

“There’s nothing about education or Ph.D. that proves or guarantees an individual will be kinder, ethical or wiser than other people with only basic education.” –Dennis Prager 

“The larger the government, the more the fraud and corruption. Most of it is never said, and it might be one of the greatest and biggest of the ten political principles that I am always speaking of… Do you really wish to know who has formed the grander evils of history? Big SECULAR governments. Stalin, Mao, Hitler, pot, all big countries. With that, why will anybody trust such organizations? It is amazing how many people have imbued the seminary message that more individuals have been murdered by war, religion, pandemics, or anything else in the history of humanity. NO. States have killed more people than anything else in our era, and just in the last century alone, we lost millions all due to political difference, and none of those cases were linked with religion; you don’t learn that in school.” –Dennis Prager 

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“Whatever one does for a daily living, three concerns and questions need to be answered before you are late into it; What price do my kids and spouse pay for my journey in my career path? What do I really like? And what price do you and your soul pay for it?” –Dennis Prager 

“If the Western countries believed in anything, it would prevail no matter what. The problem is that you cannot beat bad trust with no trust at all.” –Dennis Prager 

“Our education system teaches non-Christian, non-white, and female students to find wrongdoing everywhere. USA students get training and degrees in finding the cause of the offense.” –Dennis Prager 

“Americans who do not carry themselves as political victims or just victims of racist, or unfair, or misogynist communities are more likely to support Republicans. On the other side of the page, Citizens who consider or sees themselves as victims of American community are likely to side with Democrat. Therefore, the Democrat and supportive media have cultivated some victimhood among all citizens who are not male and white.” –Dennis Prager 

“Political well-being or correctness… is a measure of euphemism for the concept that offends the other left.” –Dennis Prager 

“You don’t post or press charges or even judge people in the background of their time, not in the context of your views.” –Dennis Prager 

“The larger part of the majority group of famous people are not important, and the larger group of those who are important are not known or famous.” –Dennis Prager 

“Unhappy poor individuals at least have a notion and a fantasy that cash and wealth will make them happy; Unhappy wealthy individuals don’t even have a small portion of a slice of happiness; it’s all about your inner self; that cultivate happiness, not money or wealthy.” –Dennis Prager 

“Second, honoring parents and guardians is how nearly all of us come to realize and recognize that there’s an ethical authority above us to whom we are honorably accountable.” –Dennis Prager 

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“Very rarely do individuals make huge concessions with their integrity. Almost every conciliation is a small one that is easily justified. The effortless slide is normally a result of many little conciliations.” –Dennis Prager 

“The Missing Syndrome is universal. If you happen to be overweight, all you see are perfect specimens and stomachs. If you happen to have rashes and pimples, all you see is perfect and flawless skin. Women who have some difficulties in getting a pregnant walk around seeing babies and pregnant women. Nor do you need to have some indentations, be balding or overweight, or want a kid to be certain that you have a missing puzzle. You can only allow any real or purely perceived flaw to weaken your well-being and Happiness.” –Dennis Prager 

“Preoccupation with wrongdoings is one of the greatest differences between left and right. The right was preoccupied with fighting capitalism while the left (not political liberals such as JF Kennedy, however the left) was occupied with fighting communists. The right today is occupied with fighting Islamic while the left is at war with Islamophobia.” –Dennis Prager 

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PragerU Left or Liberal?

This is one of the most popular videos from Dennis Prager’s University channel with over 18 million views. In this video, Dennis Prager explains how the tenets of liberalism like a belief in capitalism and free speech have more in common with conservatism than with the identity politics and racial resentment preached by the left. And if you watch you will learn his take on the difference between “being left” and “being liberal.”

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When it comes to life, your mindset and approach all depends on how you take and interpret things. That is a key to stoic philosophy and also one of the themes in Dennis’s quotes.

We hope you enjoyed these quotes and can apply them to make your day better today.

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