56 of the Best Gemini Quotes

May 21st through June 20th are the birthdates of a Gemini. Gemini is one of the signs that show the most expression and is associated with being quick witted. They are very energetic and constantly going. The twins are a good representation of the Gemini because they are continuously trying to be in two places at once.

Having the ability of learning things quickly, being extremely curious about the world around them, and being gentle are some common traits of a Gemini. The downsides for Gemini are how inconsistent they tend to be, and their inability to make a decision – that can often lead to their downfall.

Gemini Quotes

  1. “She was born under the sign of Gemini. And that stands for the good and evil twin. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde both hiding and residing inside her heart. Her good twin was not bad at all. But her evil twin was even better, and showed up to be way too fatal!” -Ana Claudia Antunes, Mysterious Murder of Marilyn Monroe
  2. “The trickster aspect of Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, is always hiding behind the sharp Gemini intellect, revealing itself in all manner of minor and major ways.” – Linda Goodman, Linda Goodman’s Love Signs
  3. “Gemini is the first of the four mutable signs of the zodiac, these signs hold elemental energy of change and adaptation at the transitional end of the four seasons.” – Unknown
  4. “Don’t make a Gemini concentrate on a specific thing for too long, they aren’t good at this.” – Unknown
  5. “I’m a Gemini, so I change my mind every day.” – Natalie Portman
  6. “Gemini….You revere scientists and shamans alike, providing them with what they need to do their good work for the enhancement of the realm.” – Lesley Thomas
  7. “But the cold metal of Mercury divides Gemini with twin desires, until he stops and waits and listens to his own heartbeat.” – Linda Goodman, Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs
  8. “Without saying very many words, a Gemini soon knows who has an agenda, who’s a good ally, and who may need someone to bolster them up.” – Unknown
  9. “Are you looking for some fun? Call a Gemini!” – Unknown
  10. ”The Gemini nature is mercurial and quixotic-changing every day and, indeed, every moment.” – Lynn Hayes
  11. “I’m a Gemini. Know what that means? There are two very different sides to me.” – Jerry West
  12. “This is dedicated to a flirty Gem from a grumpy Cap. He knows who he is.” – Anyta Sunday, Gemini Rules Capricorn
  13. “People born under this the Gemini sign often have a feeling that their other half is missing, so they are forever seeking new friends, mentors, colleagues, and people to talk to.” – Unknown
  14. ”I am a Gemini and can adapt to most atmospheres. You get two for the price of one when you are a Gemini.” – Karan Johar
  15. “I’m a Gemini and I have a lot of different moods. Sometimes I’m very serious and introspective and pensive, but other times I’m completely goofy and girlie. So, I like my songs to cover all my moods.” – Jewel
  16. “Gemini is a versatile, inquisitive, fun loving sign, born with a wish to experience everything there is out there, in the world.” – Unknown
  17. ”A Gemini knows how to swerve you from your most stubbornly held convictions.” – Linda Goodman
  18. “Gemini never fumbles. Whatever the situation with the loved one- joyous or tragic, loose or tight – the typical Gemini can, when he (or she) wishes, carry the ball with easy grace, handling embarrassment, fear or anger, with incredibly light touch.” – Linda Goodman, Linda Goodman’s Love Signs
  19. “Remember Gemini: Curiosity killed the cat!” – Unknown
  20. ”Acting while I’m singing just kind of happened because I’m a hambone at heart, I guess. And I’m a Gemini – I’ve got several personalities to access as an actor.” – Diana DeGarmo
  21. “I have this weird sort of Gemini thing where I can really be empathetic and a loving person. But if you piss me off, I can be one of the meanest, most sadistic people.” – Bill Burr
  22. “Equipped with almost uncanny emotional intelligence, Gemini can easily read a room and know exactly what other people want to hear from them.” – Unknown
  23. ”Like a typical Gemini I’m changeable, I can be two different types of people. I can be very outgoing, but sometimes very shy.” – Denise Van Outen
  24. “There’s an eagerness about Geminis, an immediate, sympathetic friendliness, and unusually quick, but graceful movements.” – Linda Goodman, Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs
  25. “Geminis are not known for being sentimental or emotional, they are the kind of friend who will disappear if you start crying (unless you’re also simultaneously revealing some really juicy gossip)” – Unknown
  26. “They can appear happy and then suddenly sad sometimes, don’t try to understand them.” – Unknown
  27. ”I love books and the latest autobiographies. I’m a Gemini and love being with people, but then again, I love my own company, which is when I read most.” – Cilla Black
  28. “Michael Jackson was a Gemini. Kanye, Lauryn Hill, a lot of people that are amazing artists are Geminis.” – Jorja Smith
  29. “Gemini are willing to try anything at least once, so do not play truth or dare with them, you’re going to lose.” – Unknown
  30. ”I’m a Gemini, so I have a great time with the other guy.” – Ronnie Wood
  31. “Gemini can charm a bird right out of its tree and give it five new songs to sing.” – Linda Goodman, Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs
  32. “While a Gemini is all about truth, sometimes a Gemini is more likely to talk to others about a conflict instead of approaching the person who’s actually causing it.” – Unknown
  33. “Is your partner a Gemini? Then hold on tight, this is going to be emotionally intense.” – Unknown
  34. ”I’m a Gemini, very spontaneous.” – Lily-Rose Depp
  35. “I guess I’m a Gemini through and through, but I’m mercurial. I get bored doing the same things.” – Jewel
  36. “The flipside of the adaptability of Geminis is that they can be a little impulsive. Because they’re so flexible, they can change their minds in a heartbeat.” – Unknown
  37. ”Be exactly who you are. You can fir in any space you see yourself in. Be fearless.” – Dawn Richard
  38. “Each Gemini contains a twin mirror image of himself (or herself), in reverse, the positive and negative poles of his or her personality.” – Linda Goodman, Linda Goodman’s Love Signs
  39. “Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, and those born under this sign will be quick to tell you all about it. That’s because they love to talk!” – Unknown
  40. “They have excellent communication skills and will quickly convince you of their beliefs.” – Unknown
  41. ”Geminis tend to be shy but if you make the first move, Geminis are sure to finish it with fireworks.” – Zodiac City
  42. “I like pursuing new endeavors. That’s part of the reason I wanted to direct. I like to create things. I’m a Gemini. I’m always looking for something new.” – Chris Evans
  43. “As very social beings, Geminis tend to spend a lot of time with their friends and family.” – Unknown
  44. ”The Gemini essence is extremely contagious.” – Linda Goodman
  45. “The Gemini nature is mercurial and quixotic-changing every day and, indeed, every moment.” – Lynn Hayes
  46. “In constant need of intellectual stimulation, the most suitable job for a Gemini has to be challenging to their brain.” – Unknown
  47. “Gemini loves using words but also body language to communicate with people.” – Unknown
  48. ”I am a Gemini, I think day and night about everything. But as long as I have support around me, I know I can do everything.” – Zodiac City
  49. “I am a Gemini and can adapt to most atmospheres. You get two for the price of one when you are a Gemini.” – Karan Johar
  50. “Gemini moves too fast to care about embarrassing missteps: They simply move on.” – Unknown
  51. ”If the Pied Piper had been twins, odds are he would have been Gemini.” – The Detroit News
  52. “Gemini flits from bright yellow cheer to indigo of despair, experiments with shimmering silver of dreams and the gold of hope, then plunges down into grey of despondency, from which he-she quickly leaps into glistening white child like faith.” – Linda Goodman, Linda Goodman’s Love Signs
  53. “Ruled by powerhouse communicator Mercury, Gemini can voice exactly what they need. Even if they hold an unpopular opinion, they have the persuasive ability that will lead people to their way of thinking.” – Unknown
  54. “If you want to win over a Gemini’s heart, don’t forget to make them laugh.” – Unknown
  55. “More than anything, they crave a wide range of experiences and personalities they can try on-this is also true for Geminis in love. “ – Lynn Hayes
  56. “I’m a textbook Gemini. I just need variety and I’m random.” – Masego
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We all know the Gemini that can be very persuasive and charismatic, some of these quotes comment on that Gemini fact. They are known to be unreliable at times, but hopefully their deep desire to make positive changes can make up for that flaw.

Geminis hate having a routine and being alone, these quotes can make you or a Gemini you know feel less alone. Chatting with people is a common like of the Gemini, so send your Gemini friend a quote about themselves to start the conversation. After all, being sociable is a part of the Gemini nature.

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