Most Memorable Halo Quotes

Halo is a long-running video game series in which we learn that an ancient civilization, the Forerunners, placed multiple Halos throughout the universes. In the video game series, the Master Chief of the United Nations Space Command battles one or more competing factions over control of the skies. Sargent Major Avery Johnson leads the UNSC troops under Master Chief.

The primary factions in the Halo series are: UNSC, the Covenant (including Brutes), and the Flood, life-destroying parasites bent on control of the universes.

Halo Quotes

In the 60 Halo quotes below, we have tried to capture the essence of Sargent Major Avery Johnson, Cortana, and Master Chief. We have also thrown in a few Spartan quotes just because Spartans are so very Spartan. Enjoy the following quotes from your favorite Halo characters.

  1. “Hmm… I’m detecting a high degree of cerebral cortex activity. You’re not the muscle-bound automatons the press makes you out to be.” Cortana
  2. “You have a better idea?” Master Chief
  3. “It means always… It means always… It means always strip you always strip our enemy of weapons before you interrogate him.” Spartan
  4. “Relax! I’d Rather Not Piss This Thing Off!” Master Chief
  5. “Men, keep your eyes downrange, fingers on the triggers, and we all come home in one piece. Am I right, Marines?” Avery Johnson
  6. Av”That, or you can hide behind me. You done with my boy here Master Guns? I don’t see any training wheels.” Avery Johnson
  7. “Enough! The Flood is spreading. If we activate Halo’s defenses, we can wipe them out.” Master Chief
  8. “And you told me you were gonna wear something nice.” Avery Johnson
  9. “Our fighters are mopping up the last of their recon picket now, nothing serious; but I’ve isolated approach signatures from multiple CCS-class battle groups, make it three capital ships per group. And, in about 90 seconds, they’ll be all over us.” Cortana
  10. “Folks need heroes chief, to give ’em hope, so smile would ya, while we still got something to smile about!” Avery Johnson
  11. “That’s a one-way trip.” Spartan
  12. “No. I think we’re just getting started.” Master Chief
  13. “For a brick… he flew pretty good.” Avery Johnson
  14. “You told me there wouldn’t be any cameras.” Master Chief
  15. “Negative. I have the gun. Good luck, sir.” Spartan
  16. “Well, he’s in a particularly fine mood. Maybe Lord Hood didn’t give him an invitation.” Avery Johnson
  17. A dozen Covenant superior battleships against a single Halcyon-class cruiser. Given those odds, I’m content with three … make that four kills.” Cortana
  18. “Asking’s Not My Strong Suit.” Master Chief
  19. “Since you’re ‘in the know,’ Master Chief, I assume you have a plan.” Cortana
  20. “What the hell are you doing?” Cortana
  21. “Thought I’d Try Shooting My Way Out—Mix Things Up A Little.” Master Chief
  22. “Dear Humanity… We regret being alien bastards. We regret coming to Earth. And we most definitely regret that the Corps just blew up our raggedy-*** fleet!” Avery Johnson
  23. “If I still had fingers, they’d be crossed…” Cortana
  24. “And the good news?” Spartan
  25. “She Said That To Me Once. About Being A Machine.” Master Chief
  26. “Stand back, Marines. Let the Chief show you how it’s done!” Avery Johnson
  27. “With alsl due respect, sir, this war has enough dead heroes.” Cortana
  28. “Watch your mouth, son. This “stuff” is your history. It should remind you grunts what we’re fightin’ to protect.” Avery Johnson
  29. “That Brute has the Index. And Miranda and Johnson. He can activate the ring.” Master Chief
  30. “The Chief is gonna jump in this tank, roll across the bridge, and blow up any inhuman-son-of-*****dumb enough to get between him and the Prophet of Regret! Pull yourself together, because you’re going with him!” Avery Johnson
  31. “Wake Me…When You Need Me.” Master Chief
  32. “The Autumn will continue evasive maneuvers until you initiate a landing sequence. Not that you’ll listen, but I’d suggest letting my subroutines handle the final approach.” Cortana
  33. “I’ll find Cortana’s solution. And I’ll bring it back.” Master Chief
  34. “Usually the good Lord works in mysterious ways. But not today! This here is sixty-six tons of straight-up, H-E-spewing dee-vine intervention! If God is love, then you can call me Cupid!” Avery Johnson
  35. “I’m getting you out of here.” Cortana
  36. “I Need A Weapon.” Master Chief
  37. “‘What’s an aspect ratio?’ It’s the shape and proportion of your screen, fool!” Avery Johnson
  38. We make our own luck, but I’ll always be there when you need me.” Master Chief
  39. “Now would be a very good time to leave!” Cortana
  40. “He didn’t make it.” Spartan
  41. “Trust me, I can stick it.” Master Chief
  42. “Security to the bridge, the Master Chief has gone rampant! Take him down, boys.” Cortana
  43. “Chief, wait! The Arbiter’s with us!” Avery Johnson
  44. “We’ll head for the Portal. And we’ll all go home.” Master Chief
  45. “This cave is not a natural formation. Someone built it, so it must lead somewhere. I’ve hacked into the Covenant battlenet. They’re actually broadcasting tactical data on unencrypted channels. We should show them who they’re dealing with. Master Chief? I’m going to use your suit’s transponder system to monitor their chatter.” Cortana
  46. “We need to get off this ship.” Master Chief
  47. This isn’t as fun as it looks. Cut the power!” Avery Johnson
  48. “Where are the closest escape pods?” Master Chief
  49. “Brutes have taken the barracks. Marines are trapped inside. Those apes ain’t much for mercy, Chief. We both know what they do to prisoners. Get to the barracks, save those men. Then escort them to the Landing Pad for evac.” Avery Johnson
  50. “The Covenant use a gravity lift to ferry troops and supplies between the ship and the surface. We need to ambush them at the loading zone, and use the lift to enter the ship.” Cortana
  51. “Look for something big…power core, something like that.” Avery Johnson
  52. “This ring isn’t a cudgel, you barbarian: it’s something else…something much more important. The Covenant were right…this ring…it’s Forerunner. Give me a second to access… Yes, the Forerunners built this place, what they called a ‘fortress world,’ in order to… No, that can’t be. Oh, those Covenant fools, they must have known; there must have been signs!” Cortana
  53. “Humanity… That’s got to be Infinity. Can you get us to those coordinates?” Master Chief
  54. “Enjoy it while you can, Marines. Soon as we land, we’re right back to it. Priority one: Secure a Landing Zone for the Commander’s Frigate. Keep your eyes and ears open. We need all the Intel we can get… on wherever the hell we are.” Avery Johnson
  55. “We can’t let the Monitor activate Halo. We have to stop him. We have to destroy Halo. According to my analysis of the available data, I believe the best course of action is somewhat… risky. An explosion of sufficient size will help destabilize the ring, and will cut through a number of primary systems; we need to trigger a detonation on a large scale, however. A star ship’s fusion reactors going critical would do the job. I’m going to search what’s left of the Covenant battlenet, and see if I can locate the Pillar of Autumn’s crash-site. If the ship’s fusion reactors are still relatively intact, we can use them to destroy Halo.” Cortana
  56. “Something tells me that’s only because the Didact wanted it that way.” Master Chief
  57. “That the best you got?” Avery Johnson
  58. “Deal with it.” Avery Johnson
  59. “They’re after a Forerunner artifact you took from a Halo ring.” Master Chief
  60. “The Covenant network is in absolute chaos! From what I’ve been able to piece together, their leadership ordered all ships to abandon Halo when they found the Flood, but they were too late. The Flood overwhelmed this cruiser and disabled it. The Covenant are terrified the Flood will repair the ship and use it to escape from Halo. They’ve sent in a strike team to kill the Flood and repair the ship for immediate departure. I’ve got a good lock on Captain Keyes’ CNI transponder signal! He’s alive! And the implants are intact! There’s some interference from the cruiser’s damaged reactor. I’ll bring us in as close as I can.” Cortana
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We hope you have enjoyed these quotes from the Halo universe’s primary characters. Enjoy your gaming!

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