13 of Arthur Morgan’s Best Quotes

While Arthur Morgan is a fictional character and a protagonist in a video game known as the Red Dead Redemption, his quotes have been seen as inspirational. The quotes from this character will challenge the way you think and can possibly guide you through many of life’s experiences.

Arthur Morgan is an extremely complex character with many layers. He is perhaps a gaming star as well as a Rockstar. He is a gunslinger from the 1800s who grows up to be a ruthless and violent bandit. Arthur Morgan is portrayed as one who cares little for the lives of anyone outside of his gang.

The development of Arthur Morgan’s character was to create a distraught soul who would begin to have an existential crisis as the game goes on. While everything that comes out of Morgan’s mouth is either inspiring, badass, or hilarious, there are some that stand out from the rest.

Arthur Morgan Quotes

These are thirteen of Arthur Morgan’s best quotes:

1. “We can’t change what’s done, we can only move on”

When you get somewhat into the game of Arthur Morgan, you will notice his sickness is beginning to take a toll on him. He goes through a coughing spell at one point that leaves him lying in the street. While lying there, he goes through a dream process that has him walking around as he listens to voices by those you cannot see. While in this dream-state, he realizes his past transgressions but understands he cannot take them back or change what has occurred; he can only move on.

2. “We’re more ghosts than people”

During one of the conversations with another gunslinger who knows where the enemy is hiding, Arthur reluctantly agrees to help her go out and find them. This quote encompasses how both the other gunslinger and Arthur feel about how they have both lost everything they hold dear. It also tells how they realize they’ve committed horrible acts in life only for revenge. It is their intent to help the enemy in hopes of redeeming some of those past acts.

3. “Be loyal to what matters”

During one of the battles that the gang will consider their last, Arthur tells one of the gunslingers to take his wife and child and get out of there. The gunslinger sees Arthur as a brother and is torn between loyalty to him and that to his family. The quote where Arthur tells him to ‘be loyal to what matters’ is referring to his family, who will die if he stays. Throughout the game, Arthur uses this quote to repeat his sentiments regarding how loyalty is the one thing that matters most to him.

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4. “We ain’t both gonna make it”

This quote comes at the heartbreaking end of the game. The gang is facing a stand-off with the Pinkertons, and they are forced to flee up a mountain. Arthur stops mid-way up the mountain, which is a sacrifice so that his fellow gunslinger can live on. Arthur takes his hat off as the other protests his actions and says, ‘we ain’t both gonna make it.’

5. “John made it”

This quote comes during a soul-shattering scene as the voices of the Pinkertons can be heard. Two of the gunslingers are unsure what to do and relive some of the actions that have brought them to this point. One of them still believes they can ‘make it.’ The other states, ‘John made it; he’s the only one.’ During this conversation, Arthur lays on a rock, and as he struggles to pull himself up, he watches the sun come up as he passes away.

6. “I gave you all I had”

The quote, “I gave it all I had,” comes from a gut-wrenching scene. After Arthur left the gunslinger on the mountainside to escape and live, he catches up with the others ahead of him. With the sickness overcoming him, Arthur struggles to breathe and reaches for his gun. One of the gunslingers stops him, intending to kill Arthur, but Arthur looks up and says, “I gave you all I had.” As he says this quote, the gunslinger realizes what Arthur has done for him. Arthur has given this man his loyalty, true love, and, in the end, he gave him his life.

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7. “I have to insist”

This quote comes at a breaking point in the relationship between Arthur and his fellow gang member, Dutch. Dutch has become a dangerous, self-centered, and erratic person who has become increasingly more violent. Everything Dutch was stood for has been erased from his mind.

In retelling Arthur about a recent train robbery, Arthur reminds Dutch he is to let all women and children leave when attacking the trains. Dutch refuses this theory, insists that anyone who follows that thought is a doubter and a coward.

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Arthur delivers the quote as he puts his foot down to Dutch’s action, which in turn makes Dutch believe he is a mole for the Pinkertons. With his final insistence with the quote, Dutch and Arthur’s relationship lead to a stand-off in the gang.

8. “Vengence is an idiot’s game”

In one of the more iconic scenes, Arthur visits a widow to collect a debt her husband owed. At the time of this quote, Arthur’s personality is quite coarse and cruel. This quote comes at a time when Arthur cares little for others and kills people without a thought if they get in his way.

As the widow goes inside to get the money, Arthur notices a small boy giving him a dirty look. Seeing the young boy’s look, Arthur asks him if he has no respect or just a lazy eye. The small boy replies with courage that he has no respect for the likes of men like Arthur.

9. “Just do one thing or the other; don’t try to be two people at once”

This quote of wisdom is said during a mission called Fatherhood for Idiots. John is sent into town to pick up a parcel, and even knowing there is a price on his head, he gives his real name to pick it up. A man standing nearby hears the name and quickly leaves the scene. This man appears again with others and begins to shoot at John.

When John returns with the package, it is clear he is shaken. His wife asks what has happened, and they begin to argue loudly. From the background, the quote is heard coming from the then late Arthur. Arthur’s voice is heard telling John to take fatherhood seriously and to just do one thing or the other, don’t try to be two people at once.

10. “We’re thieves in a world that don’t want us no more”

This quote comes during a conversation between Dutch and Arthur at a camp. Dutch inquires as to how Arthur is doing, to which he responds ‘fine.’ As the conversation continues, Arthur finally admits to Dutch he is worried about the number of gang members they lost during a recent escape, but Dutch is nonchalant about the fact.

Dutch not only brushes off the number of deaths that occurred but claims there will always be casualties when you fight to reform society. Arthur becomes disheartened by his words, and the quote is delivered as the early signs of Arthur beginning to lose faith in Dutch’s philosophy. At this point, Arthur realizes they are not about saving people, but rather about killing and robbing them.

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11. “You’re my favorite parasite…no, wait, ringworm’s my favorite parasite, you’re my second-favorite parasite… I lied. Ringworm, then rats with the plague, then you”

This quote is a favorite of many and is released as Arthur and his Uncle walk through town together. The character, Arthur, makes a real show when trying to decide which is his favorite parasite. With a lot of humor, this quote lets everyone know how little Arthur thinks of his Uncle.

12. “Maybe we should cut you open and count the rings of whiskey”

This quote is another dig at Arthur’s Uncle. He references his Uncle’s alcoholism and how old he is as he insinuates he’d like to kill the man.

13. “Should I just… sneak on now?”

Arthur’s quotes are hilarious, such as this one delivered as a train speeds by which Arthur was supposed to board and rob. When the U.S. Army train sails past without Arthur, he delivers this speech to his comrades and right in Dutch’s face.

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Summary of Arthur Morgan Quotes

Depending on how well you do in the game will determine the final quote, which appears on Arthur’s gravestone. If you achieve a level of honor for Arthur throughout the game, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness” will be shown on his grave.

If you do not achieve high honor, then the quote, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted,” will appear as the epitaph on his gravestone.

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