The 50 Most Uplifting Law Of Attraction Quotes

The Law of attraction is one of the most powerful things in the world. It has a lot to do with your thought process. Some people are confused about the power of law of attraction. Law of attraction is if you think it, it will happen. You can make things happen in your life simply by thinking about it.

Have you noticed how some people are successful in life while others aren’t so successful? Law of attraction played a huge factor in that. You manifest the things you want in life and it may happen. What does manifesting mean? Manifesting means putting your thoughts into reality. You have to think about what you want to happen in order for it to happen.

If you want success, you have to believe that you will be successful. In order for law of attraction and manifesting to work, you have to believe that things will happen. You can’t just say it once and it will automatically happen. You have to focus on your goals all of the time in order to make it work. Unfortunately, negative manifesting works too. If you constantly think about bad things, that’s what you will attract to yourself.

Law of Attraction Quotes

Here are some quotes that will inspire you to use the law of attraction to manifest the things you want in life.

1. “You are a failure if you fall down and refuse to get back up again.” – by Stephen Richards

2. “When you are a happy person, know how to enjoy life, and have positive energy, people will always want to be around you.” – by Shannon L. Alder

3. “The mind is a powerful weapon. It can trigger good thoughts as well as bad thoughts.” – by Idowu Koyenikan

4. “Never give up on your dreams just because others don’t want to pursue their dreams. Your success doesn’t depend on the negativity of others. Don’t go by what they say only go by proof of what they say. Don’t be shocked if the people who are trying to give you advice can’t prove what they are saying. The negative people who don’ t have positive things in their lives shouldn’t tell you how to achieve your goals.” – by Anthon Saint Maarten

5. “Your reality depends on the thoughts you have throughout the day.” – by Stephen Richards

6. “The way you think will determine whether you will succeed or fail.” – by Stephen Richards

7. “When the odds are stacked against you and you are trapped, the only way out is to move forward and get through it.” – by Stephen Richards

8. “A smart man doesn’t necessarily have book smarts. He is smart because of his powerful mind. He can accomplish what he wants without hurting anyone.” – by Napolean Hill

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9. “It doesn’t matter if your dreams are big or small. Always dream as if your dreams are big.” – by Stephen Richards

10. “ You have to be your own friend before you can befriend other people.” – by Stephen Richards

11. “You believed that you are where you are now so believe that you can get out of your situation.” – by Stephen Richards

12. “People can create their own versions of reality based on how they believe. The beliefs can be so strong that they can change reality.” – by Hope Bradford

13. “You have the power to give yourself anything you want.” – by Janice Trachtman

14. “Don’t let your mind wander and think dangerous thoughts. Train your mind to focus on what you want in life.” – by Stephen Richards

15. “The things you do to others are actually what you are doing to yourself. If you judge or criticize other people, you’re doing the same thing to yourself. If you love and appreciate people, you will love and appreciate yourself.” – by Rhonda Byrne

16. “Learning to manifest is like learning how to make a cake. You supply the things you need. Your mind is mixing everything together. The universe represents the oven that bakes the cake.” – by Stephen Richards

17. “If you want to be successful, you should associate with successful people. If you want that success to last, associate with people who have integrity.” – by Charles F. Glassman

18. “It’s not necessary to be good at something in order for people to like you.” – by Stephen Richards

19. “Don’t be like other people. Be yourself.” – by Stephen Richards

20. “You can’t fix a problem by repeating the same mistakes.” – by Lynn Grabhorn

21. “It doesn’t matter if you believe in luck because the final choice is yours.” – by Stephen Richards

22. “We are trained to hide our special gifts from the world. We eventually have to show the gifts when the time comes for it.” – by Anthon Saint Maarten

23. “In order to have self-confidence, we have to appreciate ourselves without judgment.” – by Stephen Richards

24. “People can succeed if they let themselves believe they can.” – by James Allen

25. “No matter what thought you have and how much time you spend thinking about the thought, you are committed to it. The thoughts will stick with you for life. Thinking about things other than your goals, will distract you and prevent you from achieving your goals.” – by Kevin Michel

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26. “You work hard in order to get what you want. The work is easy when you have others do it for you.” – by Stephen Richards

27. “Poverty is a temporary setback that can be fixed through money.” – by Stephen Richards

28. “Doing nothing will create nothing. Doing something will create success.” – by Stephen Richards

29. “Ignorance can be a blessing. If you don’t know much about something, it can’t hold you back.” – by Stephen Richards

30. “It doesn’t matter if people don’t approve of the way you think. It only matters if what you’re thinking is right for you.” – by Stephen Richards

31. “If you love someone, you should be more concerned with making the person happy instead of being right.” – by Stephen Richards

32. “You can become wealthy by being yourself.” – by Stephen Richards

33. “Dreams begin in your mind. If you think of good things, they will become a reality because you will listen to yourself.” – from Happy Positivity

34. “Make your goal happen now.” – by Stephen Richards

35. “If you don’t like where your future is heading, use your mind to create the future you want.” – by Stephen Richards

36. “Be grateful for what you have so positive things can manifest towards you.” – by Stephen Richards

37. “When you are in trouble the first thing to do is to ask for help.” – by Stephen Richards

38. “It’s always great to win, but if that’s not enough for you nothing will ever be enough.” – by Stephen Richards

39. “When you succeed at something you thought you wouldn’t, you can achieve anything you want.” – by Stephen Richards

40. “The fastest way to get what you want is to use your mind. It’s easy to do because all you have to do is sit and think about what you want.” – by Stephen Richards

41. “Try not to worry about whether your goal is going to happen or not. If you do that, you will free yourself from fear and be able to focus on what you want.” – by Stephen Richards

42. “The only thing I need around me is money.” – by Stephen Richards

43. “Even though money can’t buy happiness, it doesn’t mean money and happiness can’t go together.” – by Stephen Richards

44. “Imagine that what you want is already yours. Realize that the things you want will come to you when you need them. Don’t worry about it coming to you. Don’t focus on what you don’t have. Keep thinking that it’s yours and that you already have it.” – by Robert Collier

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45. “We are what we think.” – by Buddha

46. “If you believe it, you can achieve it.” – by W. Clement Stone

47. “The word impossible was created by men who wanted to accept the world the way it was instead of trying to change it. The word is not a fact. It is only an opinion. Impossible is not the final say on anything. It’s a temporary feeling that can go away if you work on it.” – Muhammad Ali

48. “To achieve our goals, you have to do more than act on it. You must dream. Don’t worry about planning and start believing in your goal.” – by Anatole France

49. “If you don’t have an idea of where you’re going, you will end up in the wrong destination.” – by Yogi Berra

50. “When a door to happiness is closed, another one will open. The problem is people tend to overthink the closed door and ignore the door that is open.” – by Helen Keller

Apply these Law of Attraction Quotes to your Life Today!

The Law of attraction takes practice and repetition in order to work. There are some people who are skeptical about the power of manifesting what you want to happen. Manifesting your goals is a harmless way to get what you want in life. And staying focused on the vision of what you want your life’s journey to be about will help give you a focus and a purpose to your daily life.

In short, you have to take the time to think positively about that specific goal. You have to believe that you have already achieved your goal and focus on it. If you think about negative things constantly, you will also welcome negative energy. There’s no scientific proof that law of attraction works, but it doesn’t hurt to try it and see if you will be successful. If you stay devoted to positive thoughts, positive things can happen for you. The quotes are a tool to help you learn how to utilize the law of attraction to get what you want in life.


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