The 52 Most Inspiring Vision Board Quotes

Do you have a dream that you want to accomplish in life? Most people want to do something that they have been dreaming about for a long time. You can create what is called a vision board. In case you are wondering what a vision board is, it’s a board that contains your dreams and aspirations. Literally you can take a board of any type and attach things that inspire your future vision. They can be cut outs from magazines. Things you draw. Photos. Quotes. Or whatever inspires you.

The vision board is a way to help inspire you to achieve your goals. It’s like a motivational tool to help remind you to do the things you want to do in order to achieve your goal. Vision boards can be created in a variety of ways. You can put your visions or goals up through pictures or quotes. It doesn’t matter what’s there as long as it’s a reminder of what you want to accomplish, and inspires your vision.  Below we have put together some inspiring quotes.

We recommend you print this page and then cut out the quotes that inspire you and add them to your vision board so they can help inspire you to achieve your goals.

Vision Board Quotes

Here are some quotes for your vision board.

1. “Be strong. Take a chance. You can’t put a price on knowledge.” – by Unknown

2. “If you want to love the person you are, you have to get over the things you did in the past that you aren’t proud of.” – by Unknown

3. “Give yourself a few minutes to be emotional. After that, you have to be tough.” – by Unknown

4. “Do things while you’re able to do them. Don’t focus on the financial aspect of it. Just make it happen. The memory of the experience will last longer than the money.” – by Unknown

5. “You’re not the same you that you were in the past. You change every day. Knowledge never stops.” – by Unknown

6. “You only live once. You need to decide how you want to spend that life. Do you want to apologize for everything? Are you spending it regretting what you’ve done? Are you questioning the moves you made? Do you hate yourself? Are you always dieting? Do you chase after people who don’t want to be bothered with you? You need to be strong. Have faith in yourself. Do the things that make you feel good about yourself. Take chances in life. This is the only life you have. Do something that will make you proud.” – by Shelley Ourian

7. “Take chances because the failures aren’t the problem. The problem is not trying at all.” – by Shelley Ourian

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8. “Never regret the things you do. If it works out, it’s a good thing. If it doesn’t, than you learned something from it.” – by Shelley Ourian

9. “You should live your life before you become too old to do it. Don’t waste time being afraid. Don’t ever regret what you’ve done.” – by Shelley Ourian

10. “Spend so much time enjoying your life that you won’t have time to let bad thoughts get in your head.” – by Unknown

11. “The future is like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute, but you can’t take the easy way out by living in the past just because it’s safe. It will be easy to go back to your old ways, but it will be wrong.” – From

12. “If you are feeling down, it’s because you haven’t moved on from the past. If you are scared, you are too focused on the future. If you are living in tranquility, you are living in the moment.” – by Shelly Ourian

13. “I shut the door on my past life. I will focus on my future. I will exhale and walk through the door to start my new life.” – from Book Of Quotes

14. “If you don’t say goodbye to yesterday, it will ruin your tomorrow. Focus on what today has in store for you. Don’t think about what the past has taken from you.” – by Unknown

15. “Embrace your old self without worrying about it. Take care of your present with determination. Prepare for your future without being scared.” – by Unknown

16. “Once you start to lose faith in yourself, remember the things you have overcome. Think of all of the challenges you have won and all the bad things you have overcome.” – by Shelley Ourian

17. “Hold on to your dream and trust the steps you have to make in order to make it happen.” – by RKG

18. “Have faith that things will happen in time.” – by Unknown

19. “Taking risks could lead to failure, but if you don’t take the risk it will guarantee that you will fail.” – by RKG

20. “Don’t let what happened in the past determine what happens in the future.” – by Unknown

21. “Your dreams are too big to waste time telling them to people who don’t care.” – by Unknown

22. “Things are different but I’m still the same.” – by Dry Your Eyes

23. “Think outside of the box.” – by Unknown

24. “The only person who could tell you about your future is you.” – by Boss Babe

25. “Your past may not have gone the way you wanted, but it’s not too late for your future to be what you want it to be.” – from

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26. “Accomplish something that you will be grateful for later on in life.” – by Unknown

27. “There are many opportunities ahead of you so don’t worry about the past.” – by CS Lewis

28. “We get a chance to do something new each day. We have the opportunity to change who we are. It gives us the opportunity to do something better. Keep your past where it is. Let it stay there. Focus on your future.” – by Unknown

29. “Always treat your goals in a serious way.” – by Unknown

30. “Your future is determined on the things you do in the present.” – by Gandhi

31. “Don’t let fear keep you from taking risks and failing. Be afraid of being in the same spot you were in previously.” – from Girls Building Empires

32. “Think about the things that could go right in your life instead of the things that could go wrong.” – by Unknown

33. “When you believe in your dreams, the future is yours.” – by Unknown

34. “Work hard now so you won’t have to work hard in the future.” – by Unknown

35. “You won’t find happiness if you continue to hold on to bad things that were holding you back.” – by Shelley Ourian

36. “She’s the type of woman who knows her success comes from her soul.” – from the Success Club

37. “Refusing to let go means you can’t forget the past. Moving on means you know that there’s a future ahead of you.” – Daphne Rose Kingma

38. “The day you let go of someone who hurt you, is the day you start living your life.” – Unknown

39. “Holding on to the past is the same as letting an anchor keep you down.” – Carrie Bradshaw

40. “Your future will be better than your past.” – Unknown

41. “Even though you’re not perfect and have flaws, you are still beautiful.” – Amy Bloom

42. “Try to remain the same, but always be a better version of yourself.” – Karl G Maeser

43. “The way you treat yourself shows others how to treat you.” – Rupi Kaur

44. “You have been putting yourself down for a long time and it hasn’t worked out for you. Try complimenting yourself and see how far that will take you.” –  Louise Hay

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45. “Don’t go through life trying to find yourself. Create your own life.” – George Bernard Shaw

46. “Every time we overcome a fear, we get stronger, have more courage, and belief in what we’re doing.” – by Theodore Roosevelt

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47. “The best way to get more confidence is to do something you’re afraid to do. By doing this, you are building up your experience level.” – by William Jennings Bryan

48. “You don’t have to achieve your goal at a certain time to still be successful.” – by Misty Copeland

49. “Being yourself can be a beautiful thing. Don’t waste your time getting approval from others. You only need to approve of yourself.” – Nhat Hanh

50. “Becoming true to yourself happens when you stop trying to be who you think you are and start accepting who you really are.” – Brene Brown

51. “Never forget that you have more courage than you think you have, stronger than you believe you are, and smarter than you realize.” – Christopher Robin

52. “If people did what they think they can do, they would shock themselves.” – by Thomas Alva Edison

How to Make a Vision Board that Really Works!

If you really want to try a vision board, check out this video to learn a few quick tips you can apply right now.

I was most surprised by #5. These tips will help you start making a vision board today to help guide you tomorrow!

Use a Vision Board this Week to Focus Your Life’s Journey

Vision boards are very helpful when you are trying to achieve your goals. The vision boards help make your goals and aspirations real and attainable. They can make your dream a reality. The boards are helpful to achieving your goal, but you also have to work for it. It won’t happen if you don’t put the effort into it.

You should always look at your vision board to make sure you’re doing everything you’re supposed to do to get what you want. The more you do it, you will fulfill your dream. The vision board is a daily reminder of what you want to do with your life.

Check out the quotes on the board everyday if you want to make your dreams a reality. It can happen if you want to make it happen. These quotes are designed to inspire you to make your dreams come true.

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