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Quotes about life collection provides many meaningful and inspiring quotes for those who want to cherish life, to live better, to live fullest life, don’t want waist time or feel confused about life.

sad quotes - anquotes

119 Smart Sad Quotes To Tell You How To Deal With Sadness

You won’t find a single soul who has not faced sorrows or sad events in life. Such occasions might be about one’s career, life...
Destiny quotes - anquotes

75 Insightful Destiny Quotes That Can Change Your Future

Do we create our own destiny or our lives are already pre-planned? Does destiny depend on the Karma we have been gathering since lifetimes?...
Karma Quotes - anquotes

Top 75 Best-kept Secrets Of Karma Quotes To Get A Better Life

Nowadays we hear a lot about Karma. According to Hinduism and Buddhism, it is the sum of a person's actions in this and previous...
adorable quotes for life - anquotes

Using 72 Adorable Quotes For Life As Strategies Like The Pros

Life is a wonderful gift. Sadly, we tend to forget that amid stress and worries of modern life. We are inclined to take things...
quotes on pain - anquotes

75 Wisdom Quotes On Pain Will Help You Growth From The Pains

We all have some emotional baggage. We all have made some mistakes, took wrong decisions and have our own regrets. All this could result...
deep quotes about life - anquotes

123 Meaningful Deep Quotes About Life To Supercharge Your Life

Life is tough or easy? Actually, it’s depends on how we react to life. What determines how we treat life? It is our understanding...
prayer quotes - anquotes

78 Inspirational Prayer Quotes You Need To Learn To Live Peacefully

My friends pray to pass examinations. My cousin prays to get her favorite job. We pray for a wide range of reasons. Prayer is...
motivational quotes for women - anquotes

100 Motivational Quotes For Women To Make Them Heads Up

She is strong, she is beautiful, she is worthy, she is imperfect but let her be. She is your mother, sister, lover and friend;...
funny motivational quotes - anquotes

54 Funny Motivational Quotes To Keep You Going When You Are At Your Low

Mitivation plays a bigger part in whatever we do - be it the early morning walk, losing some pounds, or succeeding in exams. Each...
funny quotes about lazy people - anquotes

25 Funny Quotes About Lazy People That Will Inspire You Move On

Severe procrastination patients? Always like to make excuses for your laziness? You are lacking of motivation. Let the following funny quotes about lazy people...

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