39 Quotes about When People Suck

Do you have people in your life who get on your nerves? Do you deal with people who insist on being irritating and annoying? There seem to be a lot of people around us who do nasty things to us. They will do them and not even think twice about it. Have you found yourself in a position where you had to deal with people like that? Unfortunately you are going to come across people in life who suck.

A lot of times people suck because they are negative people. They want you to feel as bad about life as they do. They don’t want you to lift yourself up and do more for yourself. They want to bring you down with them. They are okay with you when you are down, but don’t want to be bothered with you when you rise up and accomplish your goals. They don’t want more in life and don’t want you to have more either.

They can be selfish and don’t even care. They want to be successful, but don’t want to see other people succeed. If they are successful, they want to rub it in other people’s faces. Most of the time they don’t think about the consequences of their actions when they hurt people. Their jealousy is very transparent and it’s not right at all.

In addition to their jealousy, they can be judgmental. They are quick to judge you if you do something wrong or they don’t approve of it. These same people will not praise you for anything. Their actions make it easy to think people suck.

People Suck Quotes

These quotes are about people who suck. If you landed on this page, we are guessing you are having a bad day. Sorry…hopefully these quotes will help lighten your mood a bit.

1. “In life you have to realize people are terrible human beings so there’s no point in trying to see anything good in them when there isn’t.” – by Unknown

2. “There are three facts in life. The first fact is evil people suck. Fact number two is that you can be a good person and still deal with bad things. Fact number three no matter how hard you try, good doesn’t always win.” – by Susane Colasanti

3. “One day it will become clear to you why hurricanes are named after people.” – by F. Scott Fitzgerald

4. “If people are trying to destroy you, that means you’re better than them.” – by Unknown

5. “I don’t understand what you’re saying. It sounds like garbage to me.” – from HpLyrikz.com

6. “There is not enough hours in the day to worry about people who take the life out of you.” – by Unknown

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7. “People may think life is terrible when in fact it’s the people in your life that are terrible.” – by Unknown

8. “In life, people basically suck.” – by Christopher Moore

9. “Never depend on other people in your life because most of them suck.” – by Unknown

10. “Don’t be fooled. In life, people don’t always change. Their true colors are just showing.” – from The Good Vibe

11. “Most strong women were once weak girls who had to teach themselves how to move on and not rely on anyone else.” – from Amazing Me Movement

12. “I don’t want to waste time being around people who need to change. I want to surround myself with people who are positive and want to do things with their lives.” – by Unknown

13. “One thing I know is true. People know how to make bad things even worse. Despite how bad life gets, we are too willing to stab each other in the back. We are no different from monsters.” – by Mira Grant

14. “If you’re someone who believes that everything is right with the world, you need to see a psychiatrist. Whenever things are going right you can guarantee someone will mess them up. This rule should be considered a law in life.” – by Athol Fugard

15. “People are separated in two categories. People who treat you right and people who don’t treat you right. Don’t let the people who don’t treat you right run your life. Focus on the people who treat you right and live your life.” – by Avijeet Das

16. “Good things don’t last long because of vindictive people. If it weren’t for the vindictive people, we could have done better in life and achieved what we wanted.” – by Catherynne M. Valente

17. “My pets were better people than actual humans.” – by Fakeer Ishavardas

18. “Most people are terrible people. It’s better to accept it and deal with it.” – by Fakeer Ishavardas

19. “People won’t refer to you by name even if you are wearing a nametag. You may as well not even be living while you’re on the clock. Employees may as well be objects who don’t have feelings. You aren’t a person until you are off the clock. You’re a monster while you’re working. We don’t exist to anyone. No one will come near you unless they need something.” – by J. Cornell Michel

20. “Kindness is what mean people see as weak.” – by Patrick Rothfuss

21. “It’s not easy to hate or dislike someone. Unfortunately when it happens, it doesn’t leave your mind. It can last for a long time.” – by Shivam Singh

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22. “ You should be yourself unless you are a horrible person.” – by Joss Whedon

23. “Remember there will always be roadblocks to your road to success. You will also have people telling you that you suck.” – by Post Malone

24. “People who don’t have any talent or any clothes on are constantly insulting my albums. Why should I listen to them?” – by Prince

25. “If you say the government is bad, you may as well be saying we are bad.” – by Michael Moore

26. “You may not like what you do for a living and you might not have enough sleep, but you’re not alone. We’ve all been there. It doesn’t give you the right to be a terrible person.” –by Ani DiFranco

27. “The need to want to be perfect and putting things off go hand and hand. You make excuses to avoid the work out of fear of being judged by people who suck.” – by Jen Sincero

28. “I used to love people, but they managed to destroy that feeling for me.” – by Unknown

29. “Selfish people are only concerned with what they want. They don’t concern themselves about good people.” – by Ouida

30. “You are a horrible person. You need to change that.” – by Unknown

31. “Being fake seems to be a popular trend. Everyone wants to be trendy.” – by Ralph Howe

32. “When people show you two sides to themselves, they are letting you know that neither of them can be trusted.” – from myinstaquotes.com

33. “People generally suck, but one person can be amazing.” – by Jim Butcher

34. “There are two types of people who can walk into a room. One person can walk in a room and light it up. The other person can walk in and suck the light right out of the room.” – by Peter Mullan

35. “When evil people no longer have a say over what you do, they will change the minds of the way other people see you. It’s not right, but you should have faith that people will see the truth the same way you did.” – by Jill Blakeway

36. “People can be manipulators. They will treat you badly and make you believe you’re to blame. Don’t believe that. It’s the type of people they are. Be the bigger person and walk away from that person. Do what benefits you.” – from Motivational Quotes

37. “Mean people need people they see as weak so they can continue to be mean. They may as well be bullies.” – by Stuart Aken

38. “It’s time for me to get over being mad at others. I just have to realize that I can’t expect much from everyone no matter how hard I try.” – by Keara Pope

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39. “There are certain people you need to get out of your life immediately. You need to get rid of negative people. You should get rid of people who always criticize you. You need to rid yourself of people who waste your time. You need to get rid of jealous people. It’s time to get rid of people who play the victim role. You should get rid of people who don’t care about you. Self-centered people need to get out of your life. You need to get rid of people who won’t waste time disappointing you.” – by Unknown


People suck for a variety of reasons. Behavior like this can be brought on by human nature. Most of us are raised to be good people, but still end up sucking in the end. They don’t want you to succeed at anything you try to achieve. They want to see you suffer and enjoy watching it happen. You don’t even have to do anything to them and they will still enjoy your downfall. They thrive on watching you fail at something. They will be envious when you do succeed at something.

Unfortunately, your family and friends can be the main ones who bring you down. They may not want you to have anything just like your enemies. They aren’t satisfied with their lives so they don’t want you to find satisfaction either. There are people who think they are better than others and feel you’re supposed to be inferior to them. The people who do this are usually ones who have power over you.

They have no problem treating you like dirt because they feel you are beneath them. Unfortunately no matter what you do in life, you will come across people who suck. The best solution is not to stoop to their level. These quotes are to help people dealing with negative people in their lives.

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