25 Crazy Quotes from American Psycho

American Psycho was released in 2000. The movie is a black comedy as well as a psychological thriller. It’s about a banker named Patrick (played by Christian Bale) who wants the finer things in life. He likes to put on heirs for his fiancée (Reese Witherspoon) as well as his associates and friends. He doesn’t even like the people that he wants to impress. Patrick is secretly seeing another woman (Samantha Mathis) behind his fiancée’s back. He’s a successful businessman during the day and turns into a psycho killer at night. He’s basically like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. There’s a detective (Willem Dafoe) who is determined to catch the killer by all costs.

This movie portrays how a man can be normal one minute and a psycho killer the next minute. It has quite a few memorable quotes throughout the film. Patrick has a lot of classic lines throughout the movie. The other characters also have some decent lines in the film.

American Psycho Quotes

This is a list of quotes from American Psycho:

1. “People have this belief of who I really am. They think they know the real Patrick Bateman, but they don’t. They only know what’s in their mind. I can hide how I feel about you. When you shake my hand, you can feel a tight grip coming from me. You may even think we have similar backgrounds. You would be wrong to think that. I am not at that level.” – by Patrick

2. “Waiter: would you like to know the specials for today?

Patrick: Not if you want to lose a body part.”

3. “My obsession with killing people cannot be changed. I have no other way to get the things I need and want.” – by Patrick

4. “Patrick: I have a couple of thoughts in my head whenever I see a beautiful woman. One of my thoughts is that I want to date her. I want to say the right things and treat her the way she wants to be treated.

David Van Patten: What is the other thing that you’re thinking?

Patrick: I would love to imagine her head on a stick.”

5. “I suffer from terrible pain and don’t have dreams for a peaceful world for anyone. I want people to suffer the way I suffer. I don’t want anyone to be free from pain. I don’t feel any better admitting this fact. The pain I feel continues to bother me and I gain no insight on who I really am.” – by Patrick

6. “Patrick: I don’t think we should continue dating each other anymore.

Evelyn: We have the same friends. It would be hard to avoid seeing each other. It will be hard to make the break up work and still see our friends.

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Patrick: You’re right. We do have the same friends and I’ve decided that you can keep them.”

7. “Christie: I love your place. It looks amazing. How much did it cost?

Patrick: It’s not really your business to know. If you need to know that badly, it’s expensive.”

8. “Paul got me mixed up with this guy named Marcus. It’s understandable because Marcus works in the same place and has the same job. He also wears the same types of clothes and glasses as I do. We even get our hair cut by the same person even though my hair always looks better.” – by Patrick

9. “Craig: If they have great attitudes and are ugly, who cares.

Patrick: What if they have great attitudes?

David: There are women who don’t have great attitudes. To me, a great attitude is a woman with a great body who will please you sexually without being too sexually aggressive and will know when to shut up.

Craig: The only girls with great attitudes and brains are ugly.

David: You’re right.

Craig: They have to overcompensate for how ugly they are.”

10. “To look at me, I can be human. I have all of the traits of a human being. The only emotions I have are greed and disgust. Something is going on and I don’t know what it is or why it’s happening to me. The evil thoughts that I have at night are now happening during the day. I am dangerous and I won’t be able to hide it for much longer.” – by Patrick

11. “There is no way to empathize with others in the world we live in today. It’s always easier to feel empathy for ourselves instead of others.” – by Patrick

12. “When I go to Paul’s apartment, I use the keys that I stole from him. I do panic when I check out his place and see that it’s better than mine.” – by Patrick

13. “I like to cut up women. In case you didn’t know, I’m crazy.” – by Patrick

14. “Patrick: I watch what I eat.

Jean: You watch what you eat? You look amazing. You don’t need to watch what you eat because you’re fit.

Patrick: People should always try to look their best because someone will always be thinner and better looking.

Jean: Maybe we should stay in instead of going out so you won’t be tempted to eat.

Patrick: It doesn’t matter because I can’t control the feeling anyway.”

15. “I’m not trying to turn you into an alcoholic, but you are not drinking that very expensive wine. I didn’t poison it so what’s the problem?” – by Patrick

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16. “You’re not really a blonde are you? Your hair is more dirty blonde.” – by Patrick

17. “Are you a Phil Collins fan? I’ve been a fan of his group since his group released their album Duke in 1980. Before that album came out, I didn’t care for their music. It was too smart for me. I became a fan of Phil Collins when the group did the album Duke. One of their best songs is Invisible Touch. It has a great message to it. The song also gives meaning to their three other albums. I want you to take off your robe, Christie and listen to the group perform together. You can hear every instrument they’re playing. Sabrina, take off your clothes. Based on the songwriting, this album is incredibly professional. I want you to dance, Sabrina. Listen to the words in Land Of Confusion. Phil Collins talks about political issues. In Too Deep is a meaningful song about being in a committed relationship. I think it sends a positive message in rock. The lyrics to the song are the most positive words I’ve ever heard. I believe that Phil Collins solo career is more commercial and more satisfying. Songs like In The Air Tonight and Against All Odds are more satisfying. On the other hand, Phil Collins is a better artist with the group than he is by himself.” – by Patrick

18. “Evelyn: Why are you leaving?

Patrick: I have to go.

Evelyn: Why do you have to go?

Patrick: I have to go to the video store.”

19. “Jean: Have you ever wanted to make someone feel happy?

Patrick: I want to know what it’s like to be in a committed relationship with someone.”

20. “The guy you’re dating is out of town. You’re screwing me, but we don’t have plans to see each other. What in the world could you be doing?” – by Patrick

21. “Patrick: I’m warning you if you stay, I’m not responsible for what will happen to you. I’m giving you a chance to go.

Jean: I probably won’t stay because I don’t want you to leave marks on me.”

22. “Evelyn: You hate that job so I don’t understand why you stay at it.

Patrick: I want to make friends with people.”

23. “Courtney: Will I even hear from you before the holiday?

Patrick: Possibly.”

24. “Patrick: Did you want to ask me anything about myself?

Daisy: What do you do for a living?

Patrick: I’m into killings and executions mainly.

Daisy: Do you like what you do?

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Patrick: It depends on the situation. Why do you ask?

Daisy: Because the guys I know don’t like working in mergers and acquisitions.”

25. “My name is Patrick. I’m almost 30 years old. I keep myself in shape. If I get up in the morning and my face is puffy, I put an ice pack on it while I do sit ups. I can do 1,000 sit-ups with the ice pack on my face. After I take the ice pack off, I use a pore cleanser lotion. When I take a shower, I use a gel cleanser, an almond body scrub, and a gel scrub on my face. I wear a mask for 10 minutes while I get ready for my day. When I use after-shave, I use one with a little bit of alcohol because it dries out your face and makes you appear older. I moisturize my face and put on an anti-aging cream and a moisturizer.” – by Patrick


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American Psycho Video

This is a rather appalling scene from American Psycho Movie in which Patrick Bateman invites a colleague over for dinner and then murders him. It is a classic horrifying scene from the movie.

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Christian Bale as well as the rest of the cast seemed to have a great time reciting these quotes throughout the movie. There are a lot of classic lines in the film, but it is a very dark movie indeed! Whether you like his character or not, Patrick had a lot of interesting and quotable lines in the movie. He seemed to have a lot of fun reciting these lines. The other characters had lines like that as well. The screenwriters did an excellent job with the dialogue for this film. If you have seen this movie before, than you should be familiar with the lines in it. If you haven’t seen it, the quotes will give you a reason to check it out. The lines will be enjoyable whether you have seen it or not.

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