17 of the Funniest and Most Memorable Blues Brothers Quotes

The Blues Brothers is a comedy and a musical that was released in 1980. It’s a movie about redemption. The movie is about a man named Jake (John Belushi) who gets released from prison. He reconnects with his brother Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) after he gets out of prison.

Before Jake went to prison, they formed an r&b band called The Blues Brothers. Jake received a message from God telling him to do something good. Jake finds out that the orphanage he and Elwood grew up in is being sold into foreclosure.

Jake makes it his number one mission to save the orphanage from foreclosure. They have to find a way to come up with $5,000 in order to save the place. They believe they can earn even more than that.

So the Blues Brothers decide to get their old band back together to raise the money.

They want to perform thinking they could earn quite a bit of money to save the orphanage.

The plan isn’t easy for them and they have to track down the other members from the band who have moved on to form another group. They have to face obstacles because they have enemies that don’t want them to succeed and they also have to get the money in time so the nuns wouldn’t lose the orphanage.

Overall, this comedy has a lot of classic lines in it and has become a cult classic from the era it represents.

Here are our favorite lines from The Blues Brothers Movie:

Blues Brothers Quotes

1. “Jake: Why didn’t you write to the band? You know they aren’t the type of people who sit around writing letters to people. You were free while I was locked up. It was your job to stay in touch with the band. How many times did I ask you if we were gonna get back together?

Elwood: What was I supposed to do destroy your dream? Take away the only hope you had while you were locked up? I chose to lie to you. Is that okay?”

2. “Elwood: What type of music do you guys play here?

Claire: We have two kinds of music. We have country and western music.”

3. “When you find the person you love, you gotta hold on to that person. You have to do everything you can to make that person feel loved. You have to prove your love by touching the person because they wanna know how special they are to you.” – by Elwood

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4. “Jake: How much do you want for the girl? How much do you want for the woman?

Father: What did you say?

Jake: I’m talking about your women. I’m interested in buying both of them. I want you to sell your daughter to me. Actually, I want you to sell your children to me.”

5. “I’m telling you the truth. I didn’t have any gas. My tire was done. I didn’t have any money to get a cab. I didn’t have anything to wear because my tuxedo was in the cleaners. I had a visitor come in from out of town. My car was stolen. I suffered in a natural disaster. There was a bad flood. I had to deal with locusts. None of this was my fault I swear to you. I would have made it to the wedding if it weren’t for all of that.” – by Jake

6. “Jake: Bring me some chicken and a soda.

Mrs. Murphy: You want wings or legs?

Jake: I want chicken and a coke.”

7. “Elwood: You said you were gonna see the Penguin when you were released from prison.

Jake: I don’t care. I lied to her.

Elwood: You’re not supposed to lie to a nun. We’re going to see the Penguin.”

8. “We won’t get caught. We are doing God’s work.” – by Jake

9. “Murphy ‘Murph’ Dunne: Tell me something about this piano.

Ray: That’s a good eye you have there. That piano is the best one in Chicago.

Jake: How much is it?

Ray: For $2,000, you can have it. You can take it with you now. In fact, I’ll even give you the black keys for free.”

10. “Jake: What’s the plan on getting the band back together, Mr. Expert? The police have all of your information.

Elwood: They don’t have all of it. They don’t know where I live. I lied about where I live. I wrote down the wrong address. I wrote 1060 West Addison.

Jake: That address is for Wrigley Field.

Elwood: You think I didn’t know that? Why do you think I used that address?”

11. “Jake: What is this supposed to be?

Elwood: What’s wrong with it?

Jake: What is this stupid car you have? What happened to the Cadillac? Where’s the Caddy?

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Elwood: What are you talking about?

Jake: I’m talking about the Cadillac we had. You know, the Bluesmobile?

Elwood: I traded it in.

Jake: You traded our car for this piece of garbage?

Elwood: No I didn’t. I traded it in for a microphone.

Jake: You traded our car for a microphone? I understand that, but what in the world is this supposed to be?

Elwood: I got this on sale. I got it at a police auction last year. It’s an old police car. They may as well have been giving them away.

Jake: Can you believe this? When I finally get released from prison, my brother has the nerve to come and get me in a cheap police car. I get to ride in another police car.

Elwood: I take it you don’t like the car?

Jake: I hate it.”

12. “Mrs. Murphy: What would you like?

Elwood: I would like some toasted bread.

Mrs. Murphy: Did you want butter or jam on that?

Elwood: I don’t want anything. I like it dry.”

13. “You guys are so disappointing. I was praying for you. It breaks my heart to know that the men I raised to honor the Commandments came back as crooks with dirty mouths and terrible attitudes.” – by Sister Mary Stigmata

14. “Jake: How many times does this train pass by here?

Elwood: It passes by so much people never notice it going by.”

15. “Elwood: It’s over 100 miles to Chicago. We got plenty of gas in the tank. We got enough cigarettes to get us by. It is pitch black outside and we got sunglasses on.

Jake: Let’s go.”

16. “Mrs. Murphy: We got two white guys out here dressed like diamond smugglers.

Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy: You don’t say.

Mrs. Murphy: They’re dressed like their agents or something.

Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy: What do you think they want to eat?

Mrs. Murphy: The taller one of the two wants dry toast.

Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy: That would be Elwood.

Mrs. Murphy: The shorter one of the two wants fried chicken and a soda.

Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy: That would be Jake. Those guys are the Blues Brothers.”

17. “You are such a dog. I saved myself for you. I stood in that church waiting for you to come in front of all my family and friends. My uncle hired the best caterers in the country. My father used his last favor in order to get us seven limousines for the wedding party. So in honor of me and my family, I am going to kill you and your brother.” – by The Mystery Woman

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Blues Brothers – Video clip of all the Epic Lines

Here’s a brief video. You can see most of the epic lines from the movie. I guarantee if you watch this, you will want to watch the Blues Brother movie again this week!

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Do these Blues Brothers Quotes remind you of the 1980’s?

The Blues Brothers is a timeless classic. It came out June 20, 1980 and the lines are still just as funny as they were when the movie was released. John Landis and Dan Aykroyd wrote the script and supplied a lot of quotable lines throughout the movie. Dan Aykroyd is known for comedy so it wasn’t a surprise he was able to come up with classic lines for this movie.

The director, John Landis,  proved he could write comedy as well as quotable lines. The cast does an excellent job making these quotes sound funny. It’s easy to tell that the cast had a good time with this movie. These quotes are an opportunity for fans of the movie to look back and remind them of why the movie made them laugh. It also gives new viewers a chance to discover a classic movie that has a lot of quotable lines in it. And if you want to read more about redemption, be sure to see our amazing set of quotes about redemption.

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