51 Antibullying Quotes

Bullying has become a very big problem in the world. It’s getting so bad that people are taking their lives because they can’t handle what’s being done to them. Bullies need to be handled severely so they can stop hurting people emotionally and physically. Everyone can’t take that type of torture. There are some quotes and sayings that may help ease the pain of bullying.

Anti-Bullying Quotes

Here are some antibullying quotes for people who are experiencing bullying and need some inspiration on how to deal with it. And if you need someone to speak with, scroll down to the end of the post for some resources for bullying.

1. “People deserve the chance to live a life of freedom and happiness. No one should be harassed for no reason whatsoever.” – by Barack Obama

2. “Bullies enjoy doing everything they can to push your panic button. You need to have the strength to stand up for yourself and ignore them. Be in control of yourself and don’t give in to what the bullies want. They want you to be weak so you have to be strong.” – by Donna Schoenrock

3. “Don’t ever let anyone force you to be quiet. You have a voice and you aren’t a victim. Don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life. Make your own decisions.” – by Harvey Fierstein

4. “Bullies will never get anywhere in life by putting other people down.” – by Jeffrey Benjamin

5. “Victimizing is destroying our kids’ lives. Uniqueness has become a bad thing. Children who have become bullies are ruining their own lives. We have to protect our children whether they are the victims or the villains. All of the kids are hurting one way or another.” – by Cat Cora

6. “Bullying has turned itself into a way to gain control over people. Most bullies think they are normal, but they are really animals.” – by Bona

7. “Victimizing someone through the computer is still bullying. Hiding behind a computer doesn’t change the fact that you are still hurting someone.” – by Unknown

8. “Cyber bullies think they have it easy because they can hide their faces and don’t have to hurt anyone physically. They are still causing harm to others even behind anonymity.” – by Unknown

9. “Try to help people because the world has more than enough enemies.” – by Dave Willis

10. “If you witness someone getting bullied and don’t help them, you are worse than the bully.” – by Unknown

11. “If you can’t make a decision about a wrong doing, you have already chose to side with the enemy. If someone is getting attacked, and you say you don’t have an opinion, the victim won’t care that you are neutral. You have to speak up.” – by Unknown

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12. “If you don’t do anything to help the victims, you are basically giving a bully permission to attack people. Some people are scared that they will be attacked themselves if they help out or turn in the bullies. Some of the bystanders have guilt for years to come which doesn’t help the victim.” – by Unknown

13. “Think twice before you bully someone because the person you bully may be the one to save your life one day.” – by Unknown

14. “It’s better to be considered a nobody than to be considered an evil person.” – by Abraham Lincoln

15. “Kids should be able to live without the worry of being bullied. It’s past time that people stood up for what was right.” – by Katherine Jenkins

16. “You are not the reason why you are being harassed. People harass you because of the type of people they are.” – by Jessie J

17. “Bullies’ goals are to hurt you, take over who you are, and ruin your happiness. Don’t let the bullies ruin your day, control who you are, or ruin your happiness.” – by Tanya Masse

18. “Torturing someone isn’t a fun thing to do or go through. It’s bad to make someone go through that pain. If you are the victim of bullying, you are not to blame. No one should ever be in this position.” – by Raini Rodriquez

19. “If someone is trying to ruin your life, it means that your life was better than theirs in the first place.” – by Unknown

20. “A misconception that bullies make is that a person who is nice is weak. They insist on taking kindness for weakness. Being nice isn’t the same as being weak. It takes a lot of courage to be a good person.” – by Mary Elizabeth William

21. “When you harass someone, you are responsible for when someone attacks you back. You brought it on yourself.” – Jay Asher

22. “Try to remember that bullies pick on you because they are insecure and want what you have. When people make fun of you or point out your flaws, this is a chance for you to rise above it.” – by Zac Efron

23. “If bullying is the fire, then courage is the water to put out the flame.” – by Benjamin Disraeli

24. “Attacking someone doesn’t help the situation. Love is the answer. Love will be what helps fix the situation.” – by Unknown

25. “People who have good self-esteem don’t hurt people. When you hate yourself, it allows you to want to make others feel as bad as you do.” – by Dan Pearce

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26. “Harassing someone for no reason is terrible. It has the potential to haunt you for the rest of your life. It ruins your spirit, but only if you allow it to do so.” – by Heather Brewer

27. “You should always choose to be kind and stop hurting people.” – by Jacob Tremblay

28. “People harass others because they are cowards who need to build up their own egos by messing with other people.” – by Bruce Dickinson

29. “It’s cruel to pick on someone for something they can’t change about themselves.” – by Phil Lester

30. “Just because you have the power of free speech doesn’t mean you should bully someone online. You should be careful what you say because words are powerful.” – by Germany Kent

31. “Evil people are weak people because they don’t have the courage to believe in something good. Don’t let this destroy your life.” – by Sean Patrick Brennan

32. “Standing up to harassment is important. It’s just as important for other people to be as brave as you are.” – by Normani Kordei

33. “It’s morally wrong to hurt another person.” – by Shenita Etwaroo

34. “Bullies who try to make you feel inferior know that you are better than you think you are even if you don’t know it.” – by Wayne Gerard Trotman

35. “When bullies see that you’re in a good place and are happy, it makes them lose their power and they don’t have a reason to mess with you.” – by Wendy Mass

36. “Life is a struggle, but not everyone is strong enough to handle it. If they were, there would be no such thing as bullies.” – by Andrew Vachss

37. “The faster people stop taking any type of harassment from others no matter what your worth, the sooner the bullying will be put to an end.” – by Jason Priestley

38. “It’s funny to think that bullies actually believe that harassing someone will build up their character.” – by Sean Covey

39. “You need strength because bullies like to take away your confidence for their own personal gain. Nobody should go through something like that.” – by Bill Goldberg

40. “If people have a problem with you being who you are, continue to do what you are doing.” – by Taylor Swift

41. “People who tease you aren’t looking to fight. They believe they are going to win without having to prove whether they can fight. It’s natural to be scared, but you only have to overcome your fears and you’ll win.” – by Kwame Alexander

42. “ Bullies hurt people because deep down inside, they are the cowards.” – by Eddie Alvarez

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43. “If the goal is to stop bullying in school, teachers and staff have to do something about it.” – by Chris Crutcher

44. “If you’re having a bad day at school and you’re being bullied, it’s because they don’t know who you are. They shouldn’t judge you when they don’t know you.” – by Maisie Williams

45. “Bullying has really affected people. It affects people at the most important times of their lives.” – by Kenny Wormald

46. “No one can harass you without you letting them do it.” – by Eleanor Roosevelt

47. “Be careful what you say because words have power.” – by Timothy Pina

48. “Don’t give anyone the power to tell you that you can’t be who you want to be.” – by Lady Gaga

49. “Don’t judge people before you know who they are. You have no idea what they’ve been through until they let you know.” – by Sarah Moores

50. “If you allow yourself to get bullied, it will continue to happen. You need to stand up for yourself in order to put a stop to it.” – by Charles Djou

51. “Harassment will continue, but we have to do our best to defend ourselves against it.” – by Greyson Chance

We Hope These Anti Bullying Quotes Will Help Improve things for you

Bullying can very bad for the people on the receiving end of it. Bullying can make life miserable for people. Sometimes all it may take to get through the pain is by reading quotes that may teach you how to stand up to a bully. The bullies can also benefit from the quotes because they will open their eyes to what they are doing to people.


Anti-bullying resources:

Here are some resources to help with bullying. They have a lot of information and people you can reach out to for help.

Anti-Bullying Hotlines:

  • Call 911 – if there is a crime or someone at immediate risk of harm.
  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK

Anti-Bullying websites:

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