59 Entertaining and Musical Quotes By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, the original name, Taylor Alison Swift born 13th December 1989 is an American singer, musician, and actress. In 2006, she released her debut single “Tim McGraw,” then her self-titled debut studio album, which was subsequently certified multi-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. In November 2008, Swift released her second album, Fearless, and the record won four Grammy Awards.

Taylor Swift lives with her parents and younger brother, Austin. Taylor’s beloved cat, Olivia Benson, is featured in many of her songs and is widely referred to by fans as an unofficial third member of the Taylor Swift Band.

Not only does Taylor Swift write all of her own music, but she also has penned songs for other recording artists such as Sara Bareilles, Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, and LeAnn Rimes.

Taylor Swift has received a lot of accolades since her debut; she is the recipient of six Grammy Awards, ten American Music Awards, seven Country Music Association Awards, and sixteen Academy of Country Music Awards. She is a legendary musician and below are some of her most inspiring quotes.

Taylor Swift Quotes

1. “We don’t need to share the same opinions as others, but we need to be respectful.”– Taylor Swift

2. “I don’t know why people are so afraid of letting other people like the same things they do.” –Taylor Swift

3. “When you live your life on Twitter and Instagram, it’s all about how many likes you can get. It’s a band-wagon effect.”– Taylor Swift

4. “This business is an emotional roller coaster. One day you’re on top of the world, and then…you’re not.” –Taylor Swift

5. “I wish when I was 12 years old I had been more concerned with going out and seeing a movie than getting my hair done.” –Taylor Swift

6. “The one thing about me is that if I’m going to be successful, it’s because I worked extremely hard.” –Taylor Swift

7. “My parents always taught me that you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” –Taylor Swift

8. “I think the most interesting thing is when an actor doesn’t act. If I could do that, if I never had to go on stage, that would be amazing.”– Taylor Swift

9. “When you’re happy, really happy, it shows. It shines through like a beacon and draws people in like a tractor beam … People can sense when someone is genuinely joyful even if they don’t know why.” -Taylor Swift

10. “I’m probably the least famous person here. Look at the girl standing next to me on stage.” –Taylor Swift

11. “I think I represent something different. I don’t know if people want to put a label on it, but if they do, sure—why not? I consider myself to be kind and genuine. Those are two words that would definitely describe me.”– Taylor Swift

12. I love meeting people who are really successful, but I can’t help thinking to myself how much work it took for you to get there. I just always think about the road that led you down to this moment.” –Taylor Swift

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13. “Everyone’s teenage years are full of angst and drama. Music should capture that.” –Taylor Taylor Swift

14. “I think you just discover who you are as you’re getting older. You find out that personality is something you can develop and change on a daily basis.” –Taylor Swift

15. “You should never say never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.” –Taylor Swift

16. “I’m not dating anybody! It’d be really, really sad if I had to get a boyfriend just so he could give me presents.” –Taylor Swift

17. “I’ve never done drugs. It would be scary to think of doing them alone. Drunk is probably the scariest, because you have no control over what you’re doing.”– Taylor Swift

18. “We live life by trying new things and not really thinking about what could go wrong. That’s how I approach my life.” –Taylor Swift

19. “Just say whatever you have to say. If it’s stupid, fine, but at least let me have your name so when I’m 80, looking back on my career one day, maybe a line or two will jog a memory.”– Taylor Swift

20. “You can’t put your happiness in someone else’s hands.” –Taylor Swift

21. “I feel like watching my dating life has become a bit of a national pastime. And I’m just not comfortable providing that entertainment anymore.” –Taylor Swift

21. “People say that I’m fearless, but it’s not true. There are plenty of things I’m afraid of. But I’ve learned that sometimes you have to ignore the fear.”– Taylor Swift

22. “I want people to say, ‘She can write songs.’ Then, ‘She’s funny.’ And then, ‘Oh! She’s dating Mr. Whatever…’ You know?” –Taylor Swift

23. “The only way to get over a guy is to go out with another one.” –Taylor Swift

24. “I love performing. I used to think that if you couldn’t see my face, I wasn’t as good. But it’s not about your features; it’s about the emotion you put into the song.”– Taylor Swift

25. “When you’re on stage, you can’t really think about anything or anyone else.” –Taylor Swift

26. “I’m in a relationship with the guy who taught me how to play ‘Wonderful Christmastime.’ I still don’t know all the words.” –Taylor Swift

27. “I’m always thinking about what might happen next in my life. That’s why I think it’s really important to try and live in the now as much as possible.” –Taylor Swift

28. “I think I’ve learned a lot about what you need to do, how hard you have to work, and who you need around you. It has been such a crazy ride that I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” –Taylor Swift

29. “I don’t have a pet because I travel all the time.” –Taylor Swift

30. “My parents met in school. They were never really around each other except for the summers, when my dad had vacation from riding Harleys.”– Taylor Swift

31. “I’m so shy that it takes me five minutes to order a sandwich.” –Taylor Swift

32. “When I shake my hair in front of an audience, it’s like the horse that wins the Kentucky Derby. They love me for my hair, so if they can’t see it, what are they getting?”– Taylor Swift

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33. “It never even dawned on me to have rules about dating people because I’ve always been the type of girl who’s gone out with people I’ve met at school or through my friends.” –Taylor Swift

34. “What I want in a relationship is somebody to act like they love me more than they actually do. All relationships have that, but the other version sucks.” –Taylor Swift

35. “I’m dying to get really famous so that when people talk about me, I’m always either really good or really bad.” –Taylor Swift

36. “The scariest thing is looking back and seeing how easy it was to give up on myself and give in to the bitterness and hate. It’s hard not to be morose when you live alone with a cat that hates you.” –Taylor Swift

37. “I think you should be able to write sad songs and say the things that people are thinking but afraid to say.” –Taylor Swift

38. “With fame, you have more access to everybody’s lives. But at the same time, privacy is taken away.”– Taylor Swift

39. “I don’t understand girls who get dressed up to go shopping. I’m such a tomboy.” –Taylor Swift

40. “I think the idea of ‘settling’ for someone is so terrifying to me because then it’s real. If you’re not with the one that God had designed for you, then everything else will be a letdown.”– Taylor Swift

41. “When somebody does something bad to you, it’s your job to write a song about it. But when they do something good, you should absolutely say thank you and mean it.” –Taylor Swift

42. “I appreciate the idea of being able to see someone on television and think that person is attractive, but I feel really uncomfortable with people knowing how much I like my boyfriend.” –Taylor Swift

43. “I wish I could spend $1,000 on a purse and not care about the bill.” –Taylor Swift

44. “It’s so much easier to write songs when you’re sad. You just sit down at your piano or guitar or whatever it is you play and figure it out.”– Taylor Swift

45. “I don’t want anybody else, and I don’t want to grow up. Life’s too short to be taken seriously.”– Taylor Swift

46. “I’m not the kind of person who would just date someone for two months. If you like somebody, you like them forever or you move on.”– Taylor Swift

47. “I don’t think dating is something that appeals to me at all right now. But I’m not ruling it out.”– Taylor Swift

48. “I feel like when you look back on your year and you’ve had lots of ups and downs – more downs than ups – it’s easier to remember the bad things that happened. And then, if someone breaks up with you, or somebody dies, or somebody moves away, those are the things that you remember.” –Taylor Swift

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49. “I’m not saying I like it when people make fun of me, but if they’re going to, I’d rather have them do it in a funny way than keep my admirers out there wondering what they did wrong.”– Taylor Swift

50. “When you look at the stars and you see all that stuff, it can be overwhelming. It makes you realize how small we are in this massive universe and how little we know. We still have so much to learn.”– Taylor Swift

51. “I don’t want to make music because I’m bored or even really because I like it anymore. I feel like doing it has gotten really hard, so now I do it because I have to. It’s how I can afford my life.” –Taylor Swift

52. “I think everyone needs a little time by themselves to think about what they want their life to be like.”– Taylor Swift

53. “I hate people who act like celebrities are supposed to be treated differently or better. That’s all I am is a normal person.”– Taylor Swift

54. “It sucks when you go through something so embarrassing, but then you have to worry about every little thing that comes out of your mouth afterwards.” –Taylor Swift

55. “The people on my team are paid to know things I don’t know – 99% of the time.”– Taylor Swift

56. “I just love to perform. I don’t know anything else that makes me as happy as performing on stage.” –Taylor Swift

58. “It’s really interesting, the game of seduction. It always has been.” –Taylor Swift

59. “I was never the girl who had lots of guy friends or went to all the games. I wasn’t part of the popular crowd at my school. Now, so many of my idols are people who have come from that same world.”– Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

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Taylor Swift has many insightful quotes to offer. From her philosophy on love and relationships to her advice for girls, she has a lot of knowledge to share. Her music inspires many, especially younger girls. Her quotes also inspire many to be themselves and not care what others think of them. She does not want her fans to copy her, but she wants them to be inspired by her. We hope the above quotes will inspire you, too.

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