Balaji Srinivasan Quotes about Entrepreneurship and Bitcoin

Balaji S. Srinivasan is the former CTO of Coinbase and a tech entrepreneur. He went to Stanford University for an MS in Chemical Engineering and a BS, MS, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. He launched a Bitcoin mining company called in 2013, which later became This company acquired Coinbase in 2018. Srinivasan was the first CTO there, but he quit in 2019.

He is also a former partner at Andreessen Horowitz and an angel investor who believes in changing the world through tech development. Srinivasan has invested early in successful businesses, such as Bitcoin, Chainlink, Ethereum, Aval Labs, EPNS, Zora, Sapper Labs, and NEAR Protocol.

Inspiring Balaji Srinivasan Quotes

1. “The Internet is programmable information. The blockchain is programmable scarcity.” – Balaji Srinivasan

2. “Tokenization applies to scarce assets. Today, the most appropriate thing to tokenize is something that’s purely digital. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the canonical.” – Balaji Srinivasan

3. “Bitcoin is a way to have programmable scarcity. The blockchain is the data structure that records the transfer of scarce objects.” – Balaji Srinivasan

4. “Isn’t the purpose of bitcoin mining simply to get rich – or not, as the case may be? Well, at 21, we are less concerned with bitcoin as a financial instrument and more interested in bitcoin as a protocol – and particularly in the industrial uses of bitcoin enabled by embedded mining.” – Balaji Srinivasan

5. “If you deal with information, you need the internet. If you deal with money, you need to deal with blockchains.” – Balaji Srinivasan

6. “There are downsides to implicitly trusting banks, as the 2008 financial crisis showed.” – Balaji Srinivasan

7. “Don’t do a startup unless you’re ideologically driven to make it succeed beyond the economic motivation.” – Balaji Srinivasan

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8. “Every time you load a web page it is an HTTP request. That’s a lot of HTTP requests. If you are earning bitcoin on every HTTP request, that could be a lot of earned bitcoin.” – Balaji Srinivasan

9. “Anything scarce will ultimately be tokenized because the benefits of digitization and increased liquidity are so great.” – Balaji Srinivasan

10. “The future of technology is not really location-based apps; it is about making location completely unimportant.” – Balaji Srinivasan

Balaji Srinivasan on Bitcoin revolution
11. “I think tokenization eventually means everyone becomes an investor once all the regulatory issues are worked out – from your computer itself to a kid in India messing around with $10.” – Balaji Srinivasan

12. “I learned that despite having years and years of experience in math and computer science and so on, I didn’t really know how to code until I formed a company.” – Balaji Srinivasan

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13. “It used to be that you had to come to Silicon Valley, walk up Sand Hill Road, network with individuals. That’s now being completely changed and turned on its head by the whole ICO thing.” – Balaji Srinivasan

14. “There’s a tiny number of Bitcoin wizards and an enormous number of smart developers that have no onramp to Bitcoin. We need to make that onramp easier.” – Balaji Srinivasan

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15. “Conceptually, we believe that embedded mining will ultimately establish bitcoin as a fundamental system resource on par with CPU, bandwidth, hard drive space, and RAM.” – Balaji Srinivasan

16. “Mobile technology makes us ever more mobile, increasingly permitting not just easier movement around a home base but permanent international relocation.” – Balaji Srinivasan

17. “We need to build an opt-in society, outside the US, run by technology.” – Balaji Srinivasan

18. “We believe the most significant long-term application of bitcoin may be reducing the upfront cost of internet-connected devices to make them more accessible for the developing world.” – Balaji Srinivasan

Balaji Srinivasan holding a glass of water
19. “I’m interested in businesses that take digital bits and turn them into interfaces for physical atoms. I’m also interested in drones, Bitcoin, and 3D printing.” – Balaji Srinivasan

20. “Many great founders have one or more big failures on their track record. What makes them great is that they eventually succeed despite that.” – Balaji Srinivasan

21. “Our nation of immigrants is, tautologically, a nation of emigrants.” – Balaji Srinivasan

22. “Virtually every major technology has an initial spike of interest, then a dip, and then a long-term rise to success. The dot-com bubble is the canonical example, but there are many more.” – Balaji Srinivasan

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23. “The problem is, right now, a lot of coins are on exchanges. What I think we’re going to see is every possible edge case and failure mode will happen, but maximalism is not simply a technological thing. Really, it’s mostly a political thing now.” – Balaji Srinivasan

24. “Machine translation of signs, text, and speech brings down language barriers and facilitates ever more cross-cultural meetings of like minds.” – Balaji Srinivasan

25. “By, say, 2025-2030, I expect that there will be multiple jurisdictions that allow the tokenization of virtually any scarce resource, all the way down to personal tokens.” – Balaji Srinivasan

26. “We think of bitcoin as mobile. It’s not one company; it’s broad.” – Balaji Srinivasan

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27. “It’s inevitable that something will pique your attention. And then what you do is you set a calendar reminder, let’s say 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, so that you are almost retargeting yourself and then you go and you actually do research on it outside of the scrum, outside of people yelling about it.” – Balaji Srinivasan

28. “In one sense, we’ve got far more information than we ever had. In another sense, I know we have 100 or 1,000 X left to go.” – Balaji Srinivasan

Balaji Srinivasan on Bitcoin Revolution
29. “Bitcoin has already achieved something like 10% of the total market capitalization of all global currencies.” – Balaji Srinivasan

30. “It’s not an exaggeration to say that we are witnessing the end of fiat money.” – Balaji Srinivasan

31. “There’s an objective function. Transhumanism, you might say it’s just a change, whether that change is positive or negative is unstated. But optimalism is, in a sense, you’re improving. You’re getting better. It is optimal physical fitness. It is optimal health. It is taking care of oneself. It is optimizing finances. It is optimizing everything.” – Balaji Srinivasan

Balaji Srinivasan and “The Network State: How to Start a New Country”

The Network State: How to Start a New Country is the brand-new book of Balaji Srinivasan, focusing on the current volatile times in and out of the digital world. He talks about creating a nation using digital resources, such as the internet, and changing the conventional ways to form a digital community that dictates the physical world principles.

In an interview with Tim Ferriss in July 2022, Balaji Srinivasan discussed his observation that led to this vision he wrote about in the book. He said that organizations and governments prevent people from learning about the volatility of their situation. If they buy something, they are only aware of the final price of the product. People have no idea what goes behind the procurement of materials and tools, and their prices fluctuate with the changing cost of goods.

Srinivasan also talked about the impact of a bulk purchaser on the price of a unit and that people do not see the shift because they buy single units instead of bulk orders. You can learn more about his new book and his views on digital properties here.

Balaji Srinivasan on Bitcoin, The Great Awokening, Reputational Civil War, and Much More

Balaji Srinivasan on Bitcoin, The Great Awokening, Wolf Warrior Diplomacy, Open-Source Ecology, Reputational Civil War, Creating New Cities, and options for becoming a sane but sovereign individual.

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If you are interested in learning about the new ways to achieve success through digital means, these Balaji Srinivasan quotes can help you. Balaji Srinivasan is a visionary who is not yet convinced that digital currency is a temporary thing.

He firmly believes in the power of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and every other digital asset that makes a person successful in the digital and physical worlds.

You can follow Balaji on his website at

Balaji Srinivasan – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Balaji Srinivasan American?

Balaji Srinivasan is an Indian-American entrepreneur and angel investor who was raised in Plainview, New York. He is a tech-savvy person with interest in digital assets such as cryptocurrency. Srinivasan went to Stanford University for his Electrical and Chemical Engineering degrees. He has a BS, MS, and Ph.D. in Electrical and MS in Chemical Engineering.

Does Balaji Srinivasan Have a Podcast?

Balaji Srinivasan has been a part of many podcasts over the past years, but he does not have his own podcast. He has appeared on Tim Ferriss’s podcast programs as an honored guest and even has two of his podcasts as the 1st and 2nd highest-ranked podcasts on The Tim Ferriss Show.

Where is Balaji Srinivasan from?

Balaji Srinivasan is from Long Island. He grew up in Plainview, New York as an Indian-American citizen. He is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who has invested in successful tech companies and led Coinbase for some time as the CTO of the company after it was acquired by in 2018.

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