22 Memorable Quotes from Cool Runnings That Will Make you Smile!

Cool Runnings is a comedy that was released in 1993 and based on real world events. The movie is about a Jamaican Bobsled team that wants to compete in the Winter Olympics. The premise is funny of course because Jamaica is a very warm tropical climate and doesn’t have snow and we usually associate winter Olympics with colder, Nordic countries. So of course the bobsledders encounter many obstacles they have to overcome for success including the fact they have never even seen snow before!

The movie stars John Candy, Leon Robinson, Malik Yoba, Doug E. Doug, Rawle D. Lewis.  The team gets a saving grace when they get help from a former champion. Candy is the former champion. He has a checkered past and wants to make things right for himself. The team is determined to prove they are worthy of being in the Olympics. They do everything they can to make sure they can win. It’s hard for them to learn to be bobsledders, but they refuse to give up since they really want to win the gold medals in bobsledding.

The other obstacle is the team needs money in order to enter the Olympics. The president of the Olympic committee doesn’t want to give them the money they need because he feels they will embarrass the nation if they are on the team. They have to prove they are worthy of being at the Olympics and the team has to come up with different ways to get the money so they can enter the event. They finally get their chance to be at the Olympics, but the road isn’t easy for them. Something from Blitzer’s (Candy) past comes back to haunt the team.

Cool Runnings Quotes

Here are some quotes from the movie.

1. “I’m trying to tell you what type of person you are. You are a barbarian who eats raw met. You are an idiot who can only count if you use your feet or your shoes.” – by Sanka

2. “We aren’t like everyone else. People are scared of what they don’t know.” – by Yul

3. “Yul: Take a hard look at yourself in the mirror.

Junior: I see myself in the mirror.

Yul: You see yourself? I’ll tell you what I see when I look in the mirror. I see a person with pride. I see a powerful person. I see a person who doesn’t take anything from anyone.”

4. “Your placement in the Olympics doesn’t matter. You can be first or you can be last. You’re opponents earned the chance to be the representatives of their country. They deserve to be the ones to walk into the stadium and hold up their flag. That’s the best thing an athlete can do. It’s what’s so special about the Olympics.” – by Irv

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5. “Sanka: What is that, Derice?

Derice: It’s a bobsled, Sanka.

Sanka: It looks like a cart with no wheels.

Derice: That’s exactly what it is. Here is the book for you to check out.

Sanka: The way to become a successful team is to have a good driver and three runners to push the sled on the ice. Wait a minute!

Derice: What’s the problem?

Sanka: Cold weather? Are your serious? We have to be on ice?

Derice: What did you expect? It’s a winter sport.

Sanka: Winter sport? You are talking about ice!

Derice: I could be talking about ice.

Sanka: Let me get this straight. You are talking about ice as in igloos and where the Eskimos live?

Derice: Maybe.

Sanka: Goodbye.

Derice: Where do you think you’re going?

Sanka: I want to get in the hot tub because I’m getting cold thinking about the ice.”

6. “Irv: Do you see what I mean? I have two gold medals. I have nine world records in more than one event. I have 10 years of experience in competitive sports with the best competitors in the universe.

Sanka: That’s a great place to come from.”

7. “Yul: We can fight right now. I will kick your butt.

Sanka: I have a better option. What about I put a mark in the middle of your head so it looks like your butt.”

8. “Irv: It is great to have a gold medal. If you don’t believe that you’re somebody without a gold medal, you will never believe that you are somebody with a gold medal.

Derice: When will I know if I am somebody?

Irv: When you make it across the line you will know that you’re somebody.”

9. “Unfortunately there’s a problem with this great sport. You may end up crashing and it will hurt. Keep this thought in mind. An accident in a bobsled will not break your bones. Your bones will shatter.” – by Irv

10. “I’ll tell you why I had to cheat, Derice. When you are used to winning you become obsessed with winning. You are determined to win no matter what you have to do in order to do it.” – by Irv

11. “Sanka: Derice, why are you hitting the teammates helmets?

Derice: The Swiss do it to boost their confidence.

Sanka: The Swiss also make pocket knives, but you’re not doing that.”

12. “I’ll give you a buck if you would just shut up.” – by Old Man

13. “You may as well put training wheels on their bobsled.” – by Josef

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14. “Jamaican Woman 1: That one right there is a handsome man.

Jamaican Woman 2: I could stare at him all day long.”

15. “Kids: Which one of you is the captain of the team? Who’s our friend? He’s a nice guy who doesn’t look too bad. It’s Sanka!

Sanka: Get back to work kids.

Derice: Who’s that big windbag? Who is the one who doesn’t like to comb his hair? Who is the one who doesn’t take a shower and doesn’t seem to care? It’s Sanka!”

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16. “Derice: How you feeling Sanka? Do you feel like you died?

Sanka: Yes I do.”

17. “Kid 1: Hey Derice. My grandfather is convinced you will be at the Olympics. He says you are a better racer than your dad.

Kid 2: It would be great if you represent Jamaica.

Sanka: You want to know what my grandfather said?

Kids: What did your grandfather say?

Sanka: He said to keep working.”

18. “Derice: The trials have finally arrived. I am still in shock.

Joy: Are you scared?

Derice: I’m not scared. I am ready for them. I’ve been ready my whole life. I am not concerned with how fast they are. I will be faster. They may want it, but I will always want it more. I will be at the Olympics. I know it. I will win the gold medal.

Joy: Are you scared?

Derice: Beyond belief.”

19. “Derice: Please allow us to do the race over.

Mr. Coolidge: I’m sorry I can’t do that. My hands are tied.

Derice: I was made for this competition.

Mr. Coolidge: Then you have to do more work on it. Try working on your boxing and cycling skills. Boxing and cycling are the only two sports Jamaica can compete in at the Olympics.

Derice: I can’t be a boxer. I only know how to run. This isn’t fair to me.

Mr. Coolidge: Life isn’t fair kid.”

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20. “Sanka: Let me inform you about something, Derice. If you want me to do something, don’t lie to me. You can look in my eyes and tell me that we are best friends who have been through a lot. You can say I need you.

Derice: Okay, Sanka. We are best friends who have been through a lot.

Sanka: I need your help.

Derice: I need your help.”

21. “Derice: Let me give it a try. If it doesn’t work out, we can just forget about it.

Irv: Take it from me. You will not make it.

Derice: You were convinced my father could make it.

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Irv: Your father was one of the best runners ever. He was able to run 100 meters in no time at all.

Derice: I can do it faster than him.”

22. “Yul: You’re invading my space, big head.

Junior: I like that one.

Yul: Why are you laughing?

Junior: No reason.

Yul: I would be in the Olympics if it weren’t for you.

Sanka: I don’t see the point in you arguing when Derice was going to beat you anyway.

Yul: I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

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Cool Runnings Video – “I can See Clearly Now”

This is an awesome song and awesome video. The song is “I can see clearly now” performed by Jimmy Cliff. This is from 1993 and is one of the top songs on the Cool Runnings Movie Soundtrack.

Watch and you can enjoy this great song and relive the joy of this movie.


Summary of Cool Runnings Quotes

Cool Runnings is an inspirational film for fans of all ages. It’s a journey for people who are dealing with uphill battles and want to succeed. The movie teaches you about being a good sport despite the constant competitive message we often hear about winning being everything.

It’s a wholesome movie for people to enjoy and teaches you that you can achieve anything you want despite the odds being against you. Even if you have a lot of obstacles, you can overcome them. You don’t have to let anything stop you from getting what you want to happen.

The movie is a very fun and light comedy, and the quotes are funny and inspirational and can help people in their everyday lives. You don’t have to be a fan of the movie to get something out of the quotes. If you were a fan of the movie, we hope these quotes reminded you of how fun it was!  And if you haven’t seen the movie, be sure to check it out!


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