The 48 Most Whimsical Cat In The Hat Quotes

Most people know about Dr. Seuss as well as his story The Cat In The Hat. Most children grew up on the books. These stories are also good for adults. If people pay attention to the messages in the quotes, they may find the quotes to be inspirational. People of all ages can benefit from these quotes.

Cat in the Hat quotes

Here are our favorite quotes from The Cat In The Hat.

1. “The cat got to work on cleaning up the house. He picked up everything that was on the floor including the dish and the fish until he couldn’t do it anymore. Once he was done with that, he put everything away. When he was done he stated, “He was finished with that.” He walked away while tipping his hat.”

2. “It was too rainy outside so they didn’t know what to do. They sat inside all day long feeling sad and blue.”

3. “The Cat wanted to give the kids something to do. He said, “I’ve got some cool games for you. I also know some new tricks I can do. If you give me a minute, I can show them to you. I’m sure your mom wouldn’t mind in the least if I do.”

4. “When the Cat fell on his head, the kids thought he was dead. While they sat on the ball, the kids saw everything fall.”

5. “Even though it’s rainy out, it doesn’t mean they couldn’t move about. They can still have some fun without going out.”

6, “Today is the day you found out what’s true. You are the one who is truer than true. There is no one else in the world who is quite like you.”

7. “The fish cried out, “Tell the Cat to go away! Let him know you kids don’t want to play. He doesn’t need to be here today. He needs to get out. There should be no doubt. You know you can’t have company when your mom is out”

8. “The Cat brought a box in to show the kids something new. Out of the box came Thing 1 and Thing 2. The Cat said, “Don’t worry. They won’t bite you. They just want to have fun with you two.” They sprinted towards the kids very fast. They looked like they were having a blast. Thing 1 and Thing 2 saw them and asked, “How are you?” The Things said, “We are very pleased to me you two.”

9. “The kids were bored and wanted to play because their mom was going to be out for the day.”

10. “The kids weren’t sure what they wanted to do, but they enjoyed playing with Thing 1 and Thing 2.”

11. “The Cat wanted to give the kids a chance to play to make up for the rainy day.”

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12. “The Cat said, “Don’t worry about a thing little fish, these Things aren’t bad at all, they are very tame! All they want to do is play games. They are only here to play. They are here to take the kids’ minds off the miserable day.”

13. “Now don’t be scared! My tricks are fun for everyone!” said the Cat. “I have an idea of a game if you wish. It’s a good game that we can play with the fish. He may not like it, but it’s fun. It’s a game for everyone.”

14. “The cat may have gone astray, but your mom is on her way. She will find this huge mess in the room and it will lead to doom. This mess is huge and tall. There’s no way to pick it up. No way at all.”

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15. “It is great to have fun as long as you know how. Let me show you how right now. Watch me hold all these things in my hands. I will hold them all for as long as I can. I can also balance something with my tail. I promise you I will not fail.”

16. “Things fell down and gave us a scare. Look at all the things that fell everywhere!”

17. “Caught those Things with my net and it came down. The Things started to frown. The things wanted to stay but the kids told to the Cat, “Take those Things and make them away! Never bring them back this way.”

18. “Imagine what you can discover by not hiding under the covers. Discover something new so you can always have something to do.”

19. “Don’t cry because it’s done because you know you had some fun.”

20. “Since the sun wasn’t out, the kids wanted to pout. The kids didn’t want to stay inside. They wanted to go out.”

21. “They kids were shocked to see who was stepping on the mat! He said his name was the Cat In The Hat! And he asked us, “What are you doing? Why were they sitting there like that?” They had no answer for the cat.”

22. “In life you learn, that you don’t appreciate something until it’s gone.”

23. “Your mom is on her way! You better think of something quick to say! It’s time to think of something to do! It’s time to get rid of those two!” As quickly as possible, I went to get my net. I stated, “There is no need to fret just yet, with my net I can get them I bet.”

24. “Those Things moved without any care. Look at the things they did in there. And the fish stated, “They don’t like to follow the rules. Now you two are going to look like fools. What are you going to do when she comes home and questions you?”

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25. “If you close your eyes, you will never see the big prize.”

26. “When you go out, always be aware and have tact. Don’t forget that life’s a great balancing act and that’s a fact.”

27. “How could you not like our games! They are so much fun and designed for everyone.”

28. “You may be a guppie in the ocean to the world, but to someone else, you’re a big fish in a small pond.”

29. “Even if your life is too crazy and wild, you should never be to busy to read to a child.”

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30. “People are the same no matter how big or small. The size doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter at all.”

31. “Our mom came home and asked about our day. We looked at each other and didn’t know what to say. Mom asked, “Did you kids have any fun today?” We still didn’t have clue what to say. Is it wise to tell her what happened here today? Is it wise to confess about it? The choices are few. Well…what would be your answer if your mom asked you what did you do?”

32. “Look at all the trouble you caused!” said the fish to the Cat. “These kids will be in trouble I know that for a fact! Look at all of the things you’ve done because you wanted to have some fun”

33. “The mom is on her way home. Have no fear. The Cat In The Hat will soon disappear. The cat always picks up his toys so don’t fear. The Cat In The Hat will be out of here”

34. “Your time is running out. Your mom is almost here! Now is the perfect time to fear. She will be mad if she thinks you were bad. Who knows what she will say when she finds this house this way!”

35. “The Cat came up with a game that had something to do with a box. “Is it a game? Is it a fox? What is in the box?” said the kids. “You will like these things that I’m going to show you. They are Thing 1 and Thing 2. They are looking forward to meeting you.”

36.”Don’t worry about what something is now. Worry about what it will be later.”

37. “All it took to get the Things to stop talking was a hook.The Cat walked away from the house without a second look.”

38. “Your parents are glad that you are bright. They are happy because you’re their shining light.”

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39. “See what you have done? You messed things up for everyone! ”said the fish to the Cat. “See this mess you made? I can’t believe that! You and those Things destroyed every toy. You took away all of kids’ joy. You have to get out and don’t you pout because you’re not allowed in here when our mom is out!” said the fish.”

40. “The kids asked the Cat, “Do you like where you’re at?” “I love where I’m at”, said the Cat In The Hat.”

41. “There’s many tricks I can do. Here’s one that I can show you.”

42. “Stop playing around. I don’t like it one bit. If you keep messing around, I’m going to have a fit.”

43. “I don’t want to leave. Please let me stay. I don’t want to go away!”

44. “I came up with a game I know they will like”, said the cat. “How would you like to fly a kite I know it’s not better than riding a bike?” asked the Cat in the Hat.”

45. “Anywhere I look and see, funny things are all around me.”

46. “Since it was raining all day and we couldn’t go out and play, all we could do was sit. We didn’t like it one bit.”

47. “The fish said, “what is going on, you two? You’re doing something you’re not supposed to do. Something is going to get hit. Mom won’t like it one bit.”

48. “Thing 1 and Thing 2 were running around. They played so much they destroyed our mother’s gown. They also messed up the entire room. Now we are facing doom. They had nothing to say. They just wanted to play.”

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We Hope the Memories of the Cat in The Hat Made You Smile!

Dr. Seuss may be for kids, but adults can learn something from his messages as well. Some of the messages have meaningful thoughts and make people think and inspire them in different ways. What makes his quotes unique is that they rhyme which makes it easier for people to remember them.

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