68 Beautiful Emily Dickinson Quotes

Emily Dickinson was born on December 10, 1830. Her real name was Emily Elizabeth Dickinson. She was born in Amherst Massachusetts. Dickinson went to Mount Holyoke Seminary for years before she went back to her family in Amherst. She lived in seclusion for most of her life. She always wore white clothing and didn’t like to socialize with people. Dickinson was so uncomfortable with socializing that she never married. The only way she communicated with friends was through writing. She found her calling in this area because she was an amazing writer. She became a poet during her lifetime. Her work wasn’t as famous as it is today. In fact, only a handful of her thousands of poems were published while she was alive.

Like most artists, Emily Dickinson became more famous in her death than she was during her lifetime. The people she was closest to knew she loved the write, but she died before her work was discovered. Her younger sister was the one who discovered her amazing poems. Her poems dealt mostly in society, nature, and spirituality. She also loved to focus on death and immortality. Emily Dickinson died on May 15, 1886, at the age of 55.

Emily Dickinson Quotes

1. “Hope is like a flying bird. It sits in your soul and sings a song that doesn’t have any words to it. It refuses to stop. It will keep going.”

2. “A lifetime is made up of the here and now.”

3. “My job will be done if I can stop a heart from breaking.”

4. “If I read a novel and it gives me strong emotions, then I know I read something poetic.”

5. “The thing that makes life so great is it only happens once.”

6. “A little fun in the sun is good even for those who are above us.”

7. “You can say a lot by saying very little.”

8. “I live in the knowledge that there will always be hope.”

9. “Living can be so time consuming you have very little time for anything else.”

10. “I would love to hold the sun in my hand as if it were a cup of coffee or tea.”

11. “Beauty is not an accident. It’s done on purpose.”

12. “Please forgive me for being sane in this crazy world.”

13. “Since I don’t know when the opportunities are knocking, I will always open every door.”

14. “Here is a letter I have written to people who have never written back to me.”

15. “Animals are better than people because they know everything, but they don’t speak.”

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16. “Your inner spirit should always be open to accept an exciting change.”

17. “Since I wasn’t ready for death, it came for me. The ride contained us as well as our immortality.”

18. “It’s great to tell the truth because it’s a rarity.”

19. “Books are great friends who care about you and stand the test of time.”

20. “Words can be very powerful. They can be so strong that they shine a light on people.”

21. “Be true to your parents because one day you will have to learn to live without them in your life.”

22. “I don’t claim to be a genius, but I do know about common sense.”

23. “You have no control over what your heart wants. If you could choose, than you would be able to decide if you want something or not.”

24. “We do not get older throughout the years. We just get better.”

25. “I feel like my life isn’t fulfilled until I have found love.”

26. “Life casts a beautiful spell on people, but people tend to find a way to break that spell.”

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27. “I am searching everywhere with everything until I can find myself.”

28. “It’s a possibility that people may or may not need me for anything. I will make sure that my presence is known in case they do need me. My smile may be all they need.”

29. “A book can be described as the heart’s painting. Each page you see has a pulse.”

30. “Love is like an old sweater that you put in a drawer until you want to wear it again.”

31. “How is it possible for people to live without thinking? There are millions of people around. You must have seen them around somewhere. How are they living? Where do they get the energy to get dressed in the morning? These are questions we should ask ourselves all of the time.”

32. “Please be kind when you judge me.”

33. “When you write about me, say that I had hope and love. I want you to write that I survived everything that I have gone through.

34. “Behavior can be judged when you do things when no one is looking.”

35. “I lived life and enjoyed it.”

36. “The list of people I love may be small, but I love them all dearly.”

37. “Depending on how you live your life, you can be looking down from Heaven or looking up from Hell.”

38. “Dying isn’t what hurts you. It’s not living your life to the fullest that will hurt you.”

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39. “The friends I have are what I consider home.”

40. “If you deal with your anger, it will die. If you don’t deal with it, the anger will get bigger.”

41. “The only thing we need to know in this life is love.”

42. “You can get old quickly despite thinking that it creeps up on you.”

43. “Everyone is brought up to believe that God is everywhere yet people tend to think He keeps to himself.”

44. “When you accomplish something for the first time, a little devil comes out of you.”

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45. “My best friends are people I haven’t spoken to at all.”

46. “ People need to go through tough times in order to develop thick skin.”

47. “Life is short. What you do with it depends on you.”

48. “People can’t become one if they don’t have love.”

49. “Your brain is bigger than all of the earth.”

50. “To be hopeful, you need to prepare yourself for any possibility that can happen. Try not to give up if what you want doesn’t happen right away.”

51. “Fame can be a tricky thing. It can come and go just as easily as it came to you.”

52. “You can travel the farthest by reading a book. Nothing makes you float quicker than reading poetry.”

53. “Death is like going on a crazy adventure.”

54. “I have siblings, but my mother doesn’t seem to care about us. My father works, but doesn’t notice anything. He buys books for me, but doesn’t expect me to read them. He’s afraid the books will mess with my mind.”

55. “I am basically motherless since I had no one to turn to when I had problems.”

56. “My mother never loved us when we were children growing up. Now that she’s growing older, she wants to show us some love.”

57. “I am becoming more attractive as I get older. I should have everyone’s attention by the time I turn 17. I’m sure I will have a lot of men around me because they adore me. I will make them wait to be with me. I can’t wait to see how they react when I make my choice.”

58. “Those who never succeed will never taste success.”

59. “When I think about sorrow, I wonder if it’s like mine. I also wonder if it’s easier than mine.”

60. “Just before she died, the night was just like any other night. The only difference was the dying which let us know something was different.”

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61. “If I hadn’t realized how powerful and beautiful the sun was, I could have continued to live in darkness.”

62. “You never know how big you are until you are called out on it. If you live by certain rules, you will go far in life.”

63. “The beautiful flowers make me blush. It makes me wish I were a bee.”

64. “Try to get the most out of life because living is exciting enough.”

65. “I have been through a lot, but I hope I am better because of it.”

66. “Today she died and I was spent. Up to Heaven she wanted to be sent. She waited by the pearly gate to decide her fate. Angels must have seen the side she denied since I never found her better side.”

67. “When you close your eyes, you can dream of being in another place.”

68. “The truth must sparkle brightly or people have to be blind to your lies.”

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Hopefully these Quotes from Emily Dickinson will add Beauty to your Week!

Emily Dickinson wrote a lot of deep and meaningful poems in her time. She didn’t like to be around people, but she wrote amazing poetry. Her thoughts were conveyed best through the written word. It was easier for Dickinson to express herself through her poetry than to speak to people. Her poems are considered some of the best poetry of all time.

Emily’s words inspired future readers and writers. Her poems have a lasting impression on readers. Dickinson’s poems are studied in schools all over the world. She’s more known in her death than she was when she was alive. These quotes are a great way to introduce new fans to Emily Dickinson’s work. They will also be a stroll down memory lane for people who are familiar with her work.

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